Mugabe blames sanctions for infrastructure collapse

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday blamed the collapse of the country’s infrastructure on Western-imposed sanctions.

By Stephen Chadenga

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe
Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the dualisation of the Harare-Beitbridge Road at Chaka business centre in Chirumanzu, Mugabe said Zimbabwe was failing to secure lines of credit to finance its infrastructural projects because of economic sanctions.

“Because our country has been under sanctions for more than a decade and a half, our infrastructure has deteriorated,” Mugabe said.

“We face several challenges in our attempts to secure lines of credit. Thus, when funding such as that for this project has been secured, we cannot ever afford to maintain a business-as-usual approach to work.”
Mugabe said the road was not only strategic to the country, but to the Sadc region and part of the North-South corridor as well.

The project — which will cost $984 million — will be funded by main contractor Geiger International under the private-public partnership arrangement, with 40% of the work reserved for local contractors.

Mugabe said the nature of the project was expensive, hence, required high standards for government to get value of the cost. He challenged local companies that would get tenders in the project to maintain high standards of work.

“Clearly, infrastructure development is expensive, hence, whenever we undertake such projects, we must demand that the product be of high quality and must be durable and give good value for money,” he said. “Sub-standard work should never be tolerated.”

Mugabe said increased pressure on the road, which he described as narrow, had seen many accidents occurring on the highway with the latest being that involving a bus where 30 lives were lost.

He, however, admitted that protracted negotiations with various potential financiers had delayed the project.

Mugabe also appealed to community leaders to lead campaigns against vandalism of national infrastructure.

Geiger International vice-president Eric Geiger said his company would do everything possible to ensure that the road was completed within three years as per the contract agreement.

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  1. at times sanctions are not an issue.

  2. Really sanctions are a threat not only to the economy,their effects have extended to our ordinary populace leaving us in a game of blame particulary to government leaders who tirelessly work to keep our economic sovereignity and development

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    rwavhi never cease to surprise. you always said you will go it alone, now you are blaming sanctions. you pretend to hate white now you are hiring them to fix roads, where are your black engineers? shame on those that still take in you garbage!!!!

  4. useless old man, the missing $15 billion could have built the Harare beitbridge road 15 times over! instead of crying sanctions, expired excuses & sleeping in office all day we need a leader who is serious & wide awake

  5. Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. The search for a scapegoat is the easiest in all hunting expeditions.

  6. This old man is mad, always looking for scapgoats for their failures. when they started their chaotic land reform they were singing on television that sanction can not do any harm. Although the land reform was necessary, the way it was done killed this economy and country’s infrastructure. Chizororai sekuru, izvi hamuchazvigone.

  7. If this project costs $984 million exactly, I will pay for it. This is going to be a $2 billion scam.

    1. Corrine Gurry

      I fear you are accurate!

  8. He just wants to loot and then get others to fix his roads!!! Thief!!! Blame! blame! blame! Fix your own mess!

  9. A few trips to Singapore with his entourage could have gone a long way to helping build the road. The country has so many resources, you said yourself. The country is rich. Well then, fix the roads!!!

  10. This is the reason why I will vote for this old man come 2018. Sometimes you wonder whether people who advance the change agenda have brains. Surely you see everything bad on him. Why?

    1. What on earth is that gibberish?

  11. Mugabe never takes responsibility. What happened to USD15 billion? What about corruption and lawlessness? Time to take stock Bob.

  12. This is how your editor chooses to report on this groundbreaking ceremony??? and then not even a single mention of the Tokwe-Mukosi dam official launch??? Is the hope that there will be some voters who will not hear about them? why don’t you “tell it like it is”?

  13. South Africa revamped its roads before the world cup but there was never a ceremony for that.There are always infrastructure developments in SA but you never hear of these celebrations.Before the Zanu congress last year he opened an internet cafe and there was the President officially opening it.There is nothing to celebrate because its their mandate and its long overdue.We want kwese tv etc to come and invest so that there is employment creation permanently.We want new dams for source of water for our towns and cities.We still using what was built during Smith regime and it cant sustain the population(Jeffrey Motton in Harare).

  14. “Mugabe also appealed to community leaders to lead campaigns against vandalism of national infrastructure.”

    Why can’t he lead his party against destruction of infrastructure – they are the culprits, Air Zim, NRZ, GMB etc

  15. Mugabe once said he will go it alone now he is hiring the white man to fix the road, he says sanctions have led to the deterioration of roads,i wonder if the sanctions have been removed now that the road is going to be built,no mismanagement mdara Bob

  16. Lets Get It Right

    Geiger international!! Check it’s background and experience with similar projects on the internet.

    1. Seems they have more experience in arms supplies than building roads.

  17. A few individuals forbidden to travel to Europe can not be called sanctions to the nation that is a lame excuse . Smith had real sanctions he built the economy to number 2 in Africa which Mugabe is still boasting about till to this day we talking of fully blown sanctions not travel bans of some less than 100 pple . Anyway we never listen to him anymore or take him serious we just for time to arrive next year election time so we can remove him .

  18. Janana wa Bikaz

    Cee Jay you are just plain stupid.Only mad people will trust their children’s future in the hands of a crazy , cruel and tired old man.Have you ever heard your beloved dictator taking responsibility for his shortcomings even if they are so glaring nhai Cee Jay?Zimbabwe is in doldrums because of idiotic people like you.The old dictator recently mentioned the dissappearance of 15 billion dollars in the mining industry and yet he never took any action to recover such a large amount of money which would have gone a long way in rehabilitating all our roads and reviving the dead industries.So do you blame the sanctions for that kind of looting?The next thing we will hear that it is the western countries that are giving bad influence to our honest and upright ministers to steal from the state coffers and i bet human shit like Cee Jay will buy that.

  19. While we applaud government for this great job on Tokwe Mukosi and Beitbridge -Chirundu road dualisation, we feel its a responsibility of government to develop infrastructure at all times. No need to blow the horn. After all its Zimbabweans who are contributing to this infrastructure through taxes and toll gate fees. MDC , Zanu pf , ZPP , Mavambo , Zapu etc. There is no need for Mai Mahofa to breg that its Zanu PF that is championing this development alone.

  20. Did China our friends gave us sanctions too?

  21. why are our educated leaders not sitting down with those sanctioning our country. sanctions indicate a protest by those imposing them. if we had ability to sit down with Ian smith at the Lancaster house and negotiate way forward why not sitting down with the western leaders to find a solution. why should we continue to lament without taking action to resolve the problem. some of us begin to wonder if some of our leaders are not benefiting from the so called sanctions. are we so full of pride at the expense of our suffering people.let us climb down our high horses and create an atmosphere that is conducive for a negotiated settlement.

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