Manyenyeni defends Byo mayor Moyo over vehicle mix-up

URBAN Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) president, Bernard Manyenyeni, has defended the recent mix-up which saw Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo taking delivery of two mayoral vehicles within a space of three months.


Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni
Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni

Moyo recently caused a storm, with residents accusing him of double dipping, after receiving a $118 000 Mercedes Benz GLE 250, hardly three months after council had bought him a Chevrolet Trailblazer. But, Manyenyeni, who doubles, as Harare mayor, yesterday said there was nothing amiss in the two acquisitions as both vehicles belonged to the local authority.

NewsDay has gathered that Bulawayo City Council initially placed an order for the Chevrolet, while awaiting government approval to purchase the Mercedes Benz. However, the Mercedes Benz was delivered earlier, leading to the alleged double dipping.

Residents questioned the logic of buying two vehicles with a total value of $150 000 for the mayor at a time the local authority has decommissioned seven of its refuse compactors due to various defects, leaving only 10 to do the same function.

“While we understand the importance of service delivery in our local authorities, some of these things ought to be understood from a position of knowledge. None of the vehicles belong to the mayor in his personal capacity, but will always remain city property,” Manyenyeni said.

The UCAZ president said residents should raise similar concerns against Cabinet ministers who, besides getting top-of-the-range Mercedes Benz cars, are also allocated off-road Land Cruisers each, which they then buy at book value at the end of their ministerial duties.

“Mayors leave the vehicles to councils, but ministers are given an option to buy the cars. That should be the concern of residents, who are footing the bills for the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by ministers,” Manyenyeni said.

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  1. This is warped reasoning from this idiot of a mayor. Govt is spending a lot of money on luxury vehicles for ministers. This is immoral. Since govt is doing this, the bulawayo council is justified to pamper its mayor. This is Harare mayor’s logic. What is wrong with these mdc clowns? Yesterday it was Kupe who said she is into politics to make money and enjoy the good life. Today its Manyenyeni supporting the same philosophy and that philosophy is to loot. Urban councils are in a chaotic state throughout the country and these are run by the MDC-T party. In bulawayo and gweru residents’ properties are being seized despite the economic hardships faced by people. All this is being done to sustain the good life. Is there any difference between mdc-t and zanu-pf? NONE. What moral authority does mdc-t have to condemn zanu for corruption? They are birds of the same feather. I used to vote mdc-t – not anymore. I dont want to be used as a ladder to riches and the good life. NEVER. On voting day i will go fishing.

    1. @ matakura, ” on a voting day l will go fishing” who are you fixing MDC supporters, shame

    2. Could not have said it any better. It’s warped reasoning indeed. So what’s is going to happen to the other vehicle – being allocated to wife, girlfriend or kid? At the end of the Mayoral term, both vehicles will be ramshackle! The best option will be to sell one of them and use the funds to repair the refuse compactors which are grounded at the moment. MDC and ZANU PF are just pathetic in their way of thinking, they have this insatiable sense of entitlement to all the meagre resources of the country with total disregard to the aspirations and feelings of those who voted them into power. MDC seems to be copying from the same leadership template that ZANU PF is using whether right or wrong.

  2. Tawanda Shumba

    Manyenyeni is not normal, he justifies rubbish in order to justify his nonsense, we should kick him out next year he is a liability

  3. no-one can take them seriously anymore since they oppose their own “principles”

  4. This mayor has abused his position from day one and not fit to hold a high position anywhere.He certainly does not put the people of Bulawayo or the city or country first,no its all about greed for himself.Not a good recommendation.

  5. This Manyenye thing also wants to do the same. MDC must fire this rubbish

  6. The conspicuous and greedy expropriation of wealth by our political leaders in the face of such social and economic suffering surely counted as profoundly corrupt.

  7. please don’t say you want to be like ministers. so you want to copy their silliness. you are mdc and should do things differently.

  8. Cde Gabarinocheka

    Harare Mayor got it wrong this time around.

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