Lesotho King to consult Mugabe on elections

VISITING Lesotho King Letsie III, born David Mohato Bereng Seeiso, is reportedly on a mission to consult President Robert Mugabe and members of his inner circle on election management as the mountain kingdom prepares for crunch polls in June this year, NewsDay has learnt.


Visiting King Letsie III of Lesotho and President Robert Mugabe are entertained by traditional dancers at Harare International Airport (Pic: Tafadzwa Ufumeli)
Visiting King Letsie III of Lesotho and President Robert Mugabe are entertained by traditional dancers at Harare International Airport (Pic: Tafadzwa Ufumeli)

Lesotho has experienced political instability for the past four decades and the country has pinned its hope on this year’s election to end the turmoil.

In March this year, the country was plunged into a fresh political crisis after Parliament passed a vote of no-confidence on Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili and later dissolved.

Two years ago, the Kingdom of Lesotho was again in crisis following the ouster of former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s All Basotho Congress.

The King is a constitutional monarch who plays mainly a ceremonial role in the landlocked southern Africa country.

Top government sources told NewsDay yesterday that the Lesotho leader’s four-day State visit on Mugabe, was an election management consultative indaba.

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“This is one of those visits where Lesotho wants to appreciate how best to end the turmoil that has characterised the kingdom and has seen it being on the Sadc agenda on countless times. The King will take time to learn how to handle polls and seek help from his elder (Mugabe),” said a senior government official, who declined to be named.

On Monday, Mugabe hosted a State banquet for King Letsie III before the Lesotho monarch toured the National Heroes’ Acre and Lion and Cheetah Park in Harare yesterday ahead of his scheduled visit to Victoria Falls today where he would be joined by the First Family.

At the dinner, Mugabe told the King that his country should hold peaceful polls next month and also requested for the region to support the small mountainous country.

“We know you are going to have your elections soon, we wish that you may have them peacefully and ensure stability returns in your country,” Mugabe told the King.

King Letsie III said he had come to pay homage to Mugabe for helping in ensuring stability in Lesotho together with his regional peers.


  1. It was obvious the visit was not a state visit at all. The King wants to consult on how to manage elections, really? I am of the opinion the King wants to be taught how elections are fraudulently won. How can a King consult a party/government that has been on record as fraudsters. Why did not the King consult the ANC of SA, or Botswana or Mozambique or Namibia who have been holding elections that have been described by all to be free and fair. So the King had to be taken to lions and cheetahs park in Harare to see lions-so it means in Lesotho there are no lions. African leaders are just hapless and their priorities are always wrong, very wrong.

  2. I cant believe this. mugabe teaching others how to manage election, when his strategy is violence intimidation and rigging. mugabe still tells his people to be violent. he does tell them that through violence I made even Joshua nkomo submit, so guys go ahead.

  3. The King getting advice on peaceful elections from Mugabe is as good as asking Satan for directions to heaven

  4. Mugabe telling others how to run elections when he cant run his. Rigging maybe.

  5. REALLY! What kind of advice is he going to get from him. I wonder.

    1. mugabe is a mother of all winning tactics.
      remember Zambian president also consulted

  6. consult on rigging elections?

  7. Lungu also came to be helped on those matters of theiving

  8. He is in Zimbabwe to learn about election management!!!

  9. This is some kind of sick joke.

  10. Akin to asking deposed Yahya Jammeh to give a lecture on democracy.

  11. an irony in itself.

  12. my friends even black south African trekked to Zimbabwe to be taught on how to handle elections and establish security soon after 1994 independence.president Mugabe. remains a foundation of wisdom.

  13. Janana wa Bikaz

    kikikiki Zvakafanana nekukama imbwa izvi

  14. And we wonder why Africa is where it is today? The rest of the world keeps moving forward, and us ………………………

  15. hee interesting indeed, how can the a monster Mugabe educate you poor king on election management? maybe its you King who wants to teach mugabe on how to become king so that mugabe will rule like you

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