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Jailed RMG End Time Message leader Gumbura in court again


JAILED RMG End Time Message leader Robert Martin Gumbura, who is serving an effective 40-year term for sexually abusing his female congregants, has dismissed claims he owes $74 700 to a local furniture firm, arguing he settled the purported debt before he was incarcerated.


Robert Martin Gumbura
Robert Martin Gumbura

Gumbura, who was jailed sometime in February 2014, made the claims in response to a lawsuit filed by Idem Trading (Pvt) Limited, trading as Eurotex, urging the court to dismiss the matter on the basis that if there was any claim, the prescribed time for it had lapsed.

“The defendant (Gumbura) bought goods from the plaintiff (Eurotex) and ensured that the goods were paid for,” the jailed cleric’s lawyers, IEG Musimbe and Partners, said.

“The plaintiff and the defendant had a good relationship which fostered transactions between the two. The plaintiff’s claim has become and is prescribed since a period of more than three years has elapsed between the date of the undertaking and the service of the summons herein.

“The 125kva generator and the leather lounge suite were purchased sometime in 2011. The fish tank was purchased sometime in 2007 and paid for together with the leather lounge suite. The plaintiff has raised the claim way after the prescribed three years.”

The lawyers further said the furniture firm gave Gumbura a room divider for free and there was no obligation for him to pay for it.

“The plaintiff (Eurotex) is making up its claim by pulling out figures from its head. Its claim is said to be based on the purchase and sale of at least nine furniture items,” the lawyers said.

“However, when it comes to reconciling the figures, only four furniture items are said not to have been paid for.”
In its declaration, Eurotex said before his incarceration, Gumbura operated a credit account which allowed him to pay over time.

“Of the goods purchased by the defendant (Gumbura) on that account, $74 700 remains due and payable and of the various items he purchased include various household furniture, which includes kitchenware, lounge and dining suites, 125kva generator, fish tanks, gym bikes, quad bikes, snooker table, executive desk and chair and office furniture,” Eurotex said.

“The amount due from the said purchases remains due and payable and the defendant has defaulted the payment of his account since October 2013.”

The matter is set to be heard by High Court judge Justice Felistus Chatukuta in a pre-trial conference.

Gumbura’s lawyers have since written to the judge advising they were making efforts to ensure the incarcerated cleric attends the hearing.

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