Former Allied Timbers worker attempts suicide at company premises

A FORMER Allied Timbers contract worker allegedly attempted to commit suicide by consuming rat poison at the company premises demanding his dues owed by the firm.


Pfukwa Zhakata, who is among the 65 workers camping at the company’s premises, demanding their 17 months’ wages, was ferried to Mutare General Hospital by the company’s management on Tuesday.

NewsDay visited the company premises on Wednesday where the workers narrated the sad ordeal.

They said Zhakata was now under the care of the management as they feared for his life.

Shamiso Mafukame said the former workers were resisting to move from the company until their demands have been met.

“The problem started when we received a letter that we should vacate the company premises. Later on (Tuesday) the police came and threatened us with arrest if we failed to vacate the premises,’’ he said.

“Zhakata was protesting and he just disappeared from the crowd. People then realised that he had earlier threatened to kill himself. He was found near the toilet with froth coming from his mouth. He admitted drinking poison.’’

Another worker, Wellington Mashaka, said: “We would rather die than be forced to vacate the premises.”

The company’s lawyer Passmore Nyakureba was not answering his phone while a human resources officer, identified as Mr Mahara, was also not available for comment.

The workers started besieging the company offices almost two weeks ago.

However, this week the messenger of court handed them a court interdict barring them from continuing besieging the company premises.

The workers, who have travelled long distances from Chimanimani, Gwindingwi, Erin and Stapleford, are sleeping in corridors and boardroom where they have apportioned themselves rooms and corners.

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  1. Charles Chats

    Please give them their dues,mhuri dzavo dzirarame, Shinga mushandi shinga.

    1. The Ministry must re- hire Dr. Kanyekanye it is a sad story if you visit Allied Timbers when you see these loyal employees. They are paying themselves hard cash team yaDan Sithole we know that. They are living in girlfriends houses which the company is paying. if things are bad why can’t they board buses or combis to go to work instead of driving their twin cabs. Right now we hear Chivinge is operating from his house in fear of the people what a stupid boss who can’t stand for his people. We hear that Dan employed a bunch of retired worn and tattered old people what new things do you expect from them. JK had a young team with people at heart and people never went for 3 months without pay. Basa ngerekunyenama kwa Mai Chisamba muchitaura zvenhando whilst you are the ones with people panning. We want you to go and explain on mai chisamba show why you are not paying people. Where are the loads going, you think we don’t know you have timber outlets in Mbare
      The G60 Dan’s Team as it is called by workers they are worse than Idi Amin. I know the resident minister being a vibrant lady why leave this mess in your town. 2018 you need votes from these poor families and you are just standing akimbo. I thought when the Allied Timbers Board came thinks where going to change shame on you. the only thing you can walk tall and say you achieved was to force Dr. Joseph Kanyekanye to resign. No matter how bad the economy and how much Zimbabweans are suffering the President has never failed to address the people. Tete Oppar ingawani muri mugari wemanicaland shuwa samanyika mosiya here vana vachitambura imi muri amai. Izvi zvava kutoda Dr. Amai mbune pliz pindirai look one of your sons was about to take his life.

      1. My friend! as his name implies, Kanyekanye brought the once doyen of timber industry to its knees!! open your faculties fully to fathom the damage inflicted by Jk. As for Sithole , he is seeking to recuperate, he has no idea what forestry is all about, remember he was part of the clique that created/started the rot before it was ATZ and escaped abroad only to return to finish it off.

  2. When i excoriate the black mgrs and directors some nincompoops would call me a racist. I will never halt demonising the black directors and mgrs. They are cruel, greedy, insensitive to the plight of workers and corrupt.
    Go to a company thats white owned or has got white top mgrs and go to a company thats Black owned or has got black mgrs, you would find out that, a white owned company takes good care of its workers vis-a-vis a black owned company.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      You can say that again cde shamwari Nacido Rico.But why is it so?

    2. Richard Deschain

      Your race obsession is now getting tedious and ridiculous. Black this, black that give it a rest man!

      1. @Richard, IDIOT!!! S@TANYOKO! NXA!!!

    3. You can say it Louder Nacido Rico zvinogonwa kuparadza than being constructive and developmental minded

  3. Unzo wekwa Zvimba

    @Nacido , i m black and you are spot on that

  4. These workers provided a service to Allied Timbers and they deserve to be paid. 17 months without getting paid is a long time and unjustifiable.In Zimbabwe black employers are a problem. This rot starts from the top. Our country is in shambles because of the top leadership. @Richard Deschain you may have to have a re-look.

  5. Am also black,but i detest black directors and managers.Full of mugabeism in the conductor of business affairs.Very selfish and cruel.Ipai vanhu ava mari dzawo.


    all of a sudden the whites are better… 🙂
    Ian Smith was better

    1. tendai chaminuka

      Management wise Uncle Ian was lakker but politically he was a groet liability and the reverse can be said of our black bros

  7. @Tendai, true my dear. Maybe its to do with the fact that, the majority of Black Africans grew up in poverty and when they got those high posts the first thing they do is looting, reluctant to pay the employees, doing nothing and at the same time purchasing top of the cars while employees are never paid. The fact that our background, where our ancestors used to put on nhembes and living in caves not knowing what a hse, clothes, tissues, cars, money looks like resulted in new black generation thinking that having all those things, they become untouchables.

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