‘Cop bashed for parking on Tsvangirai’s bay’

TWO MDC-T youth members yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court charged with assault after allegedly battering a top police officer for parking his vehicle at one of the bays reserved for their party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, at Harvest House in Harare.


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

Gresham Mpofu (40) and Muchi Chiwara Muzengeza (39) pleaded not guilty to the assault charge when they appeared before provincial magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta.

The complainant, Isaac Machesa, who is based at the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) told the court he was assaulted for parking without “paying” parking fees at corner Angwa Street and Nelson Mandela Avenue.

But Muzengeza and Mpofu denied the charges, saying the police officer hated them and they were arrested while crossing Julius Nyerere Way on their way to attend a meeting at Harvest House while dressed in party regalia.

They told the court they initially thought they were being arrested in connection with illegal vending inside their party’s corridors.

The duo is being represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights member Obey Shava.

However, a State witness and employee at a nearby pharmacy, whose identity has been withheld, told the court the police officer was lying.

He testified that he never saw the pair assaulting the officer.

It is the State’s case that on January 18 this year and at around 6pm, Mpofu and Muzengeza were in the company of their alleged accomplice, who is still at large, and were busy controlling parking spaces and making motorists pay at the corner of Angwa Street near MDC-T headquarters.

It is alleged Machesa, who was in police uniform, parked his Nissan Navara on one of the parking bays along Angwa Street and walked towards the pharmacy.

It is alleged as he was about to enter the pharmacy, he was approached by Mpofu and Muzengeza, who allegedly demanded him to remove his vehicle or alternatively pay parking bay fees.

The court heard Machesa refused to pay and the duo started assaulting him using umbrellas all over his body and threatened to deflate his vehicle.

The two then left as Machesa entered the pharmacy and after buying his medication, it is alleged, he saw Mpofu and Muzengeza waiting for him outside and he reported the matter to his office using his mobile phone.

Some police officers reacted to his call and arrived at the scene, leading to the duo’s arrest.


  1. Muongorori paHarare

    So where does the part of a reserved parking bay for Dr. Tsvangirai come into play?? Honestly if Newsday is not careful about its definition of news, we are in deep trouble

    1. Which Dhokuta nhai? Doctorate in womanising

  2. iri bepa rarashika

  3. very soon tinenge tisaverengi kapepa aka.

    1. asi watoverenga chete

  4. Go BACK to School

    You guys at Newsday are pathological liars soon you will throw your self in dust bin becoz you will be irrelevant with this kind of journalism that you are practicing. Don’t take us your readers for a ride with misleading headlines. I thank you.

  5. Suely this paer is running out of news . News Editor aripo here or else vanhu vanongoungana motanga kutaura nyaya sevanhu vari pa-bridge mu location. There is no news on this article . Ndamboona imwe story yamai Mugabe ikazoperera tave kunzwa nezvekunhamo kwaamai Charamba . Tikazonzwa nezva Mathutu unoshaiwa kuziva kuti zvii zviri kunyorwa . One headline with 3 stories. U re not serious you guys . Go out there , munotora zvinhu zvine musoro .

  6. Change is coming

    You guys need to be serious. Do not involve our President Tsvangirai in issues that are non existent. Report correctly dont waste our time.

  7. ndashamisika neniwo

  8. Pathetic the level of journalism at newsday is frightening hamunyari Tsvangirai wapinda papi ipapa

  9. kunyangwe kuzanu pf kwedu vanonyora nhema chete, heeee president vakura, heee president vari kurwara, munei nekukura kwangu, pane asinga kure, inga tsvangirai vacho akurawo

  10. Better shut down this paper. we are getting fed up of lies day in day out

  11. Jamengweni Godonga

    Lapha lami ngiphelelwe; Utsvangirayi utheni?

  12. Kutopedza airtym yangu ndichiverenga tsvina idzodzi. Imi vanhu mapeqa itai mushe.

  13. Asi chii nhai

    Ma editor acho aya ngaaaongorerwe maqualification awo!
    Zvanyanya izvi.

    1. most of the headlines are off_topic

  14. I know Mr Tsvangirai is newsworthy but throwing around his name to sell your paper is evil…m sure there is need to have a skills audit at this paper to ascertain the qualifications of some of these journalists…Is Mahoso alive and his BAZ to help…kkkkkk

    1. newsworthy when we want to hear about chibereko kenza

  15. John Mukuvisi

    This is a rubbish paper honestly from the story ya Grace to this one it’s all sounds fictitious and made up. sounds more like pub talk rather than proper journalism nxa manhi imi vanhu!!

  16. tendai chaminuka

    Chaipa chii ipapa hanty the paper is taking from the court proceedings here.Saka panzi Tsvangirai toti Chalubva here.

  17. pane anzwa apa

  18. iyi ingano yatsuro nagudo

  19. tagarira webuhera

    I thot opposition papers the write to defent the person of an opposition leader, but on this one, u are dragging an innocent name in your desperate news-making behaviour. morgan akazoita reserved bay muna angwa riini and ndepapi mudare panzi ndakarohwa ndichinzi ndapaka pa bay raMorgan. these thugs demanded payment frm the officer not that they accused him of parking on Richard-morgan’s bay. lets mature in our reporting guys, go and find some orientation from seniors like jeoff nyarota mhani

  20. akamama uyo next time haazvite

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