Chombo rapped over Gukurahundi remarks

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

BULAWAYO civic groups and opposition political parties have criticised Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo for his remarks that Gukurahundi was a non-issue, when it came to the issuance of birth certificates and other identification documents to children born during the infamous era.


Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo
Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

Chombo made the remarks in the National Assembly on Wednesday, while responding to MDC-T vice-president, Thokozani Khupe, who wanted to know how under the new biometric system, people from Matabeleland and Midlands provinces, who were struggling to obtain identification documents after their parents were killed during the Gukurahundi era, would be assisted.

Ibhetshu likaZulu secretary-general, Mbuso Fuzwayo said his organisation was saddened though not shocked by the unfortunate response by Chombo that Gukurahundi was a non-issue.

“His (Chombo) statement is a confirmation of our views that Zanu PF remains unrepentant and see nothing wrong with butchering over 20 000 of our people and that Zanu PF government will never create a conducive platform for true national healing and reconciliation for the victims of Gukurahundi to find closure, and the nations to find long lasting peace and reconciliation,” he said.

“Apart from being a senior minister in the government, Chombo is a politburo member and Zanu PF secretary for administration, which removes all doubt that his unfortunate and contemptuous statement is a long-held Zanu PF position.”

Fuzwayo said these revealing statements were an eye-opener to victims of Gukurahundi, who were members of Zanu PF that the government remained unrepentant of its past sins against them.

“These statements to us reveal that (Vice-President Phelekezela) Mphoko’s efforts and statements on Gukurahundi are an exercise in futility and how weak is his position in the party and government. Thus, any expectation that he will be able to work towards creation of a reconciled state is nothing, but a joke in bad taste,” he said.

Mthwakazi Republic Party spokesperson, Mbonisi Gumbo said they were not surprised by Chombo’s remarks.

“Chombo and his party have never apologised for the death of over 20 000 of our relatives, since 1987 and he is here telling us it’s a non-issue. That is how irresponsible Zanu PF is,” Gumbo said.

People’s Democratic Party Bulawayo organiser, Bekithemba Nyathi also said they were not surprised by the comment.
“The only thing Zimbabweans should do is to show them the red card,” Nyathi said.

Zapu deputy spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa said: “His remarks are synonymous with one who’s trying to dodge the inevitable – that is accounting for their actions and justice.”

“We, however, would assist the minister who is obviously running scared by reminding him that brushing a genocidal crime aside by making it a non-issue will not make it go away. Chombo and company must man up and face the consequences of their actions,” Maphosa said.

Human rights activist, Dewa Mavhinga said there was a direct connection between lack of birth certificates and national identity documents for people affected by Gukurahundi.

“Chombo should not insult Gukurahundi victims by suggesting that it is a non-issue when it has been well-documented, including by the Legal Resources Foundation and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in the 90s,” he said.

“Pretending that Gukurahundi is a non-issue will not address the underlying problems and the urgent need for justice, accountability, truth, and reparations over what happened during that dark period. The government must not bury its head in the sand over Gukurahundi; it must do the right thing and openly address the issues.”


  1. I think Chombo did well in his response to Khupe’s question about birth registration as well as other identity documents to purpoted victims of gukurahundi. However as mischievous as Khupe intended to be by trying to pin Chombo to the gukurahundi issue, the minister was equal to mischief by indicating correctfully that no grounds arise for failure to acquire the reg docs since the home affairs adeguately caters for any circumstance that one is found in.

    Saka hapana nyaya apa only politicking by the so called pressure groups.


  2. Moyana are you fully conversant with the registrar General’s civil registration processes and procedures? If you are not then stop talking. The situation with the Ndebele people affected by gukurahundi has a great effect on the registration process. Do not talk if have not walked the path. Have you ever tried to register a child from the southern region who has no parents and no adult relatives older than 10 years with his village elders who knew his existence all having been butchered? Try taking one of those children kuma office ekwa Mudede in Mat North or South uone kuti anopihwa here birth rake nechitupa?
    Musangorutsa kutaura nekuti venyu vane zvitupa. All your relatives have no registration issues therefore tinyanyarire isu hedu mashona vanoziva chokwadi. Barbarism sinful acts will be punished. If not here no earth surely up there!!!! You use the word Purported. I doubt u were even born then u sascam!

  3. chombo was right, hw can tok of gukurahundi every time, even e ndebele took a lot of wealth from mashonaland but no-one is taking about it.

  4. Which wealth tee man?If you have nothing to say just keep quiet.What is there every black person suffered from colonial oppression.Full stop with this type of mentality,the country would never move forward.In fact what this political imbecile is saying is sweet music to this delinquent regime which thrives on divide and rule tactics.

  5. Unless local history is distorted, it is understood that when Mzilikazi and his Khumalo clan(Ndebele) fled Tshaka from Zululand and crossed Limpopo into Zimbaland, they committed genocide and Slavery against the Shona, followed by the Portuguese then the British. So why focussing only on Gukurahundi which in actual fact killed less people compared to the the Ndebele and European genocides in Zimbabwe?

  6. What was taken from you teee man? Yours does not derserve a response coz its so lame. Tribal to the core

  7. It’s a shame that the moment some of my fellow Shonas hear of Gukurahundi they immediately jump into an unnecessary defensive and tribalistic mode. When your elders do wrong admit it and be man enough to condemn the act lest history repeats itself. You can not call yourself a man and vomit such nonsense saying it never happened. Gukurahundi happened and it was your uncle and Grandfather who butchered fellow men of your nation. Go and read about it if you u were too young to know anything. The Ndebeles are not saying all Shonas are guilty and should be punished. They and the rest of the civilised Shonas are saying the perpetrators are still alive, dining and wining in a comfort zone whilst they deny the same people access to identity documents. If these murderers cannot say sorry at least allow a Zimbabwean to be known to birth certificates and an ids. Chete! Kupela!
    If your Shona brother rapes a white man’s child you dont say its ok because the white Rhodesians killed our own during the war of liberation. Don’t justify evil by referencing a past evil. Only an evil hottentot has such a mentality.

  8. Tee man urimbwa wazvihwa here ,mharapatsetsetse yomunhu close mouth kana usina zvokutaura .

    Mwana womuroyi

  9. The best chombo could have done was to escalate the resolution of the issue to all responsible coz its a debateble issue which definetly needs to addressed. Guys stop the fight munozorwara neBp kana kukwidzisa bp

  10. if gukurahundi took place then nearly all the victims are above 26years.i don’t think they are guys at that age without documents. it’s misplaced notion to couple gukurahundi with failure to take national documents and it’s more of expediency to attempt to smuggle it in all national issues . Chombo. outrightly placed the issue of documents where it belongs minus mischief of gukurahundi.

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