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Chimene rekindles war vets leadership fight


MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene has challenged a High Court ruling which barred her from masquerading as leader or interfere in the activities of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA).


Mandiitawepi Chimene
Mandiitawepi Chimene

Chimene wants to take over leadership of the war veterans’ association from current leader Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Through her lawyers Messrs Garikayi and Company, Chimene has filed an application for rescission of the judgment granted in favour of the war veterans on February 21 last year, arguing the ruling was granted erroneously. In her founding affidavit, Chimene said she was never served with a copy of the urgent chamber application which culminated in the interdict being granted against her.

“This is an application for rescission of the judgment granted against me on 21st February 2016 in terms of rule 449 of this honourable court on the basis that the provisional order granted was erroneously sought by the respondent (ZNLWVA) and likewise granted in error in my absence by this honourable court,” Chimene said.

“On the 20th of February 2016, respondent filed an urgent chamber application for an interdict with this honourable court, that being case number HC1673/16 in which it sought interim relief to the effect that I be interdicted from ‘allegedly’ interfering with its activities, among other things.

“Though I was cited as the only respondent on the application and though it was directed to me as the respondent, I submit that I was never served with a copy of the said urgent chamber application.”

Chimene also said the matter was heard in her absence and she was never served with a notice of set-down considering that the application was not being made on an ex parte basis.

“A perusal of the return of service pertaining to the notice of set-down shows that there was an attempt to serve the notice of set-down at the offices of the Minister of State in Manicaland and the same was refused by officials in that office on the basis that the suit was not against the respondent (war veterans) and me in my official capacity as the minister. Rather this was a private lawsuit between respondent and me,” she said.

“I cannot comment with certainty as to what transpired in the proceedings before the learned judge on the date, but I hold the reasonable apprehension that the respondent, whilst being fully aware that I had not been served with copies of the application and notice of set-down, moved for the granting of the interim relief in my absence, hence the provisional order was granted and issued against me.”

The matter is set to be heard at the High Court tomorrow.

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