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Battle of the chefs episode 3 goes Italian


FOUR chefs will battle it out on this week’s episode of reality television show Battle of the Chefs that tours Italy through a series of challenges that forces contestants to see the Italian cuisine as being more than just spaghetti, lasagne and tortellini.


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Food and Quality of Television Show executive producer, Joseph Bunga said the contestants, who come from different culinary backgrounds, have promised a deliciously fast paced battle, which will see them race to prepare and present Italian dishes through technical, innovation and set recipe crucible.

“The set recipe for this week is zabaglione, a classic Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, made with whipped and heated egg yolks, sugar and sherry and served with ladyfingers as an accompaniment,” he said.

Bunga said the episode’s judges are chef Stephen Hyde, Innocent Masuku and Karl Eckard.

“The innovation challenge gives our chefs, Susan Hodgson, Deevya Lathewala, Chengetai Makawa and Ednos Tavirima three ingredients that they must use, namely salami, focaccia bread and Tanganda coffee grounds. Some contestants keep it simple, while others go all out to impress our judges,” he said.

“Making pasta from scratch looks easy, but can all the contestants deliver a consistent dish? With each technical challenge taking between 20 to 30 minutes, you cannot afford to take it slow. Time is of the essence, will contestants plate on time? But more importantly, will our judges agree to taste what they see?”

Bunga said this season celebrates gastronomic diversity and innovation in the country.

“Season 3 celebrates the ability of Zimbabweans to overcome and compete on an international stage,” he said.

The programme’s associate producer, Colt Wentworth-Browne said, after each challenge, the judges score their efforts and at the end of the episode the chefs with the highest and lowest scores are announced — with the loser being stripped of their chef’s jacket.

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