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Apostolic choral member goes solo


POPULAR apostolic choral group Vateveri VaKristu’s prominent member, Peter Kanda has released a solo instrumental eight-track album titled Gamuchirai Mweya.


The 31-year-old musician whose former group is famed for the song Dai Mainzwa told NewsDay that he went instrumental after realising that acapella music is losing its grip at the expense of instrumental gospel music.

“I have now seen that people prefer instrumental songs than acapella and this is the reason why I had to release this album. I want a number of people to hear my music. As for the apostolic choral group, the other members accepted my move. We are still together as Vateveri Vakristu, only that I went solo on this project,” he said.

His latest album is receiving fair airplay from local radio stations with the song Areka proving to be the favourite.

Kanda said he draws inspiration from award-winning gospel artiste, Blessing Shumba, an apostolic sect member who won the hearts of many through instrumental gospel music.

“I get inspiration from Blessing Shumba, he is a great artiste and we seem to share the same backgrounds. We are all apostolic sect members who are doing gospel music. He (Shumba) defied odds and I believe his success story on the gospel music scene will guide me in this journey,” he said.

Some of the songs on the album include the title track Gamuchirai Mweya, Hupenyu, Evhangeri Yatinoparidza and Ndinaye Jesu among others.

Born in Headlands, Kanda began his music career at the Original Faith Apostolic Church in 2012, where he and other members formed the Vateveri VaJesu outfit.

In the same year they recorded their first album Tatenderana before releasing two more albums the following year.

In 2014 he formed the Light of Men, a group that is behind his debut solo album.

According to Kanda, it took him three years to come up with the album due to financial constraints.

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