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Afro-pop artiste invests in collabos


UPCOMING Afro-pop musician Terrence Chivavaya, going by the moniker Terry Africa, has done a series of collaborations with established musicians in pathfinding efforts he hopes will help him seal his place in the cutthroat music industry.


Terry Africa
Terry Africa

After venturing into music early this year, Terry Africa has already made successful overtures to Tocky Vibes and Afro-jazz musician, Pah Chihera, who featured on his track, Sarura Wako.

He has also worked with Soul Jah Love (Rise Up, Zimbabwe), rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chidemhe (Shingirira) and Ex-Q on Torovangoma.

Terry Africa told NewsDay on Wednesday that he was appreciative of the helping hand from other local artistes and believes working together with them will help him scale dizzy heights.

“I always write my songs imagining my sound with someone’s sound and think of what we can produce after this,” he said.

“I have heard these guys’ music and I really appreciate and get motivated with their art so I realise and admit that what I want cannot come out without them.”

He said he used the opportunity to collaborate with other artistes to draw precious lessons from their experiences.

“Most of the popular artistes valued my music and I used that chance to talk to them for collaborations, I want to go international as soon as possible so I have to do this now and appreciate my own Zimbabwe first before going beyond,” he said.

Terry Africa said he is mainly drawn to African music, especially with a Zimbabwean feel.

The 24-year-old artiste now has 15 tracks and one video for his single titled African Mood.

“I am working hard to put Zimbabwean music on the world map, though I am still known by a small audience,” he said.

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