Adrian Tate lives past Soul Afrika

MUSICIAN Adrian “Tate” Mathe is hoping to weave back his influence in the industry through his recently launched debut Extended Play (EP) after the collapse of famed boy band Soul Afrika last year.


Adrian “Tate” Mathe
Adrian “Tate” Mathe

Following the split, the band’s other half, Takura Shonhai, has carved out a highly successful solo career.
The multi-talented Tate, however, seemed to have taken a sabbatical from music.

“I never felt lonely because I didn’t start music with Soul Afrika I started music when I was a kid so it has always been my passion,” he said.

The EP, which was officially launched a fortnight ago, was produced by Begotten, Tytan and Adrian himself. It consists of the tracks Ekeskuzu Me, Pakura, Manyemwe, Ndozviripo, Wakadaro, Hakuna Mumwe and Yuhwi.

“I am not just a singer and a musician I am a producer also so I really wanted to make sure that I perfect so I took the year away,” Tate said, adding that the EP was his comeback.

He said “there is no bad blood” between him and Shonhai following their separation.

“I didn’t want them [fans] to compare me to Takura. It’s not a competition to me it is about the love for music, I am really passionate about music so that is why I took time to really settle down and find myself again.”

The talented acoustic strummer has reunited with the disbanded group’s first manager Tytan who also released his own EP on the same night.

“He has what it takes. It is all about getting someone into the groove of things he needs to get used to how to write better so I think he has improved,” said the Mukoko hitmaker.

The versatile Tytan who also produced some of the songs on his artiste’s EP described Tate as a “very talented artiste” sold out to music.

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