Breaking: Chiyangwa appointed CAF deputy

Zifa and Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa has been appointed Confederation of African Football (CAF) deputy president to take charge of the CAF competitions.

More details to follow…

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  1. ma 1 gore rino na phidza akutoda kuenda ku fifa chete mheno zvavaka promisana na flantino chete

  2. cde mabhunu achapera

    phil is Zimbabwe’s trump

  3. well done pfidza

  4. Tonderayi Chanakira

    The Rise and Rise of our own ZIFA President, Mr Philip Chiyangwa. Makorokoto for this milestone achievement. Well Done Keep the focus Blaz Phidza you will go places. You are putting Zimbabwe’s football cv on the market Why not Good shot at goal Big Phil

  5. Guilty Panashe

    Please Fidza, We now want the CAF champions league to be hosted on a neutral venue even by non participating countries like UEFA Champions League not the home and away that is being used

    1. Tonderayi Chanakira

      Thats not possible my friend as of now Lets say the CAF Finals are to be hosted in Egypt and one of our Zimbabwe teams is in the Finals How many Zimbo fans will be able to travel all the way to Egypt?

  6. Moyomushoriwa

    Hokoyo namwana waStembeni …..Pfidza pfe kuCaf dep presidency!

  7. Waaaal papa Fidza himself wish you the best

    1. Kuti Waaaal hazina zvazvinoreva.
      Urikuzama kuti chii chaizvo?
      what language is that?

      1. kutiwo hazina kwawanyora chirudzii ichocho, some foreign language perhaps

      2. He is one of many who say ‘Waaal’ instead of Wow.

        There are lot of people that write this sort of thing online.

  8. phidza hoye!!

  9. Congrats Boss Fidza!!!

  10. Simweena Bantu

    Hanzi heee Phidza adhoneta kuma purisa akukampena for ZIFA presidency. Hezvo! Deputy CAF.

    But patronage akomana! Makuraya bhora manje.

  11. AFCON pfeee pa Zimbabwe na Boss Phil.Well done!

    1. Not going to happen. We dont have the stadiums for a start.

  12. So, the prophecy is not farfetched after all, the future is not as gloomy as it appears. This is our moment, and next week, God willing, we may be celebrating another first.

  13. Phidza idhara mari yekamupfana kekutaurisa kaye hameno kana muchakaziva hanzi Wicknel Chivayo makaitsenga mahara manje mapinda muma us$ akanya kunyanya haa Phidza idhara

  14. Makorokoto-ka, ko tingagotiiko, totongoti makorokoto Dr Phil!!!

  15. mugowe mandimutsira

    pakaipa so ko fulll time coach achaita here coz fidza anenge ava visiting president wezifa

  16. stanley spare

    phidza vadyire bhonzo pamamomonya ipapo.congrats bro.

  17. jacktheswede

    Give it to Dr Phil. He is a go- getter. He has the grace to succeed in whatever he sets his sights on. He is a true champion and great strategist whether people like it or not. He just has the X factor!!!

  18. Dzinege nhema idzi

  19. we are now in charge of all CAF competitions including rigging. Tsivo woyeee!!!!

  20. Professor Zibber

    Congratulations, makorokoto, amhlope Dr Phil!

  21. Congratulations Dr Chiyangwa you are true inspiration.

  22. BlaPhidza todawo AFCON muno

  23. Phidza pana chekumirira chitotarisora kupinda kufifa chibaba

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