14 opposition parties sign electoral pact

MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube

Fourteen Zimbabwean opposition parties met in South Africa this week where they signed commitment agreements to kickstart formal negotiations to form a grand coalition that will field one presidential candidate next year, NewsDay can exclusively reveal.


MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube
MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube

Sources told NewsDay yesterday that Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T, Joice Mujuru’s NPP, the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and Jacob Ngarivhume’s Transform Zimbabwe stayed away from the deal on the basis that they were pursuing another electoral pact. However, some of the parties attended the meeting.

The negotiations were initiated by In Transformative Initiative (ITI), an organisation that seeks to assist and support peace-making processes drawing from the South African experience.

ITI works towards promoting dialogue among citizens, government and any other sectors where conflict and violence exists or might become an option.

The deal came after the parties met in South Africa late last year where formal negotiations began.

Although some political leaders in South Africa vehemently refused to talk about the deal yesterday claiming this would jeopardise the ground covered so far, some confirmed saying they would be working together under the Mass Opposition Movement (MOM).

Elton Mangoma, RDZ leader, said they were now geared towards bringing change come next year.

“Yes, it’s true that 14 parties have signed. We have cleared the nucleus for all parties to work together,” he said, adding that another party was likely to sign the deal.

Marcellina Chikasha, the leader of the little-known African Democratic Party, also confirmed the agreement.

“We have agreed to form a united front that includes all stakeholders with the purpose of fielding one candidate per contested seat,” she said.

Ncube’s MDC said although it had representatives in South Africa for the coalition meeting, they didn’t sign the deal.

“The party is represented at the meeting,” party spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said.

“We are a democratic party guided by the party organs. We want some time to consult the owners of the party before inking any deal. It must also be noted that we already have a marriage with other political parties in Code [Coalition of Democrats].”

After signing commitment agreements to work together, a task force has been set up with a road map on how they will distribute the constituencies.

Sources in South Africa, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the deal, but didn’t divulge the finer details in the signed agreement.

“Another coalition is in the making. The players are virtually interested and out of the 16 parties that attended, only two refused to sign claiming they still want to seek the approval of their constituency considering that they are apparently negotiating another coalition deal with the MDC-T,” the source said yesterday.

“What this has done is to pile pressure on the MDC-T which has not been so open with regards to the coalition. Some are not happy with the exclusionary tendencies with the coalition set up by Tsvangirai.

“Some have a feeling that even the MoUs signed by MDC-T together with MDC and NPP might fall apart since there are too many backroom fights concerning that. However, there is a general feeling that two coalitions will not work because that is practically splitting votes.”

Other international organisations were reportedly pushing for the new deal with or without the MDC-T, reportedly after losing patience with the exclusionary tendencies applied by the MDC-T and its other partners.

PDP leader Tendai Biti, who was reportedly in talks with Tsvangirai, also signed the deal with the other 13 parties.

Asked on their position, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said they would make their announcement once they were done with the negotiations.


  1. The number of parties is not that important, it is the number of people the party brings in. Take for example ADP, how many supporters does that party have? Maybe a 100 or even 1000 and thats not enough and that is where the problem is with small parties.

    • They are all “gold diggers”, the ones in power have foolish eastern donors and have dug all the gold and diamonds while the country continues to crash and burn and we use “western” currencies.

  2. The 14 parties are not named but the reporter dwells too much on MDC-T not signing please identify the parties tizive who they represent.

    • 14 parties kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk vanhu havasi serious regaizvenyu zanu fp titonge kusvika marongeka

  3. Zimbabwe here we go again !!! We want one candidate please ..Why all these parties..

  4. 14 parties ndihoo humbwaa chaihoo kokungobatana mese hamudi nxaaaa muchakarara bva chisiyai ZANU PF itonge kusvika madhongi amera nyanga pamberii mberi neZanu pf pamberiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. What’s important is the number of registered voters and the number of actual votes. it doesn’t matter whether there are 100 opposition parties or just one. Opposition should concentrate on voters.

    One fact is that those who don’t want the ruling party don’t want to go and vote, they just complain while in cupboards. Imagine if 4 million opposition supporters register and cast votes, even rigging might be a challenge

  6. All these so called small and unknown parties are the true antics planted by the evil doers.They are just there to confuse the poor Zimbabwean Povos .Put your acts together,be guided by god’s vision and don’t be caught out of guard by the dwellers of darkness. I still remember this that since 1980 – 1995,Zanu pf has been outlining their 5 year national planning developmental programs,but non of those planning programs are fruitlessly and at large empty promises. I repeat this that,Zimbabwe will never ever develop come what may under Zanu pf’s image of darkness.


  8. These so called 14 opposition parties are a creation of Zanu PF , we need on coalition , I am expecting a carbinate of 15 or 17 ministers if opposition wins so if we have more leaders in coalition so it means each party president will be in carbinet and no technocrats , Zimbabweans lets wake up , it takes on vote to free ourselves from the jaws of this evil regime and it takes 5 years for us to suffer and die poor.

  9. These are political parties created to divulge the votes come 2018 and to make sure that there is no coalition . come january the so called 14 parties coalition will tone apart.Watch out

  10. They may form as many outfits as they as they may wish but the truth of the matter is that 2018 election will be a two-horse – Zanu PF or the coalition. Let them place their bet where they want and be ready to bear the consequences. Period!

  11. for me Tsvangirai and mdc have a hard time , zanu is against him, 14 parties and many more are against him. that is why in this report he and mdc are mentioned more. I wish he could continue to be level headed because that being like that is never rewarded by man but by GOD. zuna and its cios don’t lose sleep over these funny parties, but mdc and maybe ncube, dabengwa , mujuru and biti. some of us even ask who are these parties.

  12. I like your comment toti, but will zec allow us to register especially in towns. hope we can fight for that.

    • Nzou nemhuru dzayo dzese kunoregister kuvhota we are very much aware of ZANU PF antics. Tinongoziva kuti $ for yakauya naTsvangirai kwete 14 opposition parties

  13. The best measure for a party’s support is shown by people who attend its rallies. I am still waiting to witness a rally for Mr Mangoma’s party.We cannot measure a political party’s support by a talk of MoUs conducted in a foreign land as if South Africans are their supporters and voters.

  14. If these 14 confused pple think we will vote for them then come 2018 danger will strike them all . If the can get 1000 votes combined it will be a miracle

  15. 14 parties with 14 supporters each will not dislodge zanu never! Let them sign. However, the truth of the matter is that only ZANU, MDC T, MDC, Mujuru and Dabengwa command some respect and following in Zimbabwe. If Biti signed this pact for real he is planning to fail.

  16. the truth is hamuvhoti munongotaura.angakumanikidzei ndiani?isu tinoenda come rain or hailstorm chaiyo zanu yohwinha.period!

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