ZimRights condemns Grace evictions

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has condemned the police’s use of brute force in the recent eviction of 15 villagers from Arnold Farm in Mazowe to pave way for First Lady Grace Mugabe.


First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe
First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe

The families last week had their homes burnt, as they were forcibly removed from the farm and dumped by the roadside amid reports that Grace wants to turn the farm into a private wildlife conservancy.

“ZimRights condemns the continued harassment of families at Arnold Farm in Mazowe in Mashonaland Central, whose homes are being callously destroyed in a bid to evict them without alternative shelter,” the rights body said in a statement.

“The fact that the evictions that violate human rights are allegedly being spearheaded by the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is a serious abrogation of the rule of law, accountability, constitutionalism and democracy in the country.

“The fact that the police, who are supposed to uphold the Constitution and the rulings of the courts, are in the forefront of violating them, is a travesty of justice. ZimRights calls upon the police to respect the Constitution, which expressly outlaws arbitrary eviction of people without a court order, and must stop such denial of the right to shelter and destruction of property.”

Several human rights and civil society groups have also described the move as callous and inhuman.


  1. Once upon a time the fist ladies of Malawi, S.A. and. Zimbabwe consulted a sangoma on how to get very wealthy. They were advised on various methods foul and fair and each given a small bottle and told “this muti will protect you. People will be blinded from seeing anything wrong or pacified from protesting. On their way back the South African said “…..I will not do it. No muti can pacify our violent people should they protest.” The Malawian said “…..l won’t steal from my people. The country’s budget is donor funded and investors would stay away, and this muti does not work with foreigners.” The Zimbabwean first lady laughed. “l will get what l want. To hell with investors. To hell with donors. And l don’t even need this bottle.” This is the end of my story.

  2. it shows Grace grew up in poverty, given the chance to get rich, she wants to take the whole country for herself before robert is gone but alas the people will recover everything, its in the papers, the corruption around Grace’s amasing of wealth, its public, she will never go away with it. if she thinks chasing away innocent villagers will do her good, very sorry.

  3. This should be an eye opener to every Zimbabwebwean that ZANU PF does not have the people at heart. Those who intend to vote for ZANU or who have been voting for these, cluesless, murders, ruthless zanoids you should change your mind. We are tired of this human rights abuses, people disappearing, some being killed. ZIMBABWEANS LETS ALL UNITE NEXT YEAR AND KICK OUT THE EVIL RULE OF MUGABE AND HIS BITCH FROM OFFICE. ITS TIME, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, HATICHADI, HATICHATYI, TAJAMUKA

  4. Count me in once the pendulum swings the other way I will be among the first people to occupy that farm.

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