Zaoga takes Gokwe council to court

The Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) yesterday filed an application at the High Court to interdict and force Gokwe Town Council to transfer land the church bought from the local authority.


The church approached the High Court after the council reneged on its promise to transfer five stands it bought.

It is alleged Zaoga was offered five stands sometime in 2013 and they were pegged at $60 000.

Zaoga accepted the offer and paid $15 000 on August 26, 2013 and a further $6 000 on October 9 of the same year.

It is alleged both parties then entered into an agreement, where Zaoga would pay the balance of $39 000 after the land was transferred to the church.

It is alleged on June 2015, the church was issued with the property confirmation certificate for the stands.

Since 2015, the church had been constantly reminding Gokwe Town Council to transfer the stands to Zaoga’s name or alternatively issue a legal document recognising it as the owner to give them “peaceful and undisturbed possession” of the stands.

They submitted that instead of fulfilling the agreement the council was now seeking to revalue the stands by revising the purchase price after accepting the part payment of the $60 000, which was agreed on.

Zaoga advised the High Court to grant the application and order Gokwe Town Council to transfer the said stands within five days of receiving the order.

They also pray that the High Court empowers the Sheriff of Zimbabwe to sign all necessary papers to effect the transfer of the stands into the church’s name.

The church also submitted that if the council failed to effect the transfer of the stands in five days, they would give it 30 days to allocate them alternative land commensurate to the $21 000 they paid using the valuation of land that was paid obtaining for that land.



  1. the problem is that you the council turned the building inspector into a housing officer they can not solve problem internally

  2. Petros Magomazi

    It looks like a straight forward case. I would love to hear the other side of the story though!!

  3. tagarira webuhera

    just like in kasukuvire and chiyangwa’s case, the authorities have a tendency of delaying the process inorder to create room for bribe and kickbacks even if you are the legitimate owner of the property. bad-gorvenance all over. thumbs up to the church for refusing to be abused in the name of religion, the law must take its course..

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