Witness ban, Russia rebuke grows

THE Kremlin threat to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses from worshipping in Russia has received widespread condemnation across the world after the United States Helsinki Commission yesterday spoke out strongly against the development and called for respect of religious freedom in the vast ex-communist country.


The denunciation followed Russia’s decision to criminalise religious literature, places of worship known as Kingdom Halls and criminalising the preaching work of Witnesses in over 2 300 congregations under the guise of fighting extremism.

Helsinki Commission chairman Senator Roger Wicker (MS), co-Chairman Rep Chris Smith (NJ-04), and Commissioner Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-08), in a joint statement yesterday rebuked the Russian authorities for cracking down on religious liberty.

“It is wrong to apply flawed counterterrorism laws to those who seek to practice their faith,” Wicker said.

“The Russian government is exploiting genuine threats of violent extremism to undermine what little religious freedom remains in that country. This distracts from real efforts to fight terrorism. I urge the Russian government to drop the case immediately.”

Smith added: “At stake in the upcoming court case is the legality and perhaps the survival of the Jehovah’s Witnesses – and in fact basic religious freedom – throughout the Russian Federation. If the Supreme Court of Russia declares this faith group an extremist organisation, it is an ominous sign for all believers and marks a dark, sad day for all Russians.”

The pressure was being applied as Russian authorities have approached the country’s Supreme Court to effectively ban Jehovah’s Witnesses in the country from worshipping claiming that they were members of an “extremist organisation”.

“As a staunch supporter of religious liberty, I am appalled by the Russian government treating an entire religious group as a threat to national security. Religious affiliation should never be a justification for persecution,” Hudson also said.

On March 15, the Russian Ministry of Justice filed a formal court claim to label the Administrative Centre of Jehovah’s Witnesses in
Russia an extremist group and liquidate their national headquarters and 395 local chapters, known as “local religious organisations”.

Should the Russian Supreme Court decide against the Witnesses next week some 175 000 Witnesses in Russia could face criminal prosecution for practising their faith.

Some of the publications outlawed by Russia include My Book of Bible Stories – which teaches basic truths to people willing to know more about the Truth and have denied the importation of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, a Bible translation published by the Witnesses.

Spokesperson for the organisation John Hunguka said Witnesses in Zimbabwe last week participated in the global letter-writing campaign against the Russian authorities’ threat to ban their international brotherhood.

According to the Helsinki Final Act signed by all 57 participating states of the organisation for security and cooperation in Europe – including Russia –“participating States will recognise and respect the freedom of the individual to profess and practice, alone or in community with others, religion or belief acting in accordance with the dictates of his own conscience.”

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  1. Very dangerous cult, I agree with Russia!

    1. why do you suppose Jehovah’s witnesses are a cult or dangerous. We respect the laws of the countries we live in…but you see us as a threat because we chose to remain neutral. We are loving people who practice harmony and live by the law. This is taught to us in KIngdom Halls where we gather as one family and show unity. We mean no harm and can hardly be seen as extremists. We practice our beliefs just as any other religious organization has the right to do. This is a plead to release our fellow Brothers and Sisters who are currently imprisoned in Russia.

      1. Except for the breaking up of families, the protecting of pedophiles, the condemning and demonizing of anyone not JW. Etc. “live by the law” unless the JW leaders tell you otherwise. Etc.
        JWs as individual people may be nice, but the corporation/business/organization/leaders that rule them, are not nice. That’s the problem.

        1. You are so very wrong! Our leader is Christ Jesus. We follow his guidance.

    2. Noble Onyekwere

      I feel disheartened hearing such unfounded blasphemy from someone who should defend truth. Jehovah’s witnesses are pacifist, they do not get involved in any form of criminality, they do not evade tax,the teach people about the sole true God(Jehovah), the promote durable peace and security, they teach people the blessings God’s kingdom will produce

    3. Jw are not cults

    4. Ruskies need to pull their head out of their butt and come into the year 2017 stop live in the dark age.

    5. Are you ignorant of the definition for ”cult”, or just an uneducated being who just follows

      whatever is politically correct at any given time?

      A racist? A bigot? Just plain prejudiced? Xenophobe supreme?

      Probably all of these undesirable qualities.

    6. Dangerous? In what way? Do they involve themselves in war? NO. Do they break into your house with a gun? NO. Do they kill and maim people? NO. Do they preach hatred and intolerance? NO
      Now for some yes questions.
      Do they promote racial harmony and love? YES
      Do they encourage families to be strong and united? YES
      Do they have a loving, international brotherhood? YES
      Do they promote unity in worshiping their God Jehovah? YES
      The list could go on.

      Dangerous? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    7. I think you really need to seek the truth about Jehovah and His Witnesses…

    8. Good Day Truth Seeker,

      Pls attend just one of our meetings in your country, then tell us what you think


    9. We’re only very dangerous apostasy and false religions. Yes, those who we’ve biblically exposed manmade lies and doctrines like the Trinity, Hellfire, the immortal soul, all who die go to heaven and many many more. This is in Jehovah God’s hands and he always prevails.

      1. We’re only dangerous to apostasy and false religions who don’t want to be biblically exposed. No apologies.

    10. So sad prejudices get in the way of real truth seekers. Russia now has violent protest going on. Do you think we would be a part of the anti government protest. We are not part of any kind of protest because we are not dangerous. Neither do we fall into the category of a cult as defined in the dictionary. It is prejudice that makes brings down society.

    11. Enrique Perez

      what have they done to you. GIve me 3 examples.

  2. Say no to apostates

    Dear Truth Seeker

    How many wars have been fought by JWs?
    How many suicide bombs?
    How many crimes?
    How many violent incident?
    What’s your definition of dangerous?
    Are your allegations based on facts?
    Are you Russian? Or Chinese? Or North Korean?
    I wouldn’t be surprised

    1. The Israëlites were JW’s right?
      They made war all the time in Jehovah’s name!
      Remember Samson, how he committed suicide and killed more than 3000?
      Read the Bible – please – and read what crimes Moses commited against the Midianites in Numbers 31, how he killed all the baby boys, just like Pharao did. Was he a JW?

      1. The individuals that you listed were not Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses. Quite a difference.

      2. is George confused

        Do you know what a straw man argument is? You should research it if not, because you have just presented an example of a straw man argument.
        The issue is whether or not the modern day organization known as Jehovah’s Witnesses are extremist. Nothing to do with arguing about whether or not Moses was a JW or the morality of what he did or did not do thousands of years ago.
        Are you seriously trying to argue that JW’s are extremist, or perhaps kill baby boys? If so, please present your evidence.
        Some clear logical thinking is required!

        1. Well, I well know how the modern day organization is different. However, for a JW the religion is a continuation of true worship that started in the past. And JW’s see Moses, Samson and others as heros. Isn’t that an extremist view? (I’m actually very much against banning them, because freedom to think is very important)

      3. is George confused

        Hi George,

        I am pleased to hear you are very much against banning Jehovah’s Witnesses, however you still label them extremist, once again using a straw man argument.
        To clarify, Jehovah’s Witnesses view historical figures such as moses and samson as ordinary men, just like you and I, not heroes. It is contrary to the beliefs of Jehovah’s witnesses to make a hero out of any ordinary man, either from the past or the present.
        Although you don’t state your argument specifically, the inference seems to be :
        Jehovah’s witnesses make a study of the bible to see how it can benefit them today. The bible contains accounts of men who did things that, if practiced today, would be viewed as extreme. Therefore, Jehovahs Witnesses are extremist.
        Again, George, this is fuzzy logic.
        You rightly want to judge men like Samson (rightly or wrongly) on the basis of what they actually DID, so you should also examine Jehovah’s Witnesses today on the basis of what they actually DO – and not shift the argument to the right or wrong of the actions of an historical figure from years in the past.
        Are you in any danger from Jehovah’s Witnesses? Absolutely not. They are perhaps the only organization that would teach its adherents it would be wrong to even swear at you!! Jehovah’s witnesses are under obligation by their adherence to the teachings of Christ to proactively seek to do you good, not harm. And yet you say they are extremist?

      4. let even presume the answer is yes to all your questions; What are JW nowadays accused of in Russia to be qualify as Extremist?

        They are peaceful people are do really care for mankind and respect authorities.

  3. Noble Onyekwere

    Jehovah’s witnesses represents a beacon of truth in a morally degraded world. There’s absolutely nothing extremism in what they do

    1. George, what would the world be like if all were JWs? what IS the world like now?, Yes, the violence in lets just say the wars around the world. They are not JWs, they are certainly YOUR religion, right?

  4. Jehovah’s Witnesses—Who Are We ?

    We come from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, yet we are united by common goals. Above all, we want to honor Jehovah, the God of the Bible and the Creator of all things. We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians. Each of us regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s Kingdom. Because we witness, or talk, about Jehovah God and his Kingdom, we are known as Jehovah’s Witnesses

    We are Christian & we love to Preaches freely

  5. The Lord Jesus said,”Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Thats my prayer to the Russian Government,,,i just hope and pray that the one true God Jehovah will forgive them, cause what they’re about to do, is a grave mistake.

  6. I think that the point we should all be aware of is the rampant corruption in the higher orders of Russian society and that includes the Russian Orthodox church. Both government and church are morally corrupt and dishonest throughout. Russia is probably about to self-destruct with all of us possibly eventually affected by the fall-out. Interesting how the JWs served as a touchstone of a sick society in Nazi Germany just as they are now serving as one in a very dangerous sick and diseased Russia.
    Now is not the time for frivolous comments based on opinion or bias, but on sober realisation of what is truly going on in this world.

  7. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

    joeyJW, I will say, as I have said many times on these sites, I was born into a family of JWs and believed and taught the teachings of the Watchtower corporation until I was 54 years old. I know most JWs are sincere and strongly believe what they say on these sites, but, that does not cover the fact that JWs are blinded to the Truth, and are indoctrinated in the falsehoods of the Wtachtower corporation. Since I lost almost all of my family and friends when I chose to leave the JWs and I know the teachings of the WT about those who leave and how we should be “hated and loathed” I say, Jehovah,s witnesses are Wrong, and being wrong, they practice hateful and destructive teachings. Jws destroy thousands of families and cause countless suicides, all, in the name of Jehovah. You, and all Jehovah’s witnesses will be held accountable to the Creator for those acts. Most of JWs will steadfastly refuse to consider the other side of the story and what Christianity says about such things so, you will have no excuse when you stand before the Creator. What will you say? Well Jehovah, The Watchtower corporation said what we believed was true and I refused to “think independently” ?

    1. I was disfellowshiped at one time, but I was never hated and loathed. JW’s pray for the ones who leave and pray that they will turn around from destructive behavior, not hated as individuals. I was always welcomed back when I went to the meetings. So happy to be back.

      1. hey bro, glad you back!! I agree with your true statement. I was welcomed back as well! See how it works.

    2. well, good for you, do you want a pat on the back? Then you should move on, O enlightend one, with all of the answers! NOT

  8. Psalm 2:4,

    1. Jehovah’s Witnesses sounds like another foolish group, if what I read about them is true and they believe that Satan controls the world’s governments and is causing all this torment.

      If that were true then everything bad would be caused by the governments, which is not true. You can’t blame the conflict between Hindus and Muslims in the Indian Sub-Continent on the government.

      1. That is the more reason we need the Jehovah’s Witnesses to teach us to grasp the really truth and bring to light what is meant by this Bible verse: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one” 1 John 5:19. In the process it will be easier to recognize why established religions as you have rightly pointed are entrenched in hatred and religious conflicts.

      2. Trevor, Hitler came to power with a simple statement like that! Then he made it grow to all out hatred! Do you see it all happening again. Such as “mine is better than yours” “yours is wrong” ” yours should be banned!!!!!!!!”

      3. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

        Trevor, You commented, “Jehovah’s Witnesses sounds like another foolish group” I wish it were only that. Jehovah’s witnesses are responsible for thousands of families being torn apart. They are responsible for hundreds or thousands of suicides. They are responsible for hundreds or thousands of needless deaths for teaching witnesses to refuse blood transfusions and other medical treatments, such as vaccinations. Yes, they are foolish, but, also a very destructive cult.

        1. What?! I know for a fact that JW’s don’t take actual blood and blood products but it is medical fact that the use of blood can actually hinder healing and even shorten and individuals life expectancy. I also know for fact that JW’s take vaccinations. Medical treatment is an individuals choice. JW’s don’t condone suicide. They don’t condone bloodshed or immorality. They do welcome back people who left if they want to. I’m sorry but you sound very dis-informed or maybe very hurt

  9. I believe that an opinion is never wrong and people may have different opinions about JW’s, but one thing am certain about is that Jehovah will never see his people suffer for too long he will bring justice to his people… Jw’s meetings and publications always encourage peace, love for one another and respect for government. Jehovah’s witnesses will by no means be evolved in any criminal or extremist activities because all our teachings are Bible based.

  10. Infact it is unthinkable to say that Jehovah’s witnesses are criminal. From what I know Jehovah’s witnesses are peace people and exactly the light of the world, their behaviours, attitudes , relations are perfect and catchy everyone will like to be like them. ..
    I know them to be people who obey rules and regulations which is not beyond the bible principles. A JW will never involves him/herself in protest or any other dubious behaviour. Their publications are free and very vital , it helps people to cope with life anxieties and also cement the relationship between individuals. JW are really true Christians ……..



  12. Jehovah Witnesses is neutral politically, that’s why russian government do not like them.

    1. This is one reason. There is a religion that also hates Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have burned our books.Look up in Google Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Orthodox Religion.

      1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

        This is a common lie told by Jehovah’s witnesses. Christian religions and Christians do not hate Jehovah’s witnesses. Those of us who have knowledge of the teachings of Jehovah’s witnesses hate those teachings and some of us hate the evil organization that indoctrinates them and even sometimes indoctrinates non-Jehovah’s witnesses. Christians do not hate individual Jehovah’s witnesses. JWs like to smear Christians by promoting that lie.

        1. Roy which teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses do you hate? Open up you really need some help from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  13. No matter how you feel about Jehovah’s Witness, just imagine something you’ve loved your whole life just snatched from you. You can’t go to the only place that brings you peace, you can’t participate in your favorite activity, you can’t help others become better people. Just how would you feel? You’d fell pretty crappy right. You’d feel like it wasn’t fair. You’d feel like you’re being accused of something you’re not. Well that’s how Jehovah’s witnesses are feeling in Russia. We are a very peaceful group that love to help other. Me, amongst many have been doing it our whole lives and to know that could be taken away from my brothers in Russia is so disheartening. Everyone practices what they want. Whether you’re a religious person or not. Just imagine something as simple as eating your favorite food to be taken away it would just suck! So no matter what you think about Witnesses, think about it simply from a human pov in that you wouldn’t want your favorite thing abruptly taken away from you. peace and love

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Ryan P, Your comment, ” just imagine something you’ve loved your whole life just snatched from you.” How about family, friends, etc.? Jehovah’s witnesses “snatch” those from people all the time. Can you say double standard? or, hypocrisy? Your comment, ” you can’t help others become better people” same thing, we who left the org. and became Christians cannot show our family our reasons and why they should become Christian because of the indoctrination of the Watchtower corporation. Our family will have nothing to do with us and the Watchtower corporation forbids their members from discussing the Bible with us. So, obviously, we cannot help them.

    2. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Ryan P, Again your comment, ” You’d feel like you’re being accused of something you’re not.” Really? How about clean living Christians, who left the JWs, being called many terrible names and being falsely accused of all sorts of immoral acts to turn JWs and family members against them? Again, “So no matter what you think about Witnesses, think about it simply from a human pov…” Do you, personally, give that same consideration to people who have chosen to leave Jehovah’s witnesses?? Hypocrisy!!

  14. Roy A. Lathrop Sr. you have every right to make your own decision. But actually your family’s and friends the one who lost you when you chose to leave them. The Bible never teach us to hate people but Jehovah teach us to love one and another, even your enemy Jesus said. They still waiting for you and hoping in their heart that you will come back again. But Jehovah or every one in JW will not force people or you to do what the bible said. It’s our own choice. For me..I never leave my family and friends for being loving person and specially my God Jehovah who make us better person and obey the government law.

    So if Russia government want to put some action to 175 000 Witnesses in Russia as a criminal prosecution for practicing their faith and being a good person is very not humanist. That is not right and not justice at all. And what kind country Russia will reflect to the world ? We will see what is their final judgment regarding this matter.
    Be Love and be Peace..

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Ven’s, Your statement, ” The Bible never teach us to hate people but Jehovah teach us to love one and another, even your enemy”, is a logical fallacy. My statement was, ” I know the teachings of the WT about those who leave and how we should be “hated and loathed”” I do not equate Bible teachings with Watchtower teachings. Watchtower teachings, as you must know, have been seriously wrong over their history. If you are not familiar with the teaching I mentioned, above, about hating and loathing those who leave the Watchtower corporation, I can look it up and post it. ..I must take my grandchildren to school now, I will get back to your comment later.

    2. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Ven’s, Your comment, “And what kind country Russia will reflect to the world ?” Again, “And what kind of Christian organization will Jehovah’s witnesses reflect to the world ?”

  15. JW are peaceful people, we are 8 Million and in those countries, have we ever heard of Wars of JW? NO. Have ever heard JW to be partisan? No. Or have ever seen them shooting anyone? No we are peaceful people, who even love Putin as individual. Hittle is no more JW is stronger than ever, Kamusu Banda in Malawi is no more and JW are many in Malawi. Read Revelation 2:13 we all know Satan’s throne is now in Russia, where expect ban,hatred,lies ect against us, next the same Satan’s throne will move somewhere, and our Jehaovah will continue protecting us because he knows the fight that we can endure.

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      I guess one might also call strychnine peaceful, as long as one has nothing to do with it.

  16. shadrack ashiaya machengo

    We respect everyone and we are the best neighbours in the neighbourhood we share our faith with all withought discreminating, we invite all to our meetings and conventions and we do not preach or tell otheres about other religions. Is that what we call dengerous?

  17. Remember Misheck, Shadreck and Abedinego. they told the King that it should be known to the King that they will never bow down to the image and that Jehovah the true was going to rescue them but even if he goes not, they were not going to do what the King wanted them to do.
    let it be known to the Russian authorities that the people they are about to harm are innocent and as such they may find themselves fighting with God Jehovah. are they ready to do that. they still have time to reverse their decision.

  18. People face the facts. Jws strictly follow the bible’s command to love their neighbour such that in all countries, they are willing to go to jail or be killed rather than to kill. They don’t even mobilise demonstrations in the streets to defend themselves from any mistreatment by Governments because they follow the bible’s command to respect and obey the government of the day. Even when fellow government workers go on strike they don’t. Why ban them? Can you say such people are a threat? Surely with all fairness can you ban such a religion? Infact russia must support jws. For example, if all rebels in syria can be taught the bible by jws they will put down their weapons. Infact, in many countries people who where wanted by the police for there criminal activities have turned themselves over to the police after learning the bible from jws. So if russia bans such a peaceful,obedient and law abiding religion, it will be a shame on the russian judicially system and may the last person to leave russia switch off the lights.

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Ezra Mbonshi, You commented. “Jws strictly follow the bible’s command to love their neighbour…” How about this Bible command, “12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live a long time in the land that Jehovah your God is giving you.” -Exodus 20:12 NWT- I can, personally testify that Jehovah’s witnesses do Not honor father of mother if their father or mother chooses to leave the Jehovah’s witnesses org.

      1. Listen to this Roy. Jesus in Matthew 10:35-37 said: “For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother and a daughter in-law against her mother in-law. Indeed a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. Whoever has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me; and whoever has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me.”

        I thank you for bringing the scripture in Exodus 20:12 however it is important to have a mastery of all scriptures particularly the clarification that Jesus made. If your father breaks rank with Jehovah’s commands he has lost the respect which was due to him. So Jehovah’s Witnesses are right in their stand according to the Bible.

  19. To our Brothers and Sisters that live in Russia at this time may you stand firm in your obedience in serving Jehovah God. Even if the Russian Government does not yield to their unjust/unlawful actions against you/us. Please remember Jehovah has the way out for you. We may not know what his direction will be as a whole for you dear Brothers and Sisters, Be faithful to your Father and Creator to the end. Let Jehovah rule your life. Follow his direction. Forget the negative/apostate talk and continue in following our year text at Psalm 37:3 “Trust in Jehovah and Do What Is Good”

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Grammy said: “…stand firm in your obedience in serving Jehovah God.” Her true meaning is; “stand firm in your obedience in serving the Watchtower society.”

  20. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

    Please note, Grammy took the opportunity to call those who have left her organization, apostate and negative. They do not miss a chance to try to smear former witnesses.

    1. Roy, based on all of your comments, you have not missed a chance to do the same.

      1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

        Carolyn, My comments are basically about the organization and the Watchtower, not personal.

  21. Voice of Reason

    Regardless of how you feel about their beliefs, doctrines, ideas, views, shunning practices, family life, policies or anything else about them, if they do not commit acts of crime, violence, sedition, treason or extremism, they should be left alone to live as they please. There is nothing extremist about them. The Russian government is 100% wrong in singling out this peaceful group of people for censorship, banning and liquidation. They are not a threat to the Russian government or the citizens of any country. They have an inalienable right to live, think, express their views and worship in freedom. Taking away those rights would be criminal and extremist! But, what do you want from a dictatorship that is disguised as a democracy?

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Do people who discover they have been taught falsehoods by Jehovah’s witnesses and leave that organization also have an inalienable right to “live, think, and express their views and worship in freedom”? If so, then it is necessary to condemn the teachings and the organization of Jehovah’s witnesses.

      1. Roy…mmmmm….I can see that you were a witness and then decided not to be anymore, so what?????….guess what ?, no one put a knife on your neck forcing you to go back, you are free to be anything you want !!!.am I wright?…let see , and your family, don’t want anything to do with you( no surprise there bro )..all this come down to one thing, freedom, and that is what is on the line in Russia, the freedom to one group of people to worship God in peace, because no matter how much you hate the WJ, that is a fact, you will never see the JW protesting in the street..or involve in any movement against not only the Russian gov., but not any other government, or choping of heads of people in the name of there God, or blowing off buses full of people, “extremist organisation”..give me a break you compare them to Sanson????….REALLY…ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID?, NO WONDER YOUR FAMILY DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH YOU…today is JW..tomorrow will be you..

        1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

          leumas, You are confused. I didn’t mention Sanson.

      2. someonewhothinks

        Roy lets oppress your free speech to say anything about religion. How do you like that? Its all or nothing. According to Russia you will be an Russian Orthodox Christian no other choices, or you will be banned. There is no limit to where this ends, atheism is could be considered extremist as well. Russia authorities want only one church. This will affect more than JWs.

  22. just imagine how peaceful the world would have been if all living were JWs

  23. Geralyn Devereaux

    banning JWs has backfired on the Soviet “powers that be” before only to end up with MORE JWs than before. We are a menace to government in their mind because we are compliant and agreeable but still free to serve God as HE sees fit. Take away our books and jobs and family and the Good News still spreads! Take away our Kingdom Halls it will be the same but what a shame to waste time and money to control what is uncontrollable while bombings and violence fill the cities with grief beyond measure and we hurt along with all Russian families! 🙁 There is an amount of security for the rulers who support JWs (in the sense of tolerance) because God wants the work done and it WILL get done. Even now the world wide cry against this ban wakes people up to who wears the name of God and why are they separated out as different. All is as God will allow and yet there is a price for those who lay their hands on His people. Those who walk away from the Truth feel there is no hope and the grinding of their teeth in bitterness is not unusual even using scripture to be smug, the father of the lie did this too, it won’t help.

  24. A proverb says if you not under a tree you will not know what is happening there, judging Jehovah’s witnesses from a distance or hearsay, you can ‘t be correct, They are the most peaceful group of people on Earth. check any country’s record on crimes they are not there. a one time prime minister in Nigeria Dr Azikiwe, says “with Jehovah’s witnesses you don’t need a law enforcement agencies, because they are peaceful and law abiding citizen’s” Russian government leave them alone , they are not extremists.

  25. We JWs just want to breathe the same air Putin”s been breathing and enjoy the same religious freedom he is having….why not live and let live?

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Vice, Putin has the freedom to join a church and leave a church without loosing his family and friends, do you?

  26. Roy A. Lathrop Sr. I think you have tons of selfsteem problems dude!
    Let them (jw) live their lives in the way they want to! Lock yourself into your own little world.

  27. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

    I would point out to all readers how Jehovah’s witnesses, when faced with unpleasant facts about their religion, strike back with ad-hominem attacks. Speaks volumes about them.

  28. Roy A. Lathrop Sr,

    It is not a “strike back.” We are simply standing up and fighting for what we believe in. No doubt, you and MILLIONS of others around the world would not even hesitate to fight for what you believe in. Put yourself in our shoes. If government officials in your own country decided to ban your own religion, what would you do? How would you feel? What if government officials are fighting to take away your family’s right to worship in peace, unity, and in harmony with what you believe in? How would you feel? What would you do? Would you not stand up and fight for your rights? Extremists? Hardly! We are peaceful, united people who are trying to live our lives according to God’s standards while living in a world full of hatred, racism, violence, terrorists, pedophiles, murders, bigots, and one of my favorites, haters of the Truth. It is disheartening to be put in such categories as extremists or terrorists, when we have done nothing wrong. It is disheartening and sad and painful. Words cannot describe how I feel about what Russia is trying to do to us. BUT, Jesus did say that “if they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” It’s not shocking that this is happening. It’s just SAD! Would we be better people if we were protesting violently in the streets or looting and rioting because we are being banned? What if we took measures like the “Black Lives Matter” movement? Would we be better? Since we are NOT taking these measures to fight for what we believe in, what does that tell you about the kind of people we are? There are more than 8 million of us around the world and I am positive that we can make some noise in streets, HOWEVER, we do things Jehovah’s ways, in an orderly and peaceful way. We are the most non-violent people in this world. The people you should be worried about are the ones participating in wars or killing innocent people, you know why? THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT SHARE THE SAME RELIGION AS YOU DO and probably gunning down some of your own people/family members that you may not even know exist. But yet, we are extremists/violent…..I’m so done.

  29. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

    Obi, Stanley, I don’t want to make too big a thing out of it, but, I don’t think I would use Hitler as an example. Yes, the allies defeated the German army and apparently Hitler took his own life, but, there were 8,000 bible students (Jehovah’s witnesses) who died by Hitlers orders. (I think that is the Watchtowers count) And, something that never seems to be mentioned are the hundreds or thousands of children of those bible students who were taken and indoctrinated in Hitlers youth program and became Nazi’s.

  30. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.,
    can u please give a brief of how it happened that u left being a Jehovah’s witness. What did you do .. Or did you leave on your own accord?.. If on your own accord, please give your detailed reasons why

    1. Roy A. Lathrop Sr.

      Obi Stanley, It is a little long, but, to be brief, I saw and read many things over my life as a witness that didn’t seem right or was a change from what I had been taught. When I asked about such things, I was told, “just wait on Jehovah, He will correct all things, in due time” At some point, when I was about 53 years old, that excuse no longer worked for me. I literally said to myself, “would the Creator, the great God of the entire universe, operate in this way, with an organization that behaves like that?” I came to the conclusion He would not and I started an extensive research project which led to giving my resignation letter to my congregation and to the Brooklyn headquarters.

      1. Roy read this verse in Proverbs 18:1: “Whoever isolates himself pursues his own selfish desires; he rejects practical wisdom”.

        At your age I presume you are well over 60 you need to revisit your reasons by making comparison in terms of what you hate about Jehovah’s Witnesses teachings and the Bible’s view on those teachings. You also need to go though all this conversation and see whether there is anything that you have learnt.

  31. Brothers & Sisters,

    Clearly your motives are pure, but why waste effort speaking to people who have no interest in truth or enlightenment. The best way we serve our brothers and sisters is to fallow Matt 24:14 and avoid the snare of this useless interchange of meaningless drival

  32. Roy,i salute you man,sorry i came late …..i come from a broken family due to this cult ,some of my aunties never married ,my father was denied schooling during the seventies because of the body’s false interpretation of the the bible.I grew up in these teachings but what always scared the hell out me was the uniformity of behavior,tone and personality.i thought it was all good and nice till i was awakened by publications of ex JWs .It does take all the strength to be able leave this “North Korean”organization because of its heartless shunning system and its false promises in teachings such as paradise etc.Fear of life after death has always controlled man to seek religion .This sheep like behavior is dangerous has led to the blinding of many JWs.What Putin government did is just the same as what the Governing Body does….Silence all criticism and ban all opposition.JWs claim love but they are the most hateful Christian organisation on earth.They hold a stupid view that they are the true ones ,a view which i consider have a tendency to be extremist much like Islam cause you will propagate your religion but reject the other way round .JWs teach only good thing that is to “study” but shamefully they cant do the same on their on cult.Its undeniable that Charles taze was a Mason ,there is plenty of evidence for that.My biggest question to the witness is that since they claim to be God’s mouthpiece and chosen people how come they have made the worst predictions and prophecies than even Makandiwas and the Magayas.

  33. A book called PARADISE POSTPONED….AND POSTPONED is a good book by an ex JW elder Jerry Bergman .And i bet non of these witnesess who comment here will dare look for it

  34. Beeman,was your family broken because your father did not go to school or because your aunties never got married? There are many unmarried people everywhere who are not jw.if you feel the teaching of paradise is wrong,thats your opinion but its the bible teaching.MANY have change from their bad ways and have a happier family life because of the teachings they get from the bible from jws.What is stupid about them seeing their teachings as the truth when it is bible based.They go to the market and other business places and transact with people which include people like you wo is not a jw,what is extreme about that?I have seen a prediction from the ‘golden age’ now called the watchtower of around 1922,that there is going to be a time when evryone will have a mobile phone as means of communication,and am sure u have one now.

    i agree that you hate them,but that does not mak them extremist.

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