Tsvangirai to lead coalition: Mujuru

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has endorsed MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as the most suitable person to face President Robert Mugabe in next year’s election as the candidate for all opposition parties that have signed up to the proposed grand coalition.

By Tatenda Chitagu

National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru
National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru

Mujuru, who now leads the National People’s Party (NPP) following a nasty fallout with Mugabe in 2014, yesterday told female party members in Masvingo that Tsvangirai had the political clout and commanded a large following.

“We agreed with the MDC-T to sit down and discuss,” she said.

“We signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tsvangirai, which has a roadmap that we agreed on which outlines the strategy. We also tabled our differences and resolved them.”

Mujuru then went into the details of the agreement, which could see Mugabe facing a strong coalition for the first time in his long reign.

“We agreed that one opposition presidential candidate, representing all parties, will stand against Mugabe,” she said.

“We also agreed on the leader of the coalition, the qualities, the expectations of that person before and after the polls. That person should be a unifier, someone who does not backtrack or sell out and should carry the ideals of the coalition. And that person should have the confidence of the majority.

“We said the MDC-T is better at mobilising people. There is no other party, apart from NPP and the MDC-T, that can mobilise a lot of people apart from Zanu PF itself.

“There are a lot of parties, but some of the parties were created by some handlers in the government to cultivate a false sense of multi-party democracy, so whatever those parties do, they want to please their boss (Mugabe).

“We know a coalition is the best to stop Zanu PF from rigging. If we go into the polls fragmented, as the opposition, we give leeway to Zanu PF tricks.”

Tsvangirai, on the other hand, has previously confirmed his good working relationship with Mujuru, but intimated that the proposed coalition leader would be chosen by the people.

Several opposition parties have informally endorsed the proposed coalition pact, but are yet to agree on the candidate to stand against Mugabe in the 2018 crunch polls.

The coalition is likely to rattle Zanu PF, which is currently dogged by serious infighting over Mugabe’s successor.

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  1. For the first time since she left ZANU Pf she is taking sense.

  2. I mean talking sense

  3. This coalition will get slightly more votes than the MDC got in 2013, but that won’t be enough to beat Bob. Mark my words.

  4. No he is no unifier, look at his party if you disagree. The reason for his party’s split before 2018 was not mavambo, but his own dictatorial tendencies. Ask David if you disagree.

    1. Zimbabwe Yedu!

      Saka iwewe suggestion yako ndeyekuti chii? In as much as you’re against him as being the next leader saka who is your preferred leader?

  5. people are not voting these days and this will give His Excellence mileage because ZANU Pf supporters go out in numbers

  6. Now she is talking is it bcoz cio Jealous left who despite attacking and nearly killed a person was never arrested which is very strange indeed and a clear proof he is cio . The best person to field against Mugabe is Morgan next year and this time around he will score more than 73p which he did in 208

  7. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    in fact she is just mentioning the obvious. she forgot to say that the nation needs neither her nor the other mickey mosues like biti, ncube, dabengwa and makoni. they are all now realising that without the mdc-t havalume come 2018. morgan just give them councillor positions such that they have some income.

  8. Morgan do away with Mutasa and Gumbo finish, they will destabilize the whole process. Why jealous not arrested your analysis is good.

  9. always late. do we have a slow thinker here?

  10. Toitora Chete

    Did anyone see anywhere from this story where Mujuru said Tsvangirai will lead coalition?

    1. Murozvi weMbire

      Kana kumbopaona … Thot kuti handichaoni

  11. Toitora Chete

    I think journalist now report from their heads not eyes!

  12. Lets wait & see,if this bunch of confused opposition politicians will make it come 2018.What they don’t know is that democracy is the thing.Itz what parties must advertise not personalities.As long as they seem to b under duress or blackmailed by influence of personalities,they send a bad election message to the current crop youth

  13. Mandela influence and personality made the ANC the best political party in the continent but if you are a baboon will never know that . Common sense tells everyone that MDC T leader is the best and most loved politician in the country as of now

  14. I doubt very much if Mugabe will be able to contest 2018, the old man is beginning to clearly struggle to walk & talk, Nature itself is already rigging the elections in Tsvangirai’s favour

  15. This is now interesting and our political leaders now need real CHANGE , from my own point of view Tsvangirai is the correct person to lead the coalition pact but it doesn’t mean he is the best he has his weakness which I wouldn’t like to be considered for the sake of progress . Together the journey to a NEW Zimbabwe is near . Every opposition’s vote is a special bullet to down Mugabe . TOGETHER AS ONE COALITION WILL BRING MUGABE’S RULE TO THE END . Vote Tsvangirai for president Vote Opposition MP and Senator for real change in Zimbabwe. Sekuru this time havalume.

  16. President :Morgan Tsvangirai(MDC T)
    Vice :Tendai Biti(PDP)
    Secretary General :Welshman Ncube(MDC M)
    Chairman/Lady :Joice Mujuru(NPP)
    Spokesperson:Simba Makoni(Kusile/Dawn)
    Organizing Secretary:Godfrey Paradza(ZUNDE)

    Then we can start from there,hameno!!!!!!

    1. Sekuru Ndoronga

      Tendai Biti and Welshmen Ncube should never be allowed to occupy any positions of influence or control They will cause havoc in any fledgling organisation because they are predisposed to arguing for the sake of arguing. Please review the history of their performances in the MDC
      Apart from Nelson Chamisa the only other person who could be suitable for the vice presidency is Simba Makoni.
      People should also be reminded that the antagonism that some brain washed people have towards Morgan Tsvangirai is due mainly to the years of intense anti Tsvangirai ZanuPF rhetoric and propaganda by the state controlled media.
      And yes, with Morgan Tsvangirai at the helm, Zimbabwe will be on the road to recovery again. .Every Zimbabwean including the old man and his family will benefit.

  17. we will vote even for the box-coffin

  18. day dreamers .bob is our man

  19. No your man because you are one of his wives in ZANU

  20. These two are like pea in a pod one day one reads they have had a fallout the next day they kiss andmake up what are we to believe

  21. As long as most of us still believe that voting and the entire electoral process is capable of dislodging the ruling party, then we are still far from initiating real change.

  22. Morgan is the real man.Without him,we will be hearding for doom

  23. If this story is true then Tsvangirai is speaking with a forked tongue to his comrades in the executive..what position will Mujuru get because i cant foresee her agreeing to this arrangement without a promise of a position in the top six of the MDC executive…who is going to give up his or her position for Mujuru? Chamisa.Mudzuri,Khupe..hokoyo! Can also see Biti angling for a position there…pakaipa.

  24. if it remains the notion of positions then hapana kana zvatiri kuita. its a wastage of time. the broader picture is the removal of mugabe, people must just sacrifice their posts hanti the coalition will be for one term chete then vanhu vodzokera kumaparty avo

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