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Sam Dondo brushes off critics


Rising Afro-fusion musician Sam Dondo has brushed off the harsh criticism, mostly on social media, questioning his musical prowess almost a fortnight after he launched his second album titled Game Changer at an upmarket hotel in the capital.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Sam Dondo
Sam Dondo

The critiquing gateway among many is that apart from his brother and business mogul, Thompson, the upcoming Dondo does not deserve the attention he is receiving in music circles.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday Dondo downplayed the negative criticism and maintained that his future exploits will pour cold water on the vastly mortifying rhetoric.

“When I hear it (the negative criticism) I do not attempt to explain because time will do that for me,” he said.

“It does not help for me to lose more time trying to please one person criticising me, because there are hiccups in the industry all the time and you hardly get something perfect especially if you are still coming up.”

With his brother outbidding all participants at the glamorous launch of the 13-track album with a whooping $9 200, one school of thought suggests that it is that wealth being used to forcibly feed the young lad’s music to an unconvinced market.

“Why should I aim lower when I have the capacity to do that because it is my passion?” queried Sam, who took time to acknowledge his brother’s humongous support and investment on him.

“To be honest, family members do not usually rejoice when another is rising, but my brother is different [because] he wants to see me succeed.

“He is basically the man behind me as he continues to invest in my work. We are just a team because he helps take my ideas forward,” he said.

According to Sam, although there was a music distribution hiccup owing to the Easter and Independence Day holidays his songs have started doing rounds on local airwaves and he is satisfied with the progress and has sped up efforts to supply more CDs around the country.

Meanwhile, the Impala Subway Crooners frontman is also preparing to launch new videos for songs from his previous album Dyara Minamato and the current offering which he said would be posted online yesterday.

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