Parents flog son to death over drugs

A MARONDERA couple, who flogged their 18-year-old son to death after accusing him of taking drugs, has been arrested on allegations of murder.

BY Jairos Saunyama

James Mukwirimba (44) and his wife Nancy (40) of Ruvimbo Park in Marondera are accused of fatally flogging their son, Ashley, a lower six student at Nyameni High School, who had collapsed at school following reports that he had taken some unknown illicit drugs.

Efforts to get a comment from Mashonaland East Province acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza were fruitless yesterday.

However, this paper is reliably informed that on April 5 at around 6am, Ashley left home for school.

It is reported that at around lunchtime, Ashley collapsed in the school hall.

His friend took him outside the hall before calling his mother telling her of the incident.

His mother then went to the school and found her son still unconscious. While at the school, it is alleged that a source told her that her son had taken some drugs.

She then took a taxi to Dombotombo Police Station, where she begged the officer-in-charge to discipline her son. However, the police officer advised her to take him to hospital and return the next day so that they would quiz him.

However, Nancy took her son home and called her husband, who was at work in Murewa. Mukwirimba arrived home and found his son now conscious.

He quizzed him on the alleged drug taking, but Ashley refused to respond to the questions. In a rage, Mukwirimba allegedly took a switch and flogged his son seven times on the back.

His wife also took the switch and flogged Ashley three times.

At around midnight, the parents retired to bed, leaving Ashley, who was now complaining of feeling hot, in the dining room.

The following morning, Nancy went out of the house and found Ashley lying dead with his face down.

She alerted her husband, who then reported the matter to Dombotombo Police Station.

The deceased’s body was taken to Marondera General Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.

Nyameni High School has been in the limelight for students who abuse drugs.

Last year, an upper six student had to miss an examination after eating a cake laced with mbanje.

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  1. medical professional

    The boy collapsed at school.Meaning all was nt well inside him,and they went on to beat him nxaaaaaaa.May justice be served.

  2. drug overdose is probably what killed him kwete shamhu.

  3. His parents loved him so much…It is also clear that this guy’s death was caused by drug overdose not the beating…The only thing tht is missing in this story is the typ of drug tht he overdosed…

  4. God forbid. If I was a judge I wouldnt charge these parents. Vakomana hapana mubereki anoda kuti mwana wake aiite rombe uye pakuranga hapana mubereki anoda kuuraya mwana wake. This family has already got a punishment painful enough. Sending to jail will not make sense since jail is meant to correct a wrong. Will they come out having corrected something or worse psychologically

  5. ithinkthis博弈哈达drugs阿里郎over还是blood.had调和油taken还没同后死皮他俩maybe李峰wouldhave本恩萨尔多

  6. ithinkthis博弈哈达drugs阿里郎over还是blood.had调和油taken还没同后死皮他俩maybe李峰wouldhave本恩萨尔多

  7. The mother should have listened to the officer who told her to, first, seek the services of the medical doctor b4 accussing the son of having taken the drugs. NOW LOOK, YOU HAVE KILLED YOUR SON AND NOW LOOK, THE EFFORT YOU PUT IN RAISING HIM UP AND PAYING HIS FEES, ALL GOING TO WASTE.

  8. A quirk of fate.With the prevailing winds of children’s rights issues they are surely gonna get roasted.But any sane person can see it was tge swurch that killed the boy. ….it must be drugs

  9. vakauraya mwana zviri pachena. Vaiva vakazvironga. Justice must prevail…both parents should not b spared long jail sentence. mwana anoroverweyi kana akadhakwa nemadrug? pane kuti umunzwire tsitsi womuendesa kuxhipatara abatsirwe vakumubatirana vosunga vakupisa unowuraya.

  10. Hapana mubereki angauraya mwana achida, I think its the drug

  11. mupfana akafa nedrug overdose,the parents were neglient in not taking him to the hospital ,otheerwise tingadai takafa tese nekurohwa,vakarova chitunha

  12. shame . but it wasn’t their intentions to kill their beloved son .

  13. what kind of switch is this that was used to flog this boy im not getting it

  14. Amai havana kukwana,baba vakadyiswa vakateerera makuhwa kuti mwana atora madrugs ko kana aive apoisonwa nanyakuvaudza kuti atora madrugs,murder is just murder hazvinei kuti ndiani ngavapiwe mtongo unoenderana asi baba vorerutsirwa mbichana coz vakanyengedzwa nemkadzi wavo uyo

  15. It’s quite unfortunate for the parents. I wonder how the courts will rule over such a controversy. Flogging is unlikely to be the cause of death. It would help if the drug thread is true and can be proved, especially the dosage. Emotions and the law!

  16. M puzzled wat kind of switch waz used

  17. Kasukuwere mahoka

    Families Matter.

  18. Kasukuwere mahoka

    The boy really needed a good help. Both cultural and religious help were of the paramount importance

  19. Munhu wese muZimbabwe anorova madrugs, vabereki ava vanenge vanga vakatodhakwawo

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