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Norton residents to demonstrate over poor service delivery


NORTON residents have threatened to take to the streets today to demonstrate against poor service delivery by the local authority.


Police have cleared the protests following an application by the Norton Residents’ Development Trust.

The residents are accusing the town council of stifling development projects, defying ministerial directives and blocking construction of a mortuary at Norton District Hospital.

The residents have also requested Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to intervene and help address some of their grievances.

This is not the first time Norton residents have turned the heat on the local authority, accusing councillors of pursuing their own interests at the expense of service delivery.

In December 2014, residents grilled the councillors for awarding themselves hefty travel allowances at a time council employees had gone for several months without salaries.

Council chairperson, Precious Mufahove, confirmed then that councillors were receiving $1 500 each for a single trip, but blamed residents for failing to pay rates, resulting in cashflow problems.

“The major problems we are facing as a town emanate from residents’ failure to pay their bills and this is causing lots of problems when it comes to delivering services to the people,” Mufahove said then.

In October 2015, residents picketed council offices accusing councillors and town management of corruption.

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  1. Norton Councill has always been like that from the Doga & Gava,Mapfumo era.Their understanding of governance is medieval and archaic.Nothing they do is above board even an understudy auditor can unearth the rot there

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