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Nation must not be held hostage to succession wars


The infighting in the governing Zanu PF party over the succession to President Robert Mugabe should be stopped to allow Zimbabweans to continue with their daily lives without hindrance.

Comment: NewsDay Editor

We believe no sane leadership of a country can allow the political, social and economic decay prevailing in the country to continue unabated while the majority of people continue to wallow in poverty.

No wonder the Zanu PF government has no clue on how to deal with the prevailing cash squeeze, yet the authorities are acting as if there is no crisis at all.

Instead of Mugabe’s party to continue haggling over who will take over from the ageing leader, the political movement should be pre-occupied with delivering on its pre-election promises to the majority.

But the goings-on in Zanu PF do not indicate that there is anyone within government willing to offer a service to the people of this country.

It appears some, if not all, are pre-occupied with securing their future positions in the event of the President’s demise. It is regrettable that they have all forgotten about their promises to the majority.

Clearly, one gets the impression that while Zanu PF is “fumigating itself” from somewhat unruly elements within the organisation, this has come at a cost to the suffering public.

The dire economic plight engendered by Zanu PF maladministration is enough problems for Zimbabwe. There is no need for succession fights to aggravate the situation any further.

Therefore, someone must knock some sense into the leadership to stop the madness, and refocus on the people’s plight.

For government to continue operating as if there is no crisis yet the majority are suffering due to skewed policies, and a “me first” attitude by top Zanu PF officials is appalling, to say the least.

Is it not enough that the cash shortages have forced many to spend nights queueing at banking halls, while others have resorted to selling hard currency at higher premiums to desperate traders? At what point would Zanu PF want to focus on mending the economy?

We urge Mugabe to crack the whip to ensure his government delivers at least the basics. We have no doubt that any leader would not want the situation currently prevailing. Therefore, there is no doubt that the economic meltdown is beyond the Zanu PF leadership.

However, they must admit failure so that others can assist. Government needs to heed calls by other stakeholders to consider adopting the South African rand as the official currency as a way of solving the liquidity crisis.

We implore on Mugabe and his top Zanu PF cabal to spare the country of this rot and relinquish power, and pave way for new capital for people to survive.

Zanu PF must not make the succession crisis a national issue such that State machinery can be deployed there at the expense of the country.

There is need for maturity on Mugabe. The governing party must be warned that if it continues in this self-destructive mode, Zimbabweans will wait for their turn to strike.

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