Mugabe’s pre-emptive strike saves Kasukuwere

President Robert Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Friday reportedly pre-empted a potentially explosive rebellion, where aggrieved central committee members, particularly from Mashonaland Central, had planned to boo the party’s embattled political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, and block him from presenting his commissariat report.


Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere
Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere

Acting on reports supplied to him beforehand, Mugabe invited all the three provinces aggrieved by Kasukuwere’s alleged misrule – Midlands, Mashonaland Central and Masvingo – to present their petitions to the politburo for onward transmission to the party’s disciplinary committee to deal with the issue.

In his opening remarks, Mugabe warned that the chaos, which was rocking the party had the net effect of giving the opposition, particularly MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai, an easy victory in the 2018 elections.

Sources said Mashonaland Central wanted to stop Kasukuwere from presenting his report at the central committee meeting and have him ejected to face the music.

“The plan was to have Mashonaland Central’s central committee member, Ephraim Mavhangira, move a motion to have Kasukuwere put on the agenda, but after the President’s speech, he developed cold feet. If Mavhangira had done that, then Midlands, Masvingo and Bulawayo were going to back the motion,” a source said.

But, Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, said Mugabe’s call for submission of grievances to the politburo was not specifically on the Kasukuwere issue, but a blanket call on those who were unhappy in the party.

“That has always been our position as a party and the President made it clear that people must follow procedure. He was not focusing on an individual, no, this is how we have been operating as a party,” he said.

Last week, disgruntled Zanu PF members in Mashonaland and Midlands provinces held spontaneous demonstrations against Kasukuwere, accusing him of fanning factionalism and tribalism, creating parallel structures and plotting Mugabe’s ouster.


  1. Kasukuwere wotamba wakachenjera nokuti Bob atove kuziva kuti vanhu havachakuda.Saka wototumika pazvose zvinodiwa nefirst family or demonstration red button rinongobayiwa naGushungo then pako papera.Zanu chiororo.kkkkkkkkk.

  2. To say the demonstrations against Kasukuwere were spontaneous is just telling a lie. Those demos were premeditated and organised well beforehand. The issue is e cannot pinpoint who was exactly behind mobilizing people to carry out those demos.

  3. Zanu uchadonha pachigaro futi( Zanu(pf) ) as happened in 2008. Then to be rigged back by Munangagwa. If u a popular why beat people, burn houses and property and why not want United Nations to come and monitor elections. United Nations put you to power in 1980. You vowed u wld nt participate in elections without the United Nations. It is ironic u nw deny the opposition that demand.

    Obvious that u want to rig elections. and conduct elections in the way u want. with Zec watching toothless a dog they are. After all it is staffed with serving intelligence and army officers who manipulate a rigged result which is then given to Makarau to announce. The secretariat rigs elections.

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