Mugabe skirts sticky issues

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday appeared completely detached from the reality on the ground when he painted a rosy picture of the otherwise comatose economy, saying the government’s ZimAsset policy had yielded success stories since its launch in 2013.


Members of the Presidential Guard carry a staircase for President Robert Mugabe to use as he got into a military truck to inspect the guard of honour at the Independence Day celebrations in Harare yesterday. Inset: Mugabe gets into the waiting military truck.
Members of the Presidential Guard carry a staircase for President Robert Mugabe to use as he got into a military truck to inspect the guard of honour at the Independence Day celebrations in Harare yesterday. Inset: Mugabe gets into the waiting military truck.

Addressing thousands of people attending the 37th Independence Day commemorations at the National Sports Stadium, Mugabe skirted over issues to do with rising unemployment, cash shortages, government’s failure to timeously pay civil servants’ salaries and the general economic decay.

He said the agriculture sector was expected to grow by 12% mainly because of the good farming season. He said the mining sector was also expected to contribute more than 50% of the exports this year.

“The mining sector remains crucial to the Zimbabwean economy with the sector contributing more than 5% of exports and 16% to the country’s 2016 gross domestic product. There is a lot of work which is going on in that sector, not least the reorganisation whose completion we impatiently await. Going forward, much is expected from this important sector,” he said.

Concerning the manufacturing sector, Mugabe said they were continuously implementing specific policy measures such as the management of imports, investment approvals, fiscal incentives aimed at improving industrial development and refocusing the productive sectors of the economy.

“These efforts have resulted in an increase in the manufacturing sector capacity utilisation from 34,3% recorded in 2015 to 47,4% in 2016,” he said.

The government last year introduced Statutory Instrument 64 which prohibited the importation of various items, dealing a heavy blow to the informal traders.

Mugabe said electricity supply in the country had improved with the nation going for 15 months without load-shedding, an important milestone for the growth of local industries.

Overlooking the crippling strike by doctors and nurses early this year which left patients stranded in hospitals, the President said his government had made significant strides in improving the health of the nation.

Mugabe said the tourism sector was set for a major boost, while the long-awaited construction of the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu road was expected to start soon at a cost of $400 million.

The frail-looking Mugabe also commended the newly-introduced but heavily-challenged education curriculum.

He further said the government had managed to surpass the ZimAsset target of delivering 25 000 stands or completed housing units.

“In pursuit of providing decent housing for all, government has finally serviced 52 000 stands and also completed housing units, thereby, surpassing the ZimAsset target of delivering 25 000 stands/completed housing units,” he said.

As the country prepares for elections next year, Mugabe spoke on the need for unity among Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation.

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  1. this guy (bob) cant even acknowledge that we are at the deep end and thingz are not working fine

    1. So pleased to know profits are rising – could you tell me what they’re being used for ??

  2. Mugabe probably gets his strange statistics of fake national progress from non other than Joseph Made

  3. Bullshit! We are fed up with this cheap politiks

  4. two hundred comments and five thousand likes, but the reality on the ground is that thousands of people are enjoying whatever is going on.

    1. You mean those at the stadium? If they are from the rurals then, maybe yes – a chance to come to Harare and visit the stadium and watch all those boring activities – this would excite really bored people with nothing else to do!!

  5. People without God,wisdom and knowledge do not have light,but dwells in the corridor of the devil.If Mugabe and his destructive party goes at this hour, zimbabwe forever will be prospering.

    1. Vote them out simple. Are you a registered voter? Thts your starting point

  6. tendai chaminuka

    Great statesman.At 93 and against an unrepentant enemy but still providing quality leadership.Bob is most bhoo.Praise be to God for providing Zimbabwe with an inept opposition for zanu p.f can now deliver its mandate of providing quality leadership to the people of Zimbabwe without any hindrance

    1. Is progress or open democracy the enemy?… and what measurement of quality are you talking about?

    2. people died, the same as what the smith regime did. we are sending these comments in anonymity because there is no freedom in zimbabwe. #NO INDEPENDENCE TO CELEBRATE.

  7. What independence when you cannot even have a national currency, depending on US dollar? Quality leadership indeed!

  8. Our doddering Bob is not to blame. He was just merely perusing a speech written by somebody else. How can a reputable nonagenarian lie to the entire nation. Dont you see for yourselves the thousands of companies that are formed, the well tarred roads and its rare to see pot holes. The streets are clean and go into CBD and you wont see faeces urine bottles thrown all over. Its hard to see any vendor, almost everyone is employed.
    Thats why he will rule you until donkeys grow horns becoz you dont appreciate the role he played in making Zim at par with the developed nations.
    Even if he is to die today, Zim will stop existing.
    Kikikikiki LOL.

  9. suzen nyamupinga

    1)F you are a motorist, how many times have you bribed police on the roads?
    2)F you are a commuter how many times have you watched conductors bribing police and reported the acts of corruption.
    3)F you are a farmer or rural man, how many times have you bribed the police to clear your beasts.
    4)F you are in business how many times have you paid tax? I dont want to ask u how many times have you bribed to get a tax clearance form.
    5)You cry about potholes look at how you have destroyed road shoulders and cerbings by creating undesignated bus stops, overtaking paths, robots avoiding paths and roadblock escape routes.
    6)How many times have you urinated on our streets? Mind you urine tend to corrode building walls just like salt.
    7) As you loiter around calling yourselves ghetto youths, how many bridges and culverts have you destroyed or messed up?
    8)How many metal sheets have you stolen from bus stop sheds, railway wagonsetc

    The list is just endless


    1. You are right Suzen by deviants will always be there. This is why we ask the government by the authority we have vested in it to enforce laws and the police to arrest all law-breakers. We don’t celebrate lawlessness but government has the power we have given it to arrest lawlessness on our behalf.

  10. Your Excellency

    Mr President you got it right …………… not be distracted by a minor problem of cash shortage Chinamasa and Mangudya will solve that small problem.

  11. small problem what sayeth thee? are you a spanner boy of the regime?

  12. This is shit hapana zvataurwa apa how can you say u are a leader when the rest of us we are surfd from poverdy nxa

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