MDC-T ‘exposes’ 2018 election rigging plot

VETERAN opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party has claimed it has President Robert Mugabe firmly “cornered”, threatening to reveal the ruling Zanu PF party’s elaborate plot to rig next year’s general election.


A mock exercise by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on the use of the biometric voter registration kits in Mabvuku, Harare.
A mock exercise by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on the use of the biometric voter registration kits in Mabvuku, Harare.

The MDC-T is part of political groups invited by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to inspect the purchase of biometric voter registration (BVR) kits that went into testing yesterday.

A top MDC-T source, who spoke on condition of anonymity and is involved in the inspection, told NewsDay that Mugabe’s elaborate rigging plan revolved around the “shadowy” procurement of “computer servers”.

“Zec is in the process of procuring computers and all the other paraphernalia associated with BVR to capture the data of those who would want to vote in the next election, but there is a catch to this. Nobody has indicated how and from whom the servers for this computerised system will be purchased,” the source said.

Another MDC-T source involved in the inspection of the BVR kits said: “According to what we have been shown thus far, data from the field will be transported on flash discs to district offices, maybe then to provincial offices before the national command centre receives such information.

“It is here that we think it will be tampered with. Either the flash discs can be switched or the servers would have been pre-loaded in advance with information from Zanu PF and the Central Intelligence Organisation.”

The main opposition party’s spokesperson, Obert Gutu, confirmed their fears, but declined to disclose further details of their findings.
“All their vote-rigging shenanigans are being systematically unveiled and it’s apparent the regime is now in panic mode,” he said, adding the MDC-T had come up with various mechanisms to block Mugabe’s plans to rig next year’s election results.

“We have got our team of experts who have got their eyes on the ball all the time. It is not strategic for us, at this juncture, to disclose the findings by our team of experts.

“But we can assure the nation that we will not let the Zanu PF regime have their cake and eat it (too). This time we have the regime firmly cornered.

“Zimbabweans can be rest assured that we will not allow the 2018 plebiscite to be rigged. No. That will not happen again,” Gutu said.

A Chinese firm and German company have been shortlisted as possible suppliers of the BVR kits and testing got underway yesterday in parts of Harare to check the practicality of the operation that could change the face of elections in Zimbabwe.

Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau was not immediately available for comment as her mobile phone went unanswered.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo dismissed the MDC-T’s claims as “absolute hogwash”.

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  1. it is good what the opposition parties are doing but a closer look at the new registration regulations will tell you that it wont be easy for urban dwellers especially the youth who dont have properties in their names to register.whereas rural dwellers will be expected to use letters from chiefs for proof of residence town dwellers are expected to have affidavits certified by the police or letters from councillors.however because of the 2013 elections most councillors are zanu pf and would know non party members from their wards.also most senior police officers are partisan and might be reluctant to certify affidavits for town dwellers.

    1. MaONE so it means only those in the rural areas will be the only ones that vote,l THINK we just now have to leave with the fact that these guys will not go anywhere FACT

    2. Tsvangirai before 2008 elections: “Gore rino tinoti kuna Mugabe, tamba tamba chidembo muswe ndakabata. We have put in place mechanisms to ensure that Zanu-Pf does not rig the elections.”
      Tsvangirai after 2008 elections:”Ndakabirwa, the people’s dream was stolen by Zanu-Pf”

      I see this song being put on repeat muna2018.

      Zanu-PF isn’t going to rig elections through the BVR kit, the real deal is during the campaign. That’s what these guys always miss.

      1. You are right my man. the whole deal is pacampaign. vatogadzirira to play their old song. they should visit vanhu in rural areas and tell them what they are offering. very soon you will see zanu pf dishing out inputs for next season. when voting comes they will just remind them what they did. Facebook wont win elections for you

  2. tendai chaminuka

    “It is here that we think it will be tampered with..I THINK.Saka should tovhota hedu the old system

  3. Where there is always a will there is always a way out.The former Rhodesian and South African government regimes respectively had very powerful armunitions to conquer and destroy all black African liberation movements hands down, but the will of god is a thorn in the fleshes of oppressors.

  4. Nhai Save saka toita zvipi,everything seems not working,ngativhote zvekare zvacho.pamberi neZimbabwe

  5. if you go rural now chiefs are adding kraal heads to not more fifteen family to head which means every sabhuku will know who is not a zanu supporter zanu mechanism is very strong in rural now and they will use that to rig election

  6. Breaking News 18 March 2018




  7. I was kumusha paweekend and let me tell you zanu has lost ground the only way is to rig the next election. The oldest person knows that life is hard because that group of people has devoured their livelihood. The opposition is correct why use flash disks transport information in this wireless age there should be a wireless method of uploading data to the main server and Zanu know that as soon as this is done they are done for coz it will take alot more effort on their part to manipulate that data. Opposition we must push more get rid of those flash disks. We must all be involved in this exercise do not take your eyes off the ball, surely if we expect a few opposition leaders to conquer this demon without our help we are done for. Those of who are in areas of influence lets take the game to these thugs educate and influence, play your part. If each and one of us plays their role even rigging will not work. Its time to take back our birth rite Zimbabwe.

    1. I agree with you Taneta.Every citizen must play their patriotic role in making sure that ZANU Pf defeated in next year’s election.Tumasabhu tuye tunomanika vanhu kuti vhoterai ZANU Pf,as youths we must make sure that will never happen next.I the Sabhuks don’t want to reason we will force them to reason.

    first of all, MDC will put doubt in the minds of the populace and donor governments, accusing Zanu of vote rigging. Then just before the elections, zanu pf will claim it is afraid MDC will win. MDC and the coalition will go for the elections. A few days before the elections Tsvangirai will announce he is withdrawing from the elections because of rigging, violence, and vote-buying. Because the coalition will be behind him his withdrawal from the elections will preempt any party putting their presidential candidate forward. It will also prevent many good parties from registering their members as candidates for parliamentary seats…. Amidst the incredible confusion, zanu will win the elections. Mnangagwa will take power just before or just after the elections when Mugabe resigns or dies.

  9. Urban dwellers without proof of residence should have affidavits signed by a commissioner of oath and supported by say two registered votes in the same constituency.

  10. Remember baba jukwa’s words of encouragement in 2013? “We’ve got everything covered.”

    Zimbabweans are blessed with a rare virtue called patience.

    In America, if you lose and you keep coming back, whether you win or lose, they won’t let you be the winner, for some unknown reason.

    To us, 18 years, even a hundred, are but a few days.

  11. Not yet celebration! Once again, I wish to demystify the political misconception that the BVR kits are the ‘silver bullet’ to the electoral fix. They have their pitfalls, whether wittingly or otherwise which does not translate to 100% rig-proof elections. Whereas this is a great electoral step, the kits have failed spectacularly in several African countries, among them Kenya, my motherland. Most of them ran out of battery midway and we resorted to the manual system. Far-flung rural areas also lacked internet bandwidth. To this end, you should not relent in all reforms among them an independent ZEC and unbiased voter registration countrywide. Do not be hoodwinked by mere BVR procurement (procurement which is still prone to corruption) and fail to capitalize in the numerous loopholes that lay bare open. Good luck!

    1. Kenya, my motherland- kwaaaaa, kutya here

  12. That will be like what happened in 2002 presidential elections where pple in Harare were stopped from voting by zanu who made sure 10 pple voted per hour although voting was later extended by a day it never worked bcoz polling stations were later opened 2 oclock after noon by then many pple were fad up .Oposition must see too it e that everyone votes as long they are citizens

  13. They can take advantage of the non-availability of bandwith or wireless connection in many rural areas to create fake voters. Bvr is about voter registration and not voting. Isn’t that true.

  14. Zvanetsa ngativhote nge chibhamu vakomana nyika itsve ropa rierere pese-pese..

  15. As focus now is on pre-election voter registration activities such as the BVR, let us also not forget on other measures as well that have a huge impact on the election.I am mindful of the voter intimidation tactics currently underway in the rural areas and these have always been the salient tool.

  16. Lets only wait & see what 2018 will tell us as regards of whatz really in the mind of the electorate at large-urban,rural or regional voters etc.Lets not predict falsely.Lets stop & wait for the results

  17. 1979 our parents vote using chitupa why dont we do the same tombosiya zvekuregister coz ndopatrikuchema ipapo …………munhu pamutsara nechitupa chake thus fair enough

  18. michael Rugare

    Only GOD alone makes the changes not fools

  19. I agree with u Kwaito. Munhu nechitupa chake, why not, if one is Zimbabwean and its proved, let them vote

  20. God bless Zimbabwe. Free it from oppressors. Amen!

  21. endai munoregister kumusha ikoko,kuharare hakusi kwega kunovhotwa isu tinotovhotera mdc yacho kumusha.

  22. Taneta, Your statement is the same as yesterday when there were elections. Notwithstanding that Mugabe went on to “win”. Munodhuva kutaurisa mhani.

  23. Toendepi said it all. as urban citizens lets make sure we fix Zanu by all registering for the vote whatever they require. lets sacrifice a day of registration. we have lots of urban dwellers. if all vote we will remove this regime. last time I had to go to Bulawayo to vote because of this rubbish mechanism by Zec to make it difficult for me to register in Harare

  24. I personally think BVR is a right step in the right direction but its prone to manipulation by whoever holds the key.Just like any other human invention there is,there is always a backdoor.So my advice to all oppositions is that they familiarise themselves with this new system and they have people at their disposal who are trained at executing this programme commands.Security is highly essential in this case if we don’t want to hear of elecrions being hacked or rigged

  25. Comment…ummm there is no way yu can win against zanu pf using a computer hahaha idzo ingano..

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