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Magunje man, who ‘drowned’ son 11 years ago files for bail


A MAGUNJE man, who allegedly drowned his six-year-old son in a dam 11 years ago, has filed for bail pending trial, citing unjustified delays in the commencement of his trial.


Pension Murema submitted his application at the High Court last week, arguing that the State had on numerous occasions deferred his trial.

Murema was arrested on May 12, 2006 and initially spent nine years in remand prison before his court remand on September 17, 2015 at the Karoi Magistrate’s Court, where he was initially indicted for trial on November 26 that same year.

However, the trial failed to kick off after the presiding judge, Justice Joseph Musakwa failed to attend due to other commitments and the case was postponed to January 14 last year.

Again, the trial failed to kick off after officials from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services failed to bring him to court. The matter was then postponed to February 22 and later to July 16, but still trial could not take off.

His latest application for freedom is set to be heard this week at the High court.

The State alleges that on May 14, 2006, Murema from Chief Dendera in Magunje, Karoi, awoke his son around 3am and commandeered him to Bornvalley Dam, about 2km from his homestead.

At the dam, he allegedly placed some stones weighing three kilogrammes into the deceased’s clothes and threw him into the dam, instantly drowning him.

He was arrested after being linked to the crime.

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