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LSZ probes lawyer who shot two men with pellet gun


THE Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) is investigating lawyer Patrick Tererai, who allegedly shot two men with a pellet gun, in a case which has since been withdrawn under unclear circumstances.


Tererai, who is based in Beitbridge, allegedly shot Samuel Nyamhunga and Honest Sebata in the early hours of Friday April 21 accusing them of stealing his fuel.

“We have seen newspaper reports and even if no one has complained formally we investigate such issues that have been made public with a view to see how we can handle it,” Law Society chairman Misheck Hogwe said in an interview.

Some members of the public might not be aware of the organisation’s existence hence a decision to investigate from media reports, he said.

“We do not normally react to newspaper reports but there are some people who might not know where to go after such,” he said, referring to Tererai’s alleged victims.

Tererai’s case number 536/4/17 did not even make it into court with Nyamhunga and Sebata alleging they were forced to withdraw.

They alleged an investigating officer one Chifamba told them he was not willing to “go up and down with their small matter” and they should withdraw.

“He said we could not match his defence team in court and we should withdraw the matter,” Nyamhunga said.

Sebata said withdrawal affidavits were completed from Chifamba’s office and they had not sworn before any Commissioner of Oaths.

Chifamba never even bothered having medical affidavits for the two shooting victims who still have pellets lodged in their bodies.

After the withdrawal affidavits were made Nyamhunga and Sebata who have little or no knowledge about the law were taken to prosecutor in charge Jabulani Mberesi who actioned the withdrawal.

“This is where Chifamba told us he was not willing to go up and down with trivialities,” Nyamhunga said.

Chifamba refused to talk about the case referring the NewsDay to his superiors.

“You know where to go, go there,” he said and abruptly cut his phone.

A senior police officer at Beitbridge said there was something “sickening” about how the matter was handled.

“You begin to wonder how many cases are killed in similar fashion,” the officer said, asking for anonymity.

Asked if there was no conflict of interest to have Beitbridge prosecutors handling Tererai’s case when they work with him daily, National Prosecuting Authority officials in Harare directed the NewsDay to a Mrs Cheda in Bulawayo who could not be reached for comment.

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