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Lawyer shoots 2 men, bribes them to sneak out of hospital


A LAWYER based in Beitbridge allegedly shot and injured two men under unclear circumstances last Thursday and in an effort to cover his tracks, he later bribed them with $150 each to entice them to sneak out of a local hospital where they were admitted.


The lawyer identified as Patrick Tererai of Tereral Legal Practitioners allegedly shot Samuel Nyamunga (21) on the temple and hit Honest Sebata (23) on the back as the two fled for dear life.

Police officer commanding Beitbridge district, Chief Superintendent Francis Phiri, confirmed the incident yesterday, but declined to give further details for fear of compromising investigations.

“I am in a briefing, it’s part of the reports I am getting and I will come back to you. Yes, there is a case involving a lawyer and shooting,” Phiri said.

On Thursday night, staff at Beitbridge District Hospital filed a report of two missing patients with a source at the health institution confirming having admitted Nyamunga and Sebata before they vanished during the night following Tererai’s visit.

Police, acting on a report of “patients that fled”, found the two, who live two houses away from Tererai.

Yesterday, NewsDay tracked down Nyamunga and Sebata, who both are petrol vendors, and interviewed them at their vending site near Tererai’s Dulivhadzimo home.

“He came and opened fire hitting me on the head. He folded his gun and reloaded it and fired at us hitting Sebata on the back. It was stinging,” Nyamunga said.

Sebata said Tererai just stormed their site and without provocation, spilt their fuel, before firing at them.

He said Tererai fired two more shots, forcing them to scurry for cover. The lawyer allegedly came back unarmed proposing to take them to a private doctor.

“The doctor said it was a case for the hospital. We went to Beitbridge District Hospital where he followed us and gave us $150 each before asking us to run away,” Sebata said.

Nyamunga said when they were taken to the police station for investigations, he discovered that Tererai was being charged with the lesser offence of assault.

Contacted for comment, Tererai said he shot at the men after they attempted to steal fuel from his car.

“It cannot be attempted murder from a pellet gun, that gun cannot even kill a guinea fowl. You don’t have better things to write about, do you?” he fumed.

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