Kasukuwere in dramatic survival

DRAMA and tension punctuated proceedings in Bindura yesterday, as riot police and President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s fact-finding team battled to quell tempers and stamp their authority during a heated meeting to investigate circumstances that triggered the no-confidence vote in the party’s national commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.


A Saviour Kasukuwere loyalist waves a placard outside the venue, while the fact-checking meeting was underway at Bindura Country Club yesterday
A Saviour Kasukuwere loyalist waves a placard outside the venue, while the fact-checking meeting was underway at Bindura Country Club yesterday

Shortly after the heated meeting, Kasukuwere’s G40 loyalists took to the streets celebrating, claiming victory, as the rival faction, believed to be sympathetic to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, accused the head of delegation, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, of bias.

The under-fire Kasukuwere, who sneaked out after the meeting, breathed a sigh of relief after members of the Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial executive allegedly failed to substantiate their claims that he had formed parallel provincial party structures to topple Mugabe.

“This was a G40 arrangement, which was stage-managed and we are surprised to realise there is now a constitution to be followed, yet all along people were being fired left right and centre without the constitution,” provincial war veterans’ chairperson, Sam Parirenyatwa said.

“Now it is Kasukuwere and everyone else wants to bring in the constitution to protect him. In any event, the people have spoken
countrywide and things will never be the same again for him. We know most of the people there were hired to stage-manage the said position of Mash Central.

“The chairman didn’t want anyone opposed to Kasukuwere to speak. War veterans were chased out and it appears he brought his people to defend his position.”

But one of the accused and provincial secretary for administration, Wonder Mashange said he was happy with the meeting’s proceedings.

“I need to appreciate the President for setting up this fact-finding committee. The chair was someone guided by finding facts. Some of the issues raised were bordering on personal differences,” he said.

“Mudenda tried his best to find the facts. People were hoodwinked into making these allegations.”

Mashange said the petitions presented did not have signatures, describing them as bogus.

Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson, Dickson Mafios, who was also under probe, said he was happy, as Mudenda had followed procedure.

“He (Mudenda) put the constitution on the table and we are very happy with the deliberations. In fact, it was made clear that there is no one who wanted to turn against the President. That is taboo,” he said.

Mudenda rubbished claims he was biased, saying: “I made sure all who were bona fide members attended and all who were not were asked to leave.”

On Kasukuwere and Mafios, Mudenda said: “The comrades gave candid responses and we noted that. I am not at liberty to give you the final observation from the committee.

“My team should finish the report by mid next week and we shall share with those who matter.”

The meeting, which lasted six hours, began in a chaotic manner, with some party members being denied entry into the venue.

Police had a torrid time turning away hordes of people and ended up unleashing their dogs.

Although they managed to maintain order at the gate to regulate entry, pockets of resistance started building up, with people threatening to revolt if their positions were not accepted.

Inside the meeting, the rival factions chanted slogans and sang songs aimed at demeaning their rivals whenever they tried to address the crowd.

Order was only restored when Mudenda and his team arrived.

As per the party’s constitution, they started by vetting delegates, with some, who were not supposed to be part of the meeting, being ejected.

As the meeting was underway, youths supporting Kasukuwere arrived with placards showering the under-fire political commissar with praises.

They were, however, driven out by baton-wielding police officers.

Police also fired teargas to disperse them, before following them into town.

Inside the meeting, Mudenda gave a stern warning to the delegates, threatening to deal with those who sent pre-emptive messages on social media.

He said they would engage State security agents and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe to identify the culprits.

Although Parirenyatwa tried to contest his ejection, claiming he was the substantive war veterans’ chairperson, Mudenda ruled he was not and only allowed him to stay as an observer.

During his contestation, his rivals were shouting that he was co-opted by war vets secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda and he and his crew were not supposed to be there.

Several attempts by Parirenyatwa to object and save his colleagues failed to yield anything.

Although his other colleagues were chucked out, they nearly caused a storm as they contested the ejection.

“I am the bedrock of the party. War veterans are the bedrock of the party, but surprisingly we being are ejected. I don’t see any reason why we should be removed,” contested one of the war veterans, as he was blocked from making his submissions against Kasukuwere.

Parirenyatwa had to be given a final warning, as he constantly interjected others from the rival camp.

Another anti-Kasukuwere official, Shantel Mbereko, was given her marching orders after it was established that she had resigned from her position.

She claimed to have incriminating evidence against Kasukuwere concerning some mines in Kitsiyatota.

After she was ejected, she tried in vain to lobby war veterans into protesting outside the venue, as police stamped authority, demanding them to disperse.

They obliged, but baton-wielding police kept following them into town, where they repeatedly threatened to assault them.

During the meeting, before journalists were told to leave, Mudenda asked for signatures that were supporting the petition, as there were none on the papers he had.

He read the first allegation, that of forming parallel structures meant to topple the President.

Mudenda invited evidence, but those who stood to speak claimed this was evidenced by the provincial resolution last year that demanded the Vice-Presidents to be voted into power.

They said there was no such resolution and only those in parallel structures were pushing that.

The firm Mudenda was unconvinced and kept on asking for those with evidence to come forward.

Some said the parallel structures were evidenced by the elevation of Mafios from an ordinary member to acting chairperson, yet they had chosen Mashange, who incidentally was being charged with Kasukuwere and Mafios.

Mashange quickly defended himself, saying he voluntarily left the position, adding Mafios was transparently elevated at an inter-district meeting.

Others said the issue of parallel structures was evidenced by coming up with shadow MPs where there were sitting ones, something that was also disputed.

Mashange said it was not true, giving an example of Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora, who is also eyeing his seat.

As the meeting progressed, others said some members left and those co-opted were picked on the basis of their loyalty to the accused.

However, Mashange, sitting next to journalists, shouted that those who were replaced had since joined former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

A member of the women’s league claimed she was being threatened with violence if she said anything against Kasukuwere. After making the allegation, she shifted her sitting position.

As more people raised hands to make their submissions, journalists were ejected and were escorted outside, where tensions were rising, as those who had been thrown out were mobilising for a demonstration that was, however, broken up by police.


  1. ngazviende mberi.

    1. Icho Charira kuZimbabwe

      This chaos must continue up to this time next year. It is surprising how a political party would engage State security agents and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe to identify rogue elements within its ranks. Is this not an indication that State security agents and POTRAZ are an extension of this party?

      1. you are right…..now i wonder is this a party issue or a national issue….. why engaging state security and POTRAZ to deal with ZANU PF issues……Zimbabwe now a private company……..

  2. Mudenda was Governor of Matebeleland North during Gukurahundi

  3. Hoooo makudaro?

  4. the politics of modern days, the man is still needed by Granny as he is beneficial to serve mama’s interest in the future. U can never think of anyone who suits his position well whilst serving the interest of the greedy, it is a shame that the likes of Dinha declared war on Pentagon itself, now thats a war Trump himself cannot win. Saviour was saved by Saviour as anticipated by the wise…

  5. so the ten provinces are mad nhai?inga zvakaoma!!!!

  6. When I heard Mudenda is going I knew nothing will come out. Saviour might have survived but he is now under the belt and people now know ZanuPF is a one man band. Mudenda fails daily in the House of Parliament and expecting anything normal from him is madness. But this Mashange guy must be investigated.

  7. Three days ago i sad on this platform Tyson was not going anyway instead Dinha the talkative will bite the dust , Tyson phunyaka bemphethe kkkkkkkkk Obert Mpofu watch your back baba what every you uttered is coming to haunt Tyson is back with a bang .

  8. Kasukuwere haana mhosva ruvengo chete,hapana structure yaakafoma.Dinhu ndiye ari kutoda kutonga

  9. mugabe is the creator of the two factions so as to consolidate his position and stay relevent. The moment we have like thinking people in the party, chances of people plotting against him are high. With two factions at each others throat, the factions will be preocupied with trying to gain favour from him.

  10. They don’t call him Tyson for nothing, he once said he is the biggest political thug in Zanu Pf

  11. Apa handina kushamiswa ini. Was just waiting for this day.

  12. Wezhira wezhara

    Mudenda is a lawyer but he does not sound as one. He is the same person who exonerated Jonathan ” Robinhood” Moyo when he stole Zimdef funds. He comes from the same province with Jonathan, Kasukuwere’s bed mate, therefore nothing could be expected from him. Tengesai musangano henyu but my vote in 2018 will be Tsvangirai for President and a Zanu PF “proper” candidate for MP. Kasukuwere and Mashayamombe ran away with ballot papers in the recent Masvingo Provincial Chair elections because muG40 wavo anga akwapaidzwa naChadzamira and still you called for a second election. Haasi maparallel structures here ayo? Dzokai futi but Chadzamira muOffice chete.

  13. Ndaona bhora musango come 2018 elections from the members of zanu pf party

  14. Ban social media all together. Unoda mareason api anopfura iyoyo yokuti vanhu havachadi. Saka muchaita maelection okubvunza kuti sei wavhotera wawavhotera?

  15. “…the people have spoken countrywide and things will never be the same again for him” ….
    Zimbabweans spoke (by rejecting Zanu PF) ages ago and things have never been the same for Zanu PF ever since.

    1. Faction people,they will be dealt with by the Political Commissar.Disloyal members have been identified and they will be flushed out.

  16. I am happy that some Zanu PF members now realize that the riot police can be used against them anytime it when suits those above them. The war vets learnt that last year.

    Kudzidza hakuperi.

  17. Saka maprovince ose anonyepa here?Aah vanaMudenda ndochii ichocho?zviri kuuya kwaurivo rimwe zuva.tyson kubva paaitwa political commissar vanhu vakadzingwa vati wandeyi, ruvengo gwawandisa mumusangano.vanaG40 naanaLacoste vana vazvagwa papinda tyson pavuPC.Ko machairmen akadzingwa but akazonzi hapana nyaya toti tyson ari right kana kuti akagona.kubva paya ndipo pakatanga mhirizhonga yose iyi.Gushungo mukorekore avuraya musangano uyu.shuwa mavonero anguvo hangu.Mama Clavaria Chizema vakataura chokwadi.tyson is a small boy uyu.kutuka macomrades who brought this country independence.Amai Dr G.Mugabe muri kurumwa negweseri nemukomana uyu.

  18. Another flop for Ngwena bcoz as we had been saying he has small brains can not be president of this nation if had ball he would said openly that he wants to take over from Mugabe bcoz saying so is noy an offence instead he kept denying and denying but at the same time creating la coste causing chaos in zanu .Now Tyson and Moyo are going to dismantle lacoste to rabbles Watch this space Hawu kuphelile ngo Munangagwa .

  19. kutaura chokwadi mugabe ndiye arikukonzera mhirizhonga muchibato ichi.mudhara uyu agarisa pachigaro saka vanhu varikuedza zvavanogona kuti abve asi vanotya kubuda pachena.vamwe vaakapinda navo paupresident vapera kuchinjana .vamwe vavechishanu vamwe vechina iye aripo chete.as soon as mugabe goes ,things will nomalize in this country.chibva mugabe chibva

  20. The same modus operandi should have been used on Joice and many other provincial chairs. Hate him or love him, if there is no evidence, there is no evidence. Just because many people are accusing him or feel he is guilty does not make him guilty. The party has set a precedent and any other ejections should go the same route.

  21. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

  22. Kasukuwere haadiwe nevanhu whether you like it or not. Whether it’s kupwanya dzimba dzsvanhu kwaakaita, kutukana nekudzinga mawarvet? and of course corruption izvo zveluti chinyorai ma composition timake źvavazvenyu X ndiyo ichakuratidzai kuti hamusisiri baba tensen vanongoita zvavanoda kuita sekunonzi makarwa hondo yacho moga. Kasukuwere must go otherwise bhora racho haritotambwi tonoriisa munyasi megoronga seri kwedondo by force. Ngwena panyanga full stop abaiwa ngabude.

  23. Haa ZANU PF ndeyemadofo, taneta isu, ibvai pazvigaro izvo vana Mugabe, iwe Mugabe hausi mu zimbabwean futi and you claim kuti hapana umwe anogona kutonga Zimbabwe sei, vanhu vawakauraya vakawandisa chibva rudhara rwepi, rwauraya nyika yedu which was once a jewel for Africa. Iwe Tyson uri pwere iye akambokuita political commissar ndiani, ma war vets aripo moisa munhu asina kudzidza asina njere asiri qualified pachigaro, anyway ndozvazvinoita, what do you expect from a party which is led by an ill, insane, sleeping, forgetful 93 year old clueless foreign president, nxaaaa ndomatuzvi chaiwo, kurwisana pachenyu, SAVE mu Office pindai zvenyu mazidhara e zanu pf achembera aya auraya nyika, TSVANGIRAYI ANOHWINA CHETE NEXT YEAR

  24. So What

  25. nutty professor

    saviour you better go get a refund from the fellows you bribed. this is checkmate!

  26. kkkkkkk Kasukuwere i bosso those who do not like him go hang .He is doing a very good job .

  27. Dramatic survival of Kasukuwere means dramatic fall of Mr Mugabe and zanu pf

  28. only concerned

    all people who calls for his ouster they have been viewed as not good even the ministers who proclaimed his dismissal in their provinces.
    its shocking.
    politics is never smart

  29. kkkkkkkkk enjoying it more gamatox spraying and fumigation to follow more heads to roll Dinha kazembe Goche Mpofu etc heads are on the gillotin very soon Tyson will trigger the chop kkkkkkkk

  30. U Mnangagwa azipheli. hazviiti huye hazvifizve zvakaitika bvunza Mpofu wakaenda kuhondo kare nanamujuru

  31. Zvinhu zvekudai hazvidi kudai

  32. I have no brief for Tyson but if the truth be told its is all hot air. The modus operandi used to dismiss Joice Mujuru is the same but now it is obvious that Ngwena, the hugely unpopular leader of Tema Lacoste was going to benefit from Kasukuwere’s demise. It follows that this is a scheme by one faction to annihilate the other. Sorry zhenyu but Tyson must stay for now. He only goes if there is a corresponding weakening in Team La Coste ….zvi balanse.

    1. Your analysis is spot on!!


  34. If Kasukuwere survives one hopes he has learnt very big lessons. The first step is to make amends by publicly apologising to all those he offended in one way or another. Secondly, he should accept and acknowledge, together with those who back him, that there are many people in Zanupf who are way way his senior. It is clear that Kasukuwere has allowed himself to be manipulated by those with ulterior motives. Their ambition and his are making people waste valuable time fighting each other instead expending energy dealing with the many challenges our nation is facing. Those with common sense can see that a consensus has emerged over the years on the next candidate after President Mugabe. Kasukuwere and others are wasting time trying to stop the inevitable instead of joining the many. If Kasukuwere fails to see this then he will be consigned to the dust bin of Zanu history. Those who said chinhu ichi chine vene vacho were simply trying to tell Kasukuwere and others kuti vachiri vana vadiki.

  35. Tyson kudzoka kana kusadzoka…..Touch not Vakuru vedziva…unonyura zvachose

    1. As of the economy, blame Savior Kasukuwere because he masterminded the Gothic indigenization policy as a means for him to loot.

  36. Usatodzoka

  37. tosangana pagedhi dhuuuuuuuuuuuu bhora musango

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