Jonathan Moyo throws weight behind Kasukuwere

HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday threw his weight behind his beleaguered colleague, Saviour Kasukuwere, who faces accusations of abusing his Zanu PF commissariat position to set up parallel structures in a bid to topple President Robert Mugabe.


Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

In a strong-worded statement, Moyo described the attacks on Kasukuwere as “hogwash of the century”, as he also took a dig at Macro-Economic Planning minister Obert Mpofu, whom he described as the biblical “Judas Iscariot”, after the latter indicated that the Tsholotsho North MP would also be censured soon for backing his Mt Darwin South colleague.

All the 10 Zanu PF provincial executives have signed petitions calling for Kasukuwere’s ouster from both his party and government positions.

Besides both being Zanu PF politburo members, Kasukuwere and Moyo are reportedly friends.

Moyo, who is currently in India, yesterday dismissed allegations he was conniving with Kasukuwere in an alleged plot to topple Mugabe.

“From the published remarks on the social media platforms of the Chronicle and the Herald, it is clear that Obert Mpofu abused the PCC (provincial coordinating committee), as he so often does, in his mistaken belief that just because he has a big body, he should throw his weight around and usurp the PCC for his personal purposes and his grossly selfish politics that the people of Matabeleland North have come to loathe for its depravity,” Moyo said.

“Obert Mpofu believes he is the Zanu PF PCC in Matabeleland North and that the PCC in Matabeleland North is Obert Mpofu. This rot of his has gone on for too long and too far.”

Added Moyo: “Putting aside the understandable issues raised by the party’s women’s league regarding specific issues that have been addressed, nobody has said exactly what mistakes, if any, Cde Kasukuwere has made.

“But to accuse Kasukuwere, of all people, of setting up parallel Zanu PF structures to topple President Mugabe is wickedly preposterous and hogwash of the century.”

Moyo said Kasukuwere works around the clock supporting and serving Mugabe, citing the million-man march, which he claimed was made possible by the beleaguered party commissar.

“It is in such light that I’m proud of the work I have done with Cde Kasukuwere in support of the President, party, government and country and it would be a great honour for me to be charged for doing that work by a well-known, shameless and greedy Judas Iscariot.”

Moyo also defended his attacks on the government-sponsored Command Agriculture programme, saying he had since resolved his differences with the architect of the scheme, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Obert Mpofu’s allegation that I have attacked command agriculture on social media and that I should be censured for that shows beyond any doubt that he has become dangerously opportunistic in his quest to impress some successionist interests in the hope of securing a position in their treacherous ranks,” he said.

Moyo and Mpofu have always had a fraught relationship and it peaked in 2014 when the Higher Education minister reportedly said his politburo colleague had the body of an elephant and the brain of a rat.

In the latest instalment, Moyo accused Mpofu of trying to be King Lobengula, before warning of consequences.

“I, for one, will not allow Obert Mpofu to impersonate King Lobengula, pretending to be Matabeleland North’s centre of power,” he said.

“Zanu PF has one centre of power across the country and that centre of power is President Mugabe, my appointing authority to whom I report directly, not via Obert Mpofu or anyone else for that matter.

“Obert Mpofu is a colleague in the politburo, and not my boss. If he does not respect this fact, he must prepare for the consequences.”



  1. true, Mpofu has the body of an elephant and
    a rat’s brains. If Jonso & kasukus form theirown party, i will be the first to join. All youths must rally behind
    these men. We want men with spine. Herald, Mushowe
    , Ngwena & the matemadandas are the ones
    in a coup plot.

    1. hanzi body of an elephant and brains of a rat.amana……muviri wenzou nepfungwa dzegonzo.rib crackn fo sho.

    2. Hon. Temba P. Mliswa

      @truth, you must a gay gangster like the two.

    3. Richard Deschain

      “All youths must rally behind these men. We want men with spine” You speak for yourself and yourself only, pal

  2. I can not but admire the way Minister Moyo tackle issues be they political, social, economic etc. He is really a Professor.

  3. @truth & @ndizvo – I don’t know how long you have known or read articles by your professor or even his history. He is a chameleon who can be both vile and arrogant at the same time. I’m no fan of Zanu PF, its policies or anyone in it , around it, being supported by it or supporting it. To me it is the host of the majority of the problems this nation faces and no-one inside or around it has the balls to resolve these. This has been the case for 37 years and I suspect @truth & &ndizvo you are both younger than this. The quality of whatever is defined as “leadership” in Zanu PF is rapidly unfolding – it is nothing to be proud of.

    1. Obert has taken possession of all land in Matabeleland and hr thinks we don’t know that. All he does is to betray his mates and safeguard his corrupt gains. Think for the povo Mr. Man. We wish the law be revised and be implemented accordingly then you fall to where you belong

  4. The Professor is clearly endowed with intelligence. Those who said he lacks political wisdom are unfortunately also right. Obert Mpofu lacks the Professor’s intelligence but he has political wisdom. Kasukuwere has tons of energy but again without political wisdom.The practical side of politics requires wisdom.

    1. political wisdom, mpofu no i doubt

    2. What intelligence do you see from this coconut, he is sly but that does not make him an intelligent person else we would not be in this mess.

  5. now they started to shit on each other

    1. Ko chiiko ichi nhai? Ndozvatakendera kuhondo here izvi? Since I was born 23 years ago and ever since ndakabva kuhondo handisati ndaona zvakadai. I do not know whether to call the situation confused or confusing.

      1. Kkkkkkkk Novet kkkkkkkkk. Warvet to NOvet bro. Its not what you knew will befall you when you were in the front.

  6. So its only uncle Bob and Grace who are clean in this party? Its all about insulting the 2, undermining the authority of these 2, pararel structures to topple the 2 etecetera…… Fire the 2 and everything will go smoothly, one centre of power doesn’t include disGrace

  7. Moyo is the cleverer between him and Kasukuwere. this is why Kasukuwere has been caught early in the scheme ndo vekutenga ma degree. Jonathan Moyo is a schemer, Kasukuwere is just a mere driver but their schemes have been caught early. Jonso knew if Kasukuwere becomes president, Jonso becomes vice president and later dribble Kasukuwere for him to be the President. But on the lighter side, Jonso can be a very wise President. Kasukuwere is just an opportunist, is not presidential material similiar to Munangagwa.

  8. King Obert Lobengula Khumalo Ngwalongwalo kaMatshobana Mpofu. Exactly where he has put himself. Walukudlumlenze kaBulawayo

  9. fighting everyday ‘supid”. leaders

  10. It looks like Zanu pf is now distroying Jonathan moyo from within Mpokho and his 1 war vet maybe don’t know what time it is

  11. ukawona mombe dzemudanga rimwe dzomarana ,ziva kuti pane zvoda kuitika.
    Rambai muchikwabvurana makadaro takamirira 2018

    1. mombe mudanga dzinotungana everyday. usashandise madimikira enhema kani

  12. tagarira webuhera

    @truth, please don’t invite all youth to join your unfathomable dream, cnt you see kasukus is being used by jona, a SHREWD CONTRIVER, who wants to settle his score using yet another elephant body (saviour) with cat’s brain. this G40 thing is jonso’s making and anyone who dreams following it equally fits in the category best described above by the Taliban Hon Temba Mliswa.

  13. I dont think the Professor (or anyone in zanupf) has any political intelligence as suggest by some. Intelligent people do not vest power in one office/person but in institutions of governency. Noone in zanupf & government has an iota of economic brain. And none of them is qualified to lead Zimbabwe but a lot can and what to RULE us.

  14. What Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo and those of his ilk are saying is we have idiots in 10 provinces, unfortunately some of the idiots are in the Politiburo, what does it tell us, we are being ruled by zombies.

    1. With only the three of them not idiots?

  15. Its not worth it comrades to throw jibes at each other when the economy is burning

  16. Jonathan Moyo is trying to get favor from Mai Mugabe hence I quote him “Added Moyo: “Putting aside the understandable issues raised by the party’s women’s league regarding specific issues that have been addressed, nobody has said exactly what mistakes, if any, Cde Kasukuwere has made.” But the petition by Women’s league also mentioned setting of parallel structures and trying to overthrow the Boss, so why trying to butter women’s league?

  17. nutty professor

    if mr jonathan moyo is a professor then i am God!!!

  18. Jonathan should just stop it. Evidence anoida yei?? Vamwe vese vakadzingwa pane evidence yakambotaurwa here? Kasukuwere was at the forefront hatina kumbonzwa achibvunza evidence. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Why should the rules be changed for him, ngaangomiswawo pamberi pekangaroo court iyoyo.

  19. Vusumuzi wako Mange


  20. Professor trying to be diplomatic as usual.contradicting himself at the same time..well well Professor,those understandable issues raised by the party’s women’s league are the mistakes made by your friend Cde Kasukuwere.What else do u need to know..However,i think u are ryt about Cde Mpofu,the guy has some dictatorship tendencies so much that he thinks that he owns Vic Falls and Mat North at large.

  21. Sarura wako kadeya deya nendoro chena….. singing.Zvemusangano hazvina criteria


  23. Baba Jukwa defending Jukwa

  24. mmmm vakomana, kubva vaburitsa zigotsi dende kudaro

  25. Jonso is the Lion of Zanu Pf, he can do anything from Tsholotso declaration, steal public funds, plot Mugabe Ouster, they cant do anything to him.

  26. musoro uyo wakareba sebhemba

  27. Come on Newsday, the professor’s head in not egg-shaped!

  28. please find out that why is that the demostration started in Mash central and Midlands,


  30. Jonathan Moyo and Tyson are the most hardworking pair in Zanu PF. And both are very electable and popular among youths and women’s league. To think of it, the fact, despite Ngwena s control of Zimpapers through a lame duck like Mushowe , Tyson is still around. If you remove the G40 from Zanu PF, all you are left with unelectable fake and/or opportunistic war veterans led by a murderous opportunist in Ngwena who was a Zambian civilian in 1976 at University of Zambia while real revolutionaries were spending hungry nights fighting for freedom.

    It is my profound belief that Mugabe became a genocide President only after surrounding himself with the murderous advisors like Mnangagwa, the only VP never to win an election. The Mnangagwa cabal are not electable, no political strategy out side violence, tribalism and use of force.

    GIVEN THE WORST OF TWO WORLDS, I WOULD RATHER BE RULED BY GRACE MUGABE THAN THAT MURDEROUS HYENA-CUM-CROCODILE IN NGWENA, who called Ndebeles citizens and fellow freedom fighters in Zapu cockroaches.

  31. “Body of an elephant and brains of a mosquito’.kkkkkkkkkkkk.iyo yakange yandipotsawo sei vakomana.jonso usatiuraye nekuseka.

  32. Mine is not reply but a comment. Jonathan used to tell University students that Bob was no good.
    Now he adores him to the hilt.
    Beware the Ides of March

  33. Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe

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