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Govt promotes implementation of psychomotor projects


The Psychomotor ministry has signed three memoranda of understanding (MoU) to spur the implementation of psychomotor projects that should see a cross-section of communities benefitting from skills development and training.


Josiah Hungwe
Josiah Hungwe

The MoUs were signed between the Fish Farming project and the Zimbabwe Democratic Teachers’ Union (ZDTU), the Highfield Psychomotor project with IPERI and the Techno-preneurship project with the Society for Engineering Technologies in Africa (Seta).

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Ray Ndhlukula said the three projects aimed at the application of knowledge and transfer of skills.

“The beneficiaries will be able to acquire valuable life skills that they should be able to use for survival in their day-to-day lives,” he said.

“The skills that they will acquire will make them ‘masters of their destiny’ in that they will be expected to generate own employment after learning and mastering the skills. This, we believe, is a very important facet of the psychomotor concept.”

Ndhlukula added: “With youth unemployment being on the rise, it has been seen pragmatic by government, the private sector and development partners to come up with programmes and projects that foster youth employment and entrepreneurship.”

He also urged youths to harness and take advantage of the available opportunities to become productive and create employment for themselves.

Psychomotor minister Josaya Hungwe said it was government policy to welcome organisations with goals that bring about life skills development among youths and the unemployed disadvantaged groups.

“Now that we have signed these agreements, it is time for us all to get into a fast-forward gear and get visible projects going on the ground,” he said.

“Let me remind our partners that this department is not for Harare only and, therefore, whatever project you have started should quickly be replicated across the country.”

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