First Family owns Arnold Farm

After repeated and strenuous denials by authorities that the First Family owns Arnold Farm, popularly known as Manzou, the National Prosecuting Authority has inadvertently revealed the identity of the owners in a court case.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

For the past two months, police have been brutalising villagers resisting eviction from the farm, where they have been living since 2000.

Information minister Christopher Mushohwe and Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha recently distanced President Robert Mugabe from the ruthless evictions of villagers from the property.

However, court papers in NewsDay’s possession show that the First Family are the new owners, as they consolidate their land holdings in the rich farmlands of Mazowe Valley.

The ownership is confirmed in the charge sheet of two villagers, Tapiwa Dhaisi and Sinikiwe Mazivei, who appeared at the Bindura Magistrates’ Court yesterday on charges of refusing to vacate the land and attacking police officers, who had come to enforce their eviction.

“On the 7th day of April 2017, the accused persons unlawfully refused without lawful excuse to leave the land when called upon to do so by the lawful occupier at Arnold Farm, which is owned by the First Family,” the charge sheet reads.

The Mugabe family owns three other farms in Mazowe, namely Gushungo Farm, Iron Mask and part of Mazowe Citrus Estates.

Dhaisi and Mazivei, who are married, are also being charged with assaulting or resisting a peace officer as defined in Section 176 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

However, their lawyers, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR), claim their clients are the ones who were viciously assaulted by the police.

“Dhaisi and Mazivei, who were left hospitalised, are currently nursing injuries, which were sustained after they were severely assaulted upon arrest for allegedly refusing to vacate Arnold Farm and pave way for occupation by the First Family,” ZLHR said.

“Since 2014, villagers in Mazowe had endured a torrid time with some unidentified personnel, who were accompanied by some Zimbabwe Republic Police officers and some Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement officials, who terrorised them as they demolished the inhabitants’ homesteads.”

ZLHR this month secured a High Court interdict stopping authorities from demolishing villagers’ homesteads and evicting them, but this has largely been defied by the police.

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  1. Ignatious Chombora

    so how many farms in total does the first family now own? 17?

    1. It doesnt matter.

      Let them develop the land.

      We will take it away from them by force and burn everything too.

      Mugabe won’t live forever.

      Grace is nothing without Mugabe.

      She is deluded to think she has power.

      Of all the times, she should not be agitating people with such cruelty.

      To the extent of burning their properties and denying them access to their harvest?!!!

      How callous is that?

      We will show Grace Mugabe the same level of “kindness” she has shown these people.

  2. Only they can tell

  3. It’s worrying when police defy court orders. Where is the rule of law? These villagers were being evicted without court orders in the first place it seems.

  4. mirai henyu vakomana hapana chisingaperi there will be another land reform very soon.

  5. Wezhira wezhara

    That is why we no longer want Mugabe or any of his relatives near the corridors of power. Minda kuvanhu not kumhuri imwe. If they have more than 8 farms, then add each of their close family members’ 3 or more. Kugadzira empire inopfuura Gwenhoro farm yaSmith chaiko.

  6. Time is ticking away ,just wait and see

  7. Expecting the “rule of law” from an illegitimate govt riddled with gangsters and murderers is wishful thinking.

  8. 4 known farms, then Russel, Robert Jnr, Chatunga, Bona, Chikore and muzukuru each own a farm

  9. Ndopaunoona munhu anepfungwa dzinoita sedzakakwana achivhotera Mugabe and party of capitalist.


  10. So land reform was done just to benefit Mugabe and his family. They picked the best land and now they are brutalizing people who stand in their way. Talk of independence. Which independence?

  11. Are these the same ZRP who brutally evicted the original owners and helped these people take over the farm in the first place? Karma can be such a bitch

    1. Kutyei zvavo iye Tsvangirai akavimbisa kuti kana apinda necoalition yake no one will be arrested nor made to account for past wrongs kana kutorerwa zvaakatorerera vamwe! Siyai vaite hanzi hazvina mhosva.

  12. saka chanetsa ipapa chii? Chitsva ipapa chii? Pane here asingazivi kuti Zimbabwe YESE iGushaz Investments (Pvt.) Ltd? Musatipedzere nguva nekunyora nhau dzisina maturo. Hapana nhau apa – igaroziva.

  13. Ignatious Chombora

    Robert Mugabe own Manzou farm. It is his 17th farm.

  14. Their actions are contrary to what they preach-Hypocrites.

  15. Cry my beloved country!
    Anyway, Chinobhururuka chinomhara, our troubles are not gonna last forever…its not gonna rain forever, the dark clouds will clear up and allow the sun to shine again.

  16. Tick tock! Tick Tock!

  17. Lesson we learn in time, sometimes its late but not too late “People can win their Freedom and will never be free from tyrany until such time they demand their individual freedom, collectively society is thus measured by who leads them, as long as we have people that are greedy and evil at heart purpoting to be our leaders we shall forever remain slaves of our doing, to them we are just a means to an end, an end to GAIN RICHES AND WEALTH, while we remain poor as filth ,let us then make up our minds and decide to be free”

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