Create your own jobs: Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, whose party was re-elected in 2013 on the strength of creating 2,2 million jobs within five years, has called on Zimbabweans to create their own jobs in the small to medium enterprise (SME) sector instead of waiting to be employed.


President Robert Mugabe arrives at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare yesterday
President Robert Mugabe arrives at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare yesterday

Speaking at a SME expo at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare yesterday, Mugabe said Zimbabweans should not moan about the high unemployment in the country, as they could easily create jobs for themselves.

“We want people to create jobs for themselves and not to wait to be given work. Create jobs and employ others, we do not want people who just cry for jobs. Let’s have less tears and more sweat,” he said.

The expo, which was attended by representatives from the 10 provinces and a number of SMEs, led by their minister Sithembiso Nyoni, also turned out to be a belated birthday celebration for the veteran leader, as he was presented with gifts.

Mugabe received sugar, maize meal, cooking oil and paint from a number of SMEs, including from Jamaya Muduvuri’s Marcshep Investments, to donate to institutions or persons of his choice.

Speaking on the sidelines of the expo, Nyoni said SMEs had become the mainstay of the economy, replacing big corporates, which have been closing shop or cutting jobs leaving many unemployed. ads Ads

“They now account for 70% of those who fund Treasury through tax and they have to be accommodated and promoted instead of being looked down at, especially by local authorities,” she said.

Instead of creating the promised 2,2 million jobs, thousands of Zimbabweans have been left jobless after massive retrenchments were recorded in the past year, turning many into street vendors.

As Mugabe called on Zimbabweans to create employment for themselves, just less than a kilometre away, over 3 000 jobless people queued outside TelOne for the chance of becoming brand ambassadors for NetOne.

The minimum requirement for the job was an android phone using version 4.9, five Ordinary Levels and aged between 19 and 35 years.

The brand ambassadors, who will be known as the orange brigades, according to a NetOne spokesperson, will earn a minimal commission as they sell products including the One Fusion comprehensive prepaid package as the limping economy leaves many on the brink of destitution.

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  1. Mugabe always wants to duck responsibility. He has to create an environment where a business can thrive. At the moment he has created so many problems that make it very hard to conduct any sort of business especially starting a new one.
    Look at the level of corruption, lawlessness, cash issues etc, Mugabe has to fix these first.

  2. The next thing is that people not moan about cash shortage. They should create their own money and not queque at the banks. Zpf chiwororo

  3. No business loans, no cash, no resources available for us to start anything. Does the president want us to use tokoloshies which can vomit magic money to start business?

  4. Its a waste of time and energy to actually listen to this incompetent man (and I’m being very polite here). He has presided over very poor administration, pushed through unworkable policies that have created more thieves and fraudsters than honest employees and bosses etc and he has the nerve to ask people to create their own jobs.

    He is the one whose party promised 2 m jobs, now I wonder, what do those who idolise (and vote for) him find in him?

    I find him completely devoid of modern, functional and progressive ideas. One who enjoys a lifestyle whose source of income he is completely ignorant of. Not my kind of hero thank you!

  5. ndeye ropa handiti mairova vana baba vedu mukagura hama dzangu zvigunwe 2008 . your friends abused my sstrs vachinorariswa kwamaiti ku comand centre now makuchema kuti hakuna mari ….ndozvamaida kaizvozvo.

  6. This bastard! for us to create our own jobs, he should leave power so that we conducive environment and policies. Nxa

  7. Murozvi weMbire

    wena Mugabe President Sir don’t tell people to create their own jobs when oyu yourself you are employed nxaaaaaaaa. leave that office and let someone capable take over, this is not your private property

  8. Just step down and see the amount of jobs that we will create….you, Zanoo and Zimra are the stumbling block…..when you were half out in 2009 remember the amount of jobs we created. You then thieved your way back and I simply stopped putting my money in Zim Mafia were you compete with Zanoo Members and Minister’s Businesses who do no pay duty, Tax, NASA, ZESA nothing! As long as Zanoo is in power forget it…..even my dog does not trust with its bone.

  9. Governments do not create employment people.

    1. Who does, businesses right?
      Why cant the government focus on improving opportunities for these businesses….huh…Why cant our government implement reforms which foster innovation and entrepreneurship…why cant Zimra reduce tax(recently they introduced VAT pama cereals kana ndiwewo) ko reducing burden on b/snesses nhai ,they are the same who employ people yet munovaomesera…
      businesses need enabling environment for them to thrive

    2. Governments create the environment for employment, Mugabe and his bunch create an environment for theft and corruption to line their own pockets. Why are so many so blind they cannot see this. Zanu PF = poverty, corrupt police, corrupt government, starvation and disease. Get rid of them and things will change rapidly.

  10. Ziguvhudende rakasvava Bob

  11. You want to run away from your failed promise to create the 2 million jobs!!

  12. Mr president u sound like any idiot hw can we create jobs for us when the country is runing out of cash and poor policies

  13. What about the 2 million jobs promised? Politicians should tell the nation the truth and stop being strangers to the truth.
    The nonagenarian should tell the nation that he failed to lure investors and that the policies he is using are scaring away investors. Imagine being a nation of vendors. Those politicians started as formal workers and up to now some are still formal workers.
    How can a school leaver who never formally worked start a company? Where would he/she get the capital?
    The best is for the incumbent to admit that he has completely failed to run the economy, and its not a crime to tell the nation that he has failed.

    1. Google, facebook, snapchat were all created by people who had never been formally employed. They were students mostly.

      1. True but these guys had the tools to create jobs – Education. ZANU pf has decimated our tertiary institutions and have become shells of what they used to be. Half backed graduates will not create employment and there are no viable industries for them to gain and expound their knowledge. Saka uri kurasika papi nhai Dzvinyangoma.

        1. Excuses. If you could come up with as many ideas as you do excuses our country would be so prosperous.

      2. Havard dropouts and students!! Really fr you to compare that with this nonsense. Such a shame

      3. i dont support what the president said because it shows a failed state but i agree with you that you can actually start a company without anything and thats possible. Problem with our education its limited we where taught to study then get employment the missionaries really dealt with Africa on that but otherwise Politicians must not learn to lie

  14. Kikikikikikiki Lol

  15. Really, divine intervention is needed to cleanse our politicians. SHAME!

    1. God help Zimbabwe

  16. I think Zim is cursed.

    1. not cursed churches are so divided there is a time in Jan when there were no rains and churches came together to pray for rain on one Sunday and the Monday it rained so Christians are asleep that’s why we are where we are. If we don’t pray for our nation with a common cause we will not make it.

      Ndatimbomira tose and where two or more are gathered i will be there says the Lord

  17. In 2013 u promised 2 million jobs, But now in 2017 u are telling people to create their own jobs. U are a useless and failed president. You always make fake promises. To hell with u!

    1. As I have said before, governments do not create jobs. They create an enabling environment hence the call by the president for more SMEs to create employment. What the SMEs could do with is tax cuts or even exemption until they hit a certain threshold.

      1. Depending on the jobs, if government promise people jobs and get the votes then they should deliver, no excuses. Rail transport,Power generation, Health sector, Road construction and Media are examples where government doesn’t want competitors and yet they can’t provide. Fraud, Theft, Law gazetting, Land grabbing, Corruption, Underhand dealings, Taxing are examples of jobs government have managed to create so far.

  18. He is a clever bastard? He created his own job and will die earning, so the saying goes, create your own. He claims his job is from God and Angels vote for him, if you think he is bluffing watch him win next year’s elections without your votes. If he offended you then how come you don’t demonstrate like you do to insignificant people like Mphoko?

  19. This man is an employee of the Zimbabwean people who is refusing to be fired, at all costs. He should leave his job to focus on his promised 2-million-job creation. The employer is now the one being forced to sweat so the employee can live in luxury. Back to the days of slavery!

  20. If you who has a permanent job as life president earning thousands of dollars a month can not create a single job later on your Gushungo project is also crumbling what more of someone who is mashaya inyoka were can that person get money to start a business ? Those who try to go to next door countries to order somethings for resell at home you created laws which take all their money at the border before they bring in their stuff . Get out liar

  21. While progressive countries and their leaders are advocating for SMART development the old man still advocates for sweat! What a shame? Sweat how? Selling juice cards and vending on the streets? We can not all be on farms definitely not. And how about the absence of trading facilities like real currencies does that need sweat as well? I am not surprised at 93 the guy has lost it, I wonder if there is still any sense that is still operational on our corpse president. This is a country being led by a “liability”

  22. Our President of course he is old.The man is in an impossible situation,Symphathise with him, The man is surrounded by thieves.When he is being driven around he is usually in a tinted car he is out of touch with the reality. Zim ministers are busying lying to the old kuti zvinhu zviri bho iye hazvione cz he thinks he has the best men for the jobs. In fact they are gunning for his job, The man is faced with three people who wants his presidency in fact his throne Our VP Mnangagwa, Amai and Kasukuwere. so basically its hard for him. He needs sm1 to tell him kuti things are not well in Zim, he blvs media is lying about current situations us Zimbabweans we are in, we jus pray kuti dai Mwari atinzwa hedu pa 2018 zvinhu zvikasaitwa zve 2008 nkuti we cant lose another 200 brothers and sisters

  23. Janana wa Bikaz

    The old dictator is losing it,He makes sure that the enviroment is not conducive for any meaningful investments and he tells you to create jobs for yourself in an enviroment that he has polluted with his rotten smelling shit!

  24. the gvt on its on can not allow you to come up with a good bzns ..look Daniel Chingoma akagadzira ndege vakatomupa mutemo wekuti tikangokuona anywhere two metres abouve tinokuisa mujeri nhasi akangoisa chikopokopo chake pambudzi apa …..ZANU chiororo

  25. after caping thousands of graduates, this old man tells them to employ themselves! kkkkkkkk. kuseka nhamo serugare chokwadi!

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