Councillor, town clerk face off over stand

OUTSPOKEN Kwekwe councillor, Aaron Gwalazimba, has accused town clerk, Emmanuel Musara, of withholding his benefits, as punishment for persistently exposing the rot at town house.


Kwekwe Mayor  Matenda Madzoke
Kwekwe Mayor Matenda Madzoke

Gwalazimba alleges that he was denied his benefit of a residential stand, while 13 other councillors received theirs from Musara.

“I have raised this issue in chambers and it has been brushed off as administrative and I was told to talk to the town clerk in his office, but he keeps dodging me,” he said.

Gwalazimba roped in mayor, Matenda Madzoke, in an undated letter, asking him to bring the stand-off to an end before he takes legal action.

“Please, your worship, I am appealing with you to assist me in my offer letter from the town clerk. Please, Mr Madzoke, can’t you chip in and force him than for me to proceed (by) suing the council for such a thing? It will be a shame,” he wrote.

Madzoke confirmed the stand-off, which has seen Gwalazimba waiting for nearly eight months for the stand’s offer letter.

“I know that he (Gwalazimba) went to see the stand and he said he liked it and what was left was for him to get an offer letter, but that letter has not come. I want this matter resolved, so I will be engaging the councillor and management to see how it can be resolved,” Madzoke said.

Attempts to talk to Musara were futile, as he was said to be out of his office last week.

Gwalazimba recently courted controversy after he blocked attempts by council’s top officials from allocating themselves houses belonging to the local authority under the guise of implementing a ministerial directive of 1986.

He also stopped the awarding of a suspicious prepaid water meter tender to the least qualified company.

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