Chiyangwa, Kasukuwere in ugly fight

Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere and his erstwhile friend and party colleague, Philip Chiyangwa yesterday traded nasty insults, as the campaign to oust the Local Government minister took a foul turn.


1-Zanu Pf suppotres holding placads at a protest demanding the expulsion of political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere in Bundura yesterday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

Kasukuwere was the first to throw barbs at Chiyangwa, taking subtle potshots at the businessman for being part of the Rhodesian security apparatus.

Chiyangwa, who was part of the British South Africa Police African reserve force, did not take it kindly, hitting back, accusing Kasukuwere of demanding a $5 million bribe from him.

The fight came to the fore after Chiyangwa was part of a Zanu PF Mashonaland West meeting that endorsed Kasukuwere’s ouster, triggering a strong response from the party’s political commissar, who blames his woes on land barons.

“The charade by those intent on usurping power from the appointing authority disguised as an attack on my person is now being championed by well-known recalcitrant political charlatans and opportunists, who are pursuing parochial objectives with the support of greedy land barons by peddling defamatory lies on my conduct in the party and government,” Kasukuwere said in a statement on Thursday night.

“In order to protect and assert my legal rights, I have initiated lawsuits against these corrupt and rogue elements, some of whom were openly part of the Rhodesian security apparatus.”

Kasukuwere also inferred he and President Robert Mugabe would not be removed the Issa Hayatou way, an obvious reference to Chiyangwa’s role in the removal of the former Confederation of African Football head.

But Chiyangwa hit back in kind, saying he would not be intimidated by a driver in reference to Kasukuwere.

Using strong words, most of which are unprintable, Chiyangwa said Kasukuwere was no longer fit to hold office and described him as the most corrupt Cabinet minister.

“If he says he doesn’t want to go the Hayatou way, he must advise me which way he wants to go. Kasukuwere is somebody I [saw growing] from nothing to somebody,” he said.

“The biggest mistake is that he did several things wrong and principally I don’t agree with that (sic).”

Chiyangwa claimed during the early days of their association, people told him that Kasukuwere was a mere driver, but he did not take heed.

“Several people were telling me that this person is a driver, but I didn’t look at that. I said it was not important,” he continued.

“I saw him rise with [under] my own guidance and today I am talking about somebody who is no longer suitable to hold the national political commissar position because he asks for bribes (sic).

“He wanted bribes for every service that he gave and that to me, a central committee member, why would he want a bribe so that he gives me what is due to me?”

Chiyangwa alleged after talking to former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to get his land back, Kasukuwere went on to ask for a $5 million bribe to facilitate the handover of the property.

“I tried so many times to talk to him and people around him to say he should desist from asking me for a bribe,” he claimed.

“It is his persistence for a bribe that p*ssed me off. You ask me for a bribe, when you have a directive from the President to give me back what is due to me? I said I will not take this s**t.

“He is a bribe taker. I can say he is one of the biggest corrupt ministers in the Mugabe government and we cannot go with him to the next election (sic). Every ministry that he has been (in) he will be taking bribes, just to provide an ordinary facilitation service he wants money.”

Chiyangwa compared Kasukuwere to Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, whose country is facing an economic meltdown.

“Look at Venezuela, Maduro is a driver. He is the Kasukuwere [of that country]. We are in trouble with drivers. Look at this driver here. He must say which way he wants to go if he doesn’t want to go the Hayatou way because he must go and we will follow him that way.

“If he doesn’t give me the way to go, I will be ruthless. If a person wants to fight me, he must be very strong,” Chiyangwa said shouting obscenities at him.

But Kasukuwere described Chiyangwa as a “charlatan and loud mouth”, who did not have the money he claimed to have.

“Do you think he has that kind of money? He should stop daydreaming and wait for the outcome of our inquiry into the land he has stolen from the State,” he said.

“He is a loud-mouthed and broke bloke. He should report to Zacc [Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission] and not fund chaos within the party. We will get to the bottom of his shenanigans and he will not get away with the massive corruption he has perpetrated in local authorities and the State land office.”

Kasukuwere retorted that Chiyangwa was Chief Chirau’s former driver and he should stop insulting drivers.

“The Rhodesian policeman is crazy. What about him, who was the driver of Chief Chirau? Zupo [Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation],” he said, before delivering a body blow.

“And he thought he could join the South African intelligence by spying. He called his company CIA, for what?”

In Zimbabwean lore, Chief Chirau is considered a sell-out, as he sided with the Ian Smith regime before independence.

Chiyangwa was arrested in 2005 in a case where there was suspected espionage.

Kasukuwere reportedly was once a driver for a Manicaland provincial intelligence officer.

The fight between Kasukuwere and Chiyangwa is not the first, as the two once crossed paths in the battle for control of the once radical Affirmative Action Group when it was still a force to reckon with in the 1990s.

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  1. I think this is the hand of God……causing the demons of oppression and corruption to start fighting and exposing each other…..let us wait and see. I believe He has remembered us.

  2. Both of them seem to be telling the truth about the other, but Kasukuwere seems to have more to lose because of his position in govt and party. Also, he is not immune to the Anti-Corruption Committee himself and apparently he is less related to Mugabe, if at all. If at all he goes, Chiyangwa is entitled to campaign to clinch that post…theoretically speaking of course. Ironically, Hayatou went via the way of votes which leaves Kasukuwere open to less democratic means of ouster if he doesn’t want to go that way. By the way, where is Jonathan Moyo, in all this? I thought we would have had at least a footnote about him by now. I digress…

    1. I think Jonathan Moyo is taking a very cautious approach on this one, having tried in vain to save Sandi’s neck. Of course the enemies of Saviour are likely to seek Prof’s blood also, as they are convinced that whatever Kasukuwere was up to he is likely to have conferred with his comrade in arms. I see the beginning of the end of G40 in its current configuration, but unless something drastic happens, like destruction of the Lacoste faction or convergence of that faction with the remnants of G40,as Cde Chris has already alluded to, another faction is likely to emerge, and this time around the real benefactor will not rely on others to do her bidding but to literally take the bull by its horns.

  3. Vese vari two mahwindi and not drivers. Just listen to their foul language. Mahwindi epamushikashika aya.

  4. hanzi chiyangwa haana mari idzungu chete

  5. The truth is coming out and all these things these guys have said must be recorded for future prosecution purposes by the new govt of course . But we are enjoying the drama .Next year when we have a new govt both gentlemen should be arrested for crimes they committed no investigations required here every thing is just obvious and very clear both men have cases to answer .bcoz they are very corrupt and they are all protected by Mugabe from being arrested

  6. mudhara achauya, zvose zvichapera izvi

  7. at the terraces , kkkkk

  8. Lets them fight. This is a blessing in disguise for the majority suffering Zimbos. Once the nonagerian is gone, the majority these corrupt Zanu guys would kill each other like nobody’s business. VAKAFA HAPANA CHAVAKAONA, KUCHATSVA DEMO KUCHISARA MUPINI.

  9. Madriver anetsa patown…from the steering to the boardroom!

  10. AmaZimbabwe amahle, this economy has been destroyed by land barons who also fund ZANU PF factions. These greedy people realised that the easiest way to make money was through selling land. Most of us have invested thousands of dollars to ZANU PF land barons, money which has never been put to development of any stand but to building of mansions and sponsoring Gammatox, G40 etc. If this money we have lost was invested in the development of industry, we would be somewhere else as a country. Yes ngavafumurane. We want all names of land barons published and the ‘donations’ they have given politicians. Cde President also intervene please. This is the time to cleanse your party and government

    1. Ignatious Chombora

      wauri kuti president apindire ndiani iye achitobirawo vamwe land kuMazowe? kwana.

  11. Let them maul each other havanzwi zvakanzi musaite zvematongerwe enyika wani.

  12. The charade by those intent on usurping power from the appointing authority disguised as an attack on my person is now being championed by well-known recalcitrant political charlatans and opportunists, who are pursuing parochial objectives with the support of greedy land barons by peddling defamatory lies on my conduct in the party and government,” Kasukuwere said in a statement on Thursday night. Ha Chirungu ichi ndinotoda dictionary ini

    1. Ignatious Chombora

      anyorerwa neboyfrind yake Jona. iye driver anochigonerepi?

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  15. Ignatious Chombora

    mamisanai live!

  16. This people are clauns.

  17. The man who everyone in Mugabe’s party was scared of was Solomon Mujuru. He is the one who made everyone toe the line. Once Solomon Mujuru was dead many people were relieved and started doing as they pleased.

  18. Thank you the newsday team for updating us on this story. am asking for a small favour guys since we are less than a year away from the year 2018; BE FOCUSED ON THE EDUCATIVE PART OF REPORTING. I was in Harare last week and asked a few people to explain the ‘BVR’ system which I had heard them arguing about, no answer came out correct!!!!! These people I asked hold positions in different political parties but they are not well informed. You wonder what would they say when they campaign. Please don’t leave the opposition parties to inform the electorate. make special publications to cover important issues so that right decisions are made. These Kasukuwere – Chiyangwa issues can never stop, Zanu Pf cant break becoz of this and they don’t stop strategizing. if you headline these stories everyday, these parties will make these stories their daily business at the expense of strategizing for the upcoming elections.

  19. Kasukuwere created too many enemies in the party. Now its his enemies time. They will crucify him.

  20. imbavha dzose idzo ngadzinyarare….

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  22. Timothy Thorton

    All along he has been accusing Munangagwa and now he has turned to Chiyangwa accusing him of being a Land baron. So which is which.

  23. Then you say let the driver run local govt affairs, thats why there is chaos. The driver only waits to get instruction on where to drive to, he cannot choose where to drive to, so this Kasukuwere driver doesnt even know what to do with his ministry or even the commissariat position he holds in ZANU PF. Chiyangwa

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    1. Meat lovers be ready

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  31. These are the characteristics of a home without a father, sons fighting for a plate. We need to see the results not like snow disappearing when the sun rises. Attack guys. One’s victory is your fall so don’t lose grip or you will be the loser.

  32. panorwa mikono, huswa ndohunoparara

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