‘Chiwenga is offside’

COMMANDER of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Chiwenga has broken his oath of office and the values of the country’s Constitution as a serving soldier, and should be charged, opposition parties and legal experts have said.


General Constantino Chiwenga
General Constantino Chiwenga

Chiwenga reportedly referred to Zanu PF as “our party” during a military parade held at One Commando Barracks in honour of the late national hero, Brigadier General James Murozvi on Tuesday.

“Your (Murozvi) blood has indeed watered the Zimbabwean flag, as we used to sing during the war of liberation,” he said.

“Ours is to continue it, our role as the veterans of the liberation struggle, of being the ideological school of the nation, custodians of the revolution and the bedrock upon which our party Zanu PF shall continue to build itself as long as we survive.”

Legal expert and researcher, Dereck Matyszak said Chiwenga had abused a national event to further the interests of a political party and should be charged.

He said Chiwenga breached Section 211 of the Constitution, which requires him to act in a non-partisan manner.

“But what is even more important is that Section 210 establishes an independent complaints handling mechanism that the public may approach in such cases, where there is misconduct by members of the security services. But our government has no appetite for such things,” Matyszak said.

“Chiwenga could also be investigated and charged by the Defence Services Commission, but that obviously will not happen.”

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said securocrats were hugely compromised.

He said the MDC-T had been inundated with reports from the countryside that serving military personnel were being absorbed into Zanu PF structures ahead of the general elections next year.

“We have reports that soldiers are being conscripted into Zanu PF structures as part of preparations for elections next year. That is a frightening prospect and raises the spectre of another bloody poll next year,” Gutu said.

But asked if the ruling party had problems with Chiwenga speaking as a member of Zanu PF, party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said: “I am saying let those aggrieved speak to him.”

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said: “He (Chiwenga) is a partisan general and wants to turn the Zimbabwe Defence Forces into a Zanu PF youth wing. This is the danger of having old people still manning important institutions. Chiwenga and those below him are supposed to provide security to all Zimbabweans regardless of colour, creed, as well as every religious and political persuasion.”

Zimbabwe People First co-leader and former Intelligence minister, Didymus Mutasa said Chiwenga “should be forgiven”.

“He knows nothing beyond Zanu PF and should be forgiven for being that myopic. We used to think like him, but now, we know better.
Zimbabwe is greater than Zanu PF and if anything, that party is coming to an end. It is difficult for people like Chiwenga to think of anything else,” he said.

“The people’s general, the late Josiah Tongogara, was of a different class. He fought for all Zimbabweans despite their colour or political inclination.”

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi weighed in, saying: “Zimbabweans feel scared by such conduct as Chiwenga exhibits. Our advice to Chiwenga is to please remove the people’s military fatigue and join Zanu PF.”


  1. the opposition must approach the court and test the constitution rather than barking in the media..look how the sa opposition uses the Court to protect its democracy..Action kana MuriSerious

    1. You are right! Go to the courts and test or taste them, whichever you like. Our learned lawyers let us down big time in Zimbabwe.

  2. Don’t waste time fighting the obvious. You won’t find even one military, prison, police or intelligence boss who wasn’t in Zipra or Zanla.


  3. Zimbabweans have to free themselves from Zanu PF slavery somehow.

  4. I don’t expect any professionalism from the likes of Chiwenga. Their thinking is archaic and they live in the 70s. They think they and Zanu own the country and the people are their slaves.
    So the above utterances attributed to him don’t surprise me at all.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Nhai imi ruling party ndeipi.Saka it goes to say that is the party with policies which every public official adheres to.Saka zvinoshamisei ipapa.Mkoma Trump was replacing the democrats with his party cadres ,surprisingly in the judicial sector.Ini zii zvangu semuGrade 7 akamitiswa

  6. the moment of truth is nearer ,just wait and see

  7. But the most beautiful of all doubts is when the downtrodden and despondent raise their heads and STOP believing in the strength of their oppressor. Time is now.

  8. Mthokozisi Conjwayo

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the good and handsome General said. In fact, he should be commended for being so candid. Would you be zhambatataring if he had said he supported MDC, Mavambo or whatever?

  9. musada kuvhiringika nhema endai munoteya mbeva kana mashaisisa zvokuita

    1. Richard Deschain

      Mthokozisi, you might as well lick Chiwenga’s behind while you at it you utter imbecile

  10. This country belongs to war vets there are the liberators of Zimbabwe General Constantino Chiwenga who paid a moving tribute to the war veterans for the role they played both in the country’s liberation struggle war and in Zanu pf your blood has indeed watered the Zimbabwe flag as we used to sing during the war of liberation …….yes ZANLA forces was a unit of ZANU PF ……….Chiwenga you can be ZIM ONE VERY SOON …..

  11. He aptly opined that as long as they leave..well they will not leave forever hence one day Zimbabwe will be free of this war rhetoric

  12. Tisu tinosimudzira pavanenge vasiira zvinemutsindo wakapetwa zvirimugwara

  13. Chitova nadzavamwe

    He said “…our role as the veterans of the liberation struggle…”, not as Soldiers. lets split the hairs here. they were attested to the army because they are war veterans and they were two groups Zanla and zipra to form ZANU PF. we cant run away from that. until this current generation is over. Likewise if morgan win an election he will appoint his own from his party to head the military. Hazvishamise izvi.

  14. We all always hear such utter rubbish whenever elections loom . Why should a sane person be scared of a mere talk by a dander head soldier .Citizens are going to remove zanu from power whether Chiwehwa likes or not that is gona happen .Better resign now bcoz a new govt is on the cards for zimbos . We fed these so called war vets today they go around boasting of liberating us .Where did they get food tea eat while fighting .

  15. There are serious ideological differences here. Apparently Chiwenga, Mutsvangwa and others have the view that, by virtue of being combatants in the 1970s, they become custodian of the nationhood. This is opposed to the view that after multi-party elections in 1980, the country is now run through a constitution and parliament of Zimbabwe becomes the custodian of the nationhood. General Chiwenga, are we a constitutional democracy or a military dictatorship?

  16. pamberi nezanu pf.pamberi narobert Gabriel mugabe.pamberi nehutongi wezanu pf.pamberi nevese vanoitsigira….pasi pasi nemaopposition ese zvawo emu Zimbabwe. shit.

  17. Chiwenga does nt understand the concept of the nation state beyond Zanu pf machiaveil poltitical ideology. His utterances are a manifestation of the morbid depravity that is characteristics of all Mugabe’s sycophants and political surrogates. Well Hitler and Mussolini are now history, hence Mugabe and Chiwenga will also be forgotten.

  18. chirungu chenyu chenhema ichi

  19. all these utterances are the ones which are killing our country,are not progressive

  20. what ever how many years people of Zimbabwe suffering be of those soldiers and zanu pf shirt is shirt

  21. Shallow War Vets

    What shallow pretence. This late Murozvi and his buddy Chiwengwa were nothing but young boys during the liberation war. Recent chronicles of Chiwenga’s war memories were very thin on actual heroics. Most of these army war vets all joined the war just a few years from indipendence. There is really nothing special they did during the war only that most became useful henchmen for Zanu PF post indipendence hence this recognition. I’m always shocked that a Murozvi can become a national hero and yet not most Zimbabweans are even aware that a Noel Mukono was in the Dare reChimurenga yet he was deemed unqualified for the National Shrine.

  22. Iwe Chiwenga siyana nokumama pamberi pedu mhani. Chimbwasungata chaGucci Grace

  23. There are more CIO posts on this comment blog than real people. I call them robot posts. To an undiscerning reader, you might think that Zanu PF has real majority support. Indeed, its all an act to suppress the real voice of the people. Even so, time for justice will come. IT IS TIME TO REPENT …..REPENT AND COME BACK TO GOD. Any one who repents shall find mercy.

  24. hamheno ikoko

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