Byo needs $3,5m for roads rehabilitation

THE Bulawayo City Council says it requires at least $3,5 million to effectively rehabilitate its worn-out road network by November.


Most of the country’s roads are pothole-riddled due to neglect
Most of the country’s roads are pothole-riddled due to neglect

Ward 1 councillor, Mlandu Ncube last week disclosed that the city recently received a grant from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration to patch up its busiest roads.

“So far we are busy overlaying the city’s busiest roads like Robert Mugabe Way, Luveve Road and Khami Road as they were damaged during the rainy season,” he said.

Ncube said the city council will soon get funds to rehabilitate roads in the city and by November road construction will be done.

“As we will be approaching the next rainy season, in November, the whole of Bulawayo will be having new roads as new tar will be put and there will be no potholes, ” he said.

Recently, council deputy engineer, Gugu Mkhwananzi, said a survey carried out in 2013 revealed that 70% of the city’s road network required urgent rehabilitation.

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  1. Complete waste of time to patch these miserable pathetic excusees for roads!
    They should be completley rebuilt with proper foundations and proper drainage else 5 mins after ‘patching’ they holes will be back.

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