Biti lays into Mnangagwa

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has warned the international community from being hoodwinked by Zanu PF into endorsing Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a moderate who would likely guarantee economic and political stability in the post-President Robert Mugabe era.


The PDP in a statement yesterday said endorsing Mnangagwa as Mugabe’s successor was tantamount to “accepting mediocrity”.

“PDP is opposed to the notion that Zimbabweans are supposed to accept mediocrity just to buy stability. We recently saw some statements by a gullible section of the international community who suggest that only stability in the post-Mugabe era is important,” part of the statement read.

Western countries and China have been warming up to suggestions that Mnangagwa should take over from Mugabe, arguing that opposition parties have failed to unite against Zanu PF.

“It is important to note that the current crisis in Zimbabwe is not only a crisis of instability but largely a making of incompetence, corruption, evil governance strategies, policy inconsistence and lack of care by the Zimbabwean government,” PDP said.

“We take exception of the sentiments by (top United Kingdom academic) Stephen Chan, his views are consistent with those of Chatham House and other British institutions.
“If you ask the Chinese what is the one big thing that should happen in Zimbabwe, they will say they need stability. Anyone who brings stability, whether it is Mnangagwa or someone else, and has the support to ensure that there is stability going forward, that person will be welcomed by both the West and the East,” PDP said.

Mnangagwa is also facing strong resistance from within Zanu PF, particularly from the members of the youthful G40 faction fronted by under-fire party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

The Zanu PF Midlands godfather, however, reportedly enjoys massive support from the war veterans and sections of the security sector.


  1. Only silly political outfits think that someone needs an endorsement from foreign governments to lead this country. It’s a sorry sign of irrelevance to find oneself forming a political party only to call for a coalition immediately after that. It’s better to join existing parties if one seriously believes in unity as a way to unseat an incumbent government. Not to cause more confusion by forming another political rubbish heap.

  2. Zimbabweans do not need only stability but a reformed political system that is grounded in good governance, the rule of law and the respect fo the rights of men. Zimbabwe needs a paradigm shift to create an invester friendly environment, recapitalisation to foster on industrialisation and an efficient transparent political system to destroy corruption and the current institutionalised patronage system.

  3. the international community is not in the least bit concerned about the well-being of us Africans. The question is what is in it for them? Are you prepared to mortgage our minerals to China and the West? What is in it for them?

  4. Vana Tendai Biti they sound so hollow&pathetic.Why appeal to the West & China as if they vote here or as if they run our elections?Why dont they just unite,bring forth sound policies and beat Mnangagwa quietly at the polls huu?Matotanga kuchema musati madyiwa.Makwikwi rudzii kupinda mu Race makadyiwa kare.Opposition yemuno munonyadzisa.Why does anyone think that everything will&should only happen with the blessings of the outside world.Thats why President Mugabe said not until donkeys grow horns,opposition will never rule this country.Love him/hate him he had foreseen it.Long live RGM! Long live EDM! Long live our Revolution! Long live Zimbabwe

  5. mnangagwa will be disaster guy tinoenda kunguva ya IDI AMIN ahiye imbomutii moderate hehe chii muchazvidemba

  6. gudo

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