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AMHVoices: Zanu PF clueless on fixing Zim mess


In response to Cash crisis exposes Mugabe’s incompetence — Tsvangirai: The government should manage the lending/borrowing policy rationally to encourage bank usage by citizens. A situation where banks are actually charging interest on deposits, through various levies, is untenable.

By Anon,Our Reader


Adoption of the South African rand could help a bit, rather than including currencies whose owners do not want them traded internationally in the basket, such as the yuan and the rupee.

But then the economic creature will mutate and find a loophole and externalise via South Africa.

Bottom line: More spending should be on productive activity and not on ghosts and executive largesse. Pay the tobacco farmers. The money is theirs and is not even sourced locally.

Unfortunately this government does not have the brains to do that, so we are in a Catch-22 situation.

The regime is here to stay, meaning the problems are also here to stay.

Braindead politicians whose domain are their tummies with monkey brains can never take us out of the mess they created.

They don’t know how Ziscosteel closed, they don’t how the National Railways of Zimbabwe was run down.
The don’t know what happened to Zupco, the Cold Storage Commission and David Whitehead, so expecting them to fix this mess is asking too much.

Why I say they don’t know how, it’s because when they take anything to their homes, they think they are entitled to that,so that cow should keep providing milk even if they don’t feed it.

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