AFM church leader in fresh headache

THE leadership wrangle at the Bulawayo-headquartered Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa (AFM) seems to be far from over even after the death of its president, Reverend Tony Tshuma, as disgruntled congregants have taken his successor, Reverend Rosewell Zulu, to court challenging his appointment.


Tshuma, during his tenure as leader of the Lobengula Extension-based church, faced numerous legal wrangles with Reverend Clement Nyathi and his followers who challenged his authority and accused him of arbitrarily tinkering with the church constitution to extend his stay in office.

In the new twist, two church members Claudious Manamela and Brighton Nanga, on Monday challenged Zulu’s appointment as the church leader.

In their application, the members cited Zulu, AFM, Tshuma’s estate and the police officer commanding Bulawayo as respondents.

They sought an order compelling the church to conduct fresh elections for any vacant post and stop blocking them from entering the church premises.

The members also sought an order compelling the police to arrest and detain any member, who commits or threatens violence on them.

Zulu, in his response, said the two were not members of his church, hence, had no right to seek his removal or to claim to have been banned from attending church.

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  1. I would think this church is called Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa (AFMA) not AFM. AFM is Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe. Thank you.

  2. Lord have mercy on the church. I know for sure Rosewell Zulu was the one behind tinkering with the constitution of the church knowing well the late Rev Tshuma was very old. He positioned himself well for takeover in the event of the inevitable.

  3. How on Earth could these Christians have appointed Rosewell Zulu The man who caused the split in 2014. According to records, he forged signatures to have the new church constitution adopted . I feel sorry for these men who are playing games with the work of the Lord Started by the Man of God Rev MJK Sengwayo.

  4. Comment…rev zulu or rev Nyathi must save the holy congregation of God by just telling the truth, why waste time following courts yet there is truth.may the good Lord save us we are sick and tired of people who does not repent yet they waste time and money moving from point a to b preaching the gospel of the Kingdom yet the foundation is built on a lie

    repent my leaders and tell us the truth

  5. And the world watches on….

  6. God is love ,why leaders who called themself christian does not show love to each other? be a christian means a lot to our god,forgive and forget ,sit down as church leaders and come with a solution that will balance both sides. pointing finger will not get you in heaven but HELL. People need everlasting life showing by you AMEN

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