Will Military Touch Movement export Nutty O?

IT’S easy to believe that Nutty O hails from Jamaica upon listening to his music.


Nutty O
Nutty O

In an industry where almost all the Zimdancehall chanters are doing the same thing, similar sound and style, Nutty O — who was born and bred in Mbare — comes in with a different style of patois, which he admitted faced a lot of resistance from his counterparts.

Patois or Patwah is a form of bastardised English spoken by the people in Jamaica.

“I faced a lot of challenges because of my style and vocals. I chant in Patwah, which made many doubt my abilities and identity, but here I am, using the same Patwah to penetrate the local market,” he said. “This year promises to be a good year I have started well with the video to Bugatti which has been well-received.”

Nutty O’s tracks Just A Cover, Mbare Mi Home, African Girl and a cover for Adelle’s Hello, produced under Kenako Music, were evident that the young chanter has potential of taking the industry by storm.

After his contract with Kenako expired, he crossed the floor to join the fast-growing stable Military Touch Movement’s (MTM), run by contemporary musician Jah Prayzah.

MTM also has ExQ and DJ Tamuka (producer) formerly with Kenako, Andy Muridzo and songstress Tahle.

This year, Nutty O came out in full force with the release of his first track accompanied by a video under MTM titled Bugatti, in which he addresses how fellow musicians have been undermining him and reveals that he is now eyeing the international market.

After being a shadow of other Zimdancehall artistes for a long time will the Bugatti hitmaker rise above “The Big Five” of Zimdancehall — Winky D, who has cemented his position as the king of local dancehall, Killer T, Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz and Kinnah.

Recently, Jah Prayzah posted images on his social media platforms with Western African music gurus, Anderson Abiagwa, the founder of Big A Entertainment, and Stanley Enow, from Nigeria and Cameroon respectively.

The pictures insinuated that the Watora Mari hitmaker could have struck a deal with the two and was on a plot to invade the western African market with his recently assembled MTM.

Not taking anything away from the rest, but from the MTM recruits, Nutty O has an upper hand of being exported easily ahead of others.

The young musician possesses the dancehall charisma, energy and vocal ability that cuts above the rest and his style of patois makes his music easy to understand and relate to a foreign audience — be it in Caribbean Islands, Jamaica or West Africa.

So, after jumping from one record label to another, will MTM take Nutty O to the Promised Land of international dominance?

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