Tsenengamu stands his ground on Mugabe’s retirement

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland Central youth chairperson, Godfrey Tsenengamu, who is facing charges of subverting a constitutionaly-elected government, insists President Robert Mugabe must retire to make way for his deputy, Emerson Mnangagwa, arguing such utterances have nothing to do with toppling the 93-year-old leader from power.


President R. G. Mugabe
President R. G. Mugabe

Tsenengamu said his remarks during a recent Press conference in Harare, were mere political statements that had so far been misconstrued by the law enforcement agents, who have since sought to drag the government into simple party politics.

In his bail statement filed last week, Tsenengamu said Mugabe was the Zanu PF leader, while Mnangagwa was also from the same party.

He said calls for Mugabe to step down in favour of his deputy should not be interpreted as calling for uprisings.

Tsenengamu reportedly said: “The ball is now in your hands, the war veterans, the same way you removed Sithole to replace him with Mugabe. We now want you to lead us so that Mnangagwa becomes the next party president, going forward.”

Through his lawyer, Zivanai Macharaga, Tsenengamu told High Court judge, Justice Priscilla Chigumba, his quoted speech was simply talking about replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa as a party president.

“What was being discussed wasn’t State President, but party president. There is a difference between political party and State Presidency. It is not a crime to advocate the removal of a party president, but when it comes to State President, one has to look if the removal is unconstitutional or not,” Macharaga said.

“President is defined in terms of section 89 of the Constitution as, ‘the President is the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. The President described by statutes is not a political party president, but State President.”

Tsenengamu further said although he was being charged for making reference to a party president, he made reference to Mugabe and Sithole, “while it is not clear which Mugabe and Sithole are being mentioned”.

“Let’s say he is talking of President Mugabe, who is a Zimbabwean and Zanu PF president, while Sithole is former Zanu PF president, whose history says he was replaced by Mugabe as Zanu PF president, this will only go to show that the replacement of leadership that he was talking about is a political party president,” his lawyers said.

The matter was supposed to be heard yesterday, but prosecutor, Tapiwa Kasema sought postponement to today to enable him to file the State’s response.

Meanwhile, another bail application involving incarcerated Kariba-based Remnant Church cleric Patrick Philip Mugadza, who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence by prophesising that Mugabe would die on October 17 this year, was yesterday further postponed to March 8 this year.

The postponement of the matter followed an application by Mugadza’s lawyer, Obey Shava, who told the court he needed time to file a fully transcribed court record before the matter could be heard.

Prosecutor, Editor Mavuto, is appearing for the State.

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  1. Now that’s a reasoned argument you took over from Sithole was that a rebellion? an uprising or a simple succession matrix?

    1. poor Sithole was deposed at the behest of Chitepo, Mugabe and may be anaTongogara neMakaranga ake.

      Factionalism haina kutanga nhasi, just that during the war, you would be considered rebel therefore killed or thrown into jail zvakaitwa anaNhari, Hamadziripi, Rugare Gumbo, Wilfred Mhanda, Chihuri nevamwe vakawanda.

      Even wrong Translation from english to Portuguese could get you into Trouble those days.

      AnaTsenengamu muneraki kuti murikuita nharo 35 years after the war. Paifiwa kkkk

  2. Flagrant abuse of the police and courts for selfish interests. pasi neDictator.

  3. Here comes the conspiracy of the Western Colonial powers. When are these nothing scum bags of Zanu PF take responsibility for he chaos they have created as Zimbabwe. There has not been any civil unrest. This is the problem. Government again has done absolutely nothing for the past 4 years but steal and corrupt this country blind into financial disaster. Now they are talking about the 2018 election and getting votes to stay in power to do more of the same. They talk about Zimbabweans as if they are puppets of outside influences and that has not been the case as facts. Government, this President has Pissed on his people and needed no help from the Western countries to watch his own administration corruptly bring this country to its knees. That has nothing to do with NGO’s or other Western countries. It is the same game of distraction Mugabe has been using for the past 15 years with the sanction mantra of the West. But the facts are most if all have been corrupt and bad management on the part of government. These are facts. So called colonial powers do not have a chance to take over Zimbabwe and everyone knows this. But this Zombie President is still talking about 37 years ago of liberation. Now that Zimbabwe has been liberated for 37 years, who fault is it that the country is in ruin. I have never seen a so called President like Mugabe that has taken no responsibility for the state of his country over 37 years from the choices and decision he made and corrupt people he put in positions to weaken and bring this country down. How can you be a human being and never admit you have made bad decisions. And everyday we see this President turn is back on corrupt officials he has appointed looting and stealing the peoples money and does absolutely nothing for bring them to books as normal citizens are everyday. He has protected all the thieving crooks and done nothing. And those that went against him in Zanu PF were expelled without any regards because they spoke up against his dictator policies. He say Mujuru tried to over throw him and have him killed. But to this day no charges has ever been filed against her if this was true and some plotted to kill the President. Why is she still walking around after Mugabe brought these charges against her. Why is she not in jail. Why? Because it never happened. He just wanted to get rid of her because of his brainless wife Grace. Mugabe is nothing but a coward in his heart. And uses people at his will to profit himself and his worthless family. The notion there is no one within the Zanu Pf party that can lead this country beside this senile old Monkey is absurd. And those within his party know this fool is finished but they coward behind this Zombie to cover the theft as they know as long as he gets his cut they will never be prosecuted. Mugabe is nothing more than an international joke now as President of Zimbabwe. No one has any respect for this fool and he now lives in his own fantasies in that decayed mind, while in reality everything has crumbled under his leadership. His legacy has gone long ago and he will be remembered as a CON ARTIST that preached liberation to Zimbabweans and other African countries but in fact he was nothing more than a tyrant to the people of Zimbabwe and to this day they suffer in the image of this walking dead Zombie. People need to back a leader that does more than great speeches and just preaches mantra of the white West is the problem of their countries. Today oppressors in most African countries make choices to sell their countries out. Bad leaders in Africa have a black face on them now. And they along make decisions with old colonial powers to keep Africa from developing. Colonial interest in Africa are still here not because of force as in the past. It remains because African leaders individually has ransomed their countries for personal gain. Just as Mugabe has done for 37 years. Lives like a King while his people suffer as servants of 100 years back. Black people need to here the facts. Are there still colonial countries wanting to get resources from African countries. Yes. But they only do this by the deals black leaders make on their own behalf and the people get nothing in return. Just as Zimbabwe has made deals with China to for protection and has given them free reign to loot Zimbabwe without question. This is Mugabe look East policy. A policy of a coward that cannot seem to utilize the resources to bring Zimbabwe back to standing in the world. And so much more than many other countries. And all Zimbabwe looks to do is borrow international money to stay in debt. But cannot use what is right under their feet to change this country. That is the mark of a worthless President. Beg, borrow, and then steal from its people. Wake up call Zimbabweans. Do not be led into another election without holding his government accountable for what they have NOT done for the last 4 years. Stop being distracted by the Propaganda machine your worthless President has created. Hold these demons under Bob accountable and then make your decision. Time for Change and that includes all these other political party waiting for their chance to get in power so they can have their turn to steal. It is time for new Youth party to register and run on their platform for their future and leave these dinosaurs in the past were they belong. Why? Because it is there right. And they do not have to ask anybody to be apart of a country that is theirs also as their birth right. Much more than can be said about Bob.

  4. This is abuse of the judiciary system. Yes Mugabe at 93 must resign from every position he holds. The only position he must hold is being husband to Grace.

  5. Yes we can write and say stuff but lets get on the ground now

  6. What I fail to understand is why Tsenengamu supports Mnangagwa who has publicly disowned him. Mnangagwa has called those who want him to takeover as “mad” people. To me Tsenengamu is driven by nothing but factionalism. If this is not a factional agenda,why Mnangagwa and not Mphoko because he (Mphoko) is one of the two VPs. I fear for the young man, he might come out of the remand in a coffin. Mnangagwa has a history of disowning those who support. It is not a secret that Tsenengamu is sent by the Mnangagwa cabal to call Mugabe to step down. Mugabe sticks to the constitution of the party, and he is right to do so.

    Mnangagwa should not have nominated Mugabe in 2014 to contest the 2018 election. Were they not aware that the man would be 94? Mugabe has advised them to call for an earl congress. Why are afraid of calling an early congress? This young man should not risk his life for the man who calls him “mad”. To the same Mnangagwa, Tsenengamu is a cockroach that needs to be crushed in order for the president to sleep peaceful. Ngwena kills for his boss,Mugabe.

  7. Wezhira wezhara

    Ndoda kutosungwavo tiwande because the argument make sense. Hapana mhosva apa Mugabe chibva pachigaro cheku ZANU PF tiise munhu asinga vati nguva dzose. I also need Zivanai Macharaga to represent me. I will announce my Press conference date soon. Taneta nekutongwa nekamukadzi kema Corrections aka.

  8. In case of Phillip Mugadza i think its wise to wait till 17-10-17, and if what he said is not true then gvt should file their case to court.

  9. It can only be in the banana republic of Zim where speaking basic common sense can land someone in prison, while speaking under the influence of drugs (Chipanga, Cremora, Kasukwere etc) can be handsomely rewarding (though temporary)

  10. Stupid zanupf fools

  11. Hahahahahahahaha ndaseka zvangu ,Zimbabwe iyi hameno ,tichaonesa zvedu .Asi tagwadziwa zvedu zvimwe ndezvimwe takagomirira kuti zvanzi zvichanaka … aaah rini wacho zvimwe ityi munotamba mheni imi

  12. A good piece of history rehearsed by ZANU PF’S comedian Tsenaz.Remember this cde was taught to rehearse by his master BOB when they deposed Mujuru.This just another drama meant to divert our attention from real fighters.ZANU PF is good at stagemanaging.Tsenaz and Bob are just wasting our time

  13. VaMugabe vakuenda zvavo ikozvino huye kusimbisana kana kurega he won’t ” stand” for elections next year he might “sit” and sleep but ‘STANDING’ Tingasimbisana nhema
    hameno isu hatichina basa kana ndava nazvo toda ngwena unoda zvokurima

  14. Then as is real difficult to understand his master is disowning him probably he is being haunted by the past acts when he was preventing his master from being removed on the helm. He should visit psychiatrist before it is too late. He is now tasting his own medicine.

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