PSL, Delta launch new cup competition


The Premier Soccer League and Delta Beverages, sponsors of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League and the Chibuku Super Cup, have partnered in introducing a new cup competition — Castle Lager Challenge Cup — which will be contested by the clubs that win the two competitions bankrolled by the brewery company.



At stake will be a cool $30 000 for the winners, while runners up will take home $20 000.

This was revealed by the company’s marketing executive Maxen Karombo during the launch of their premiership sponsorship in Harare yesterday, where they committed themselves to a new partnership worth over $5 million over a three-year period.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the renewal of our partnership with Castle Lager Premier Soccer League for the next three years worth $3 450 000. We renew the league sponsorship to the tune of $700 000 per season and the Chibuku Super Cup worth $400 000 per season,” Karombo said.

“To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the league, Delta Beverages will introduce the brand new Castle Lager Challenge Cup. The Cup will be a one match challenge between the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League champions and the winner of the Chibuku Super Cup. Where both the league and Chibuku Super Cup are won by the same team, the team that comes second in the league will play the champions.

“This money represents the direct cash injection into the coffers of the league and clubs. Over and above, this money Delta Beverages will invest a further

$2 million in support of the league through advertising and promotion of the league by deploying various activities that benefit the fans, consumers and traders of Castle Lager and Chibuku Super. Therefore, the total investment Delta Beverages will commit to football in the next three years is worth $5 450 000. This is the biggest commitment to sport that any company in the country has ever done.”

No changes were made to the prize moneys for both the league and the Chibuku Super Cup competitions, with the winners getting $100 000 and $75 000 respectively.

“All of us at Delta Beverages are committed to doing well by doing good in the communities in which we operate. We are proud to have been key contributors to the development of not only football, but also golf, tennis, rugby and fishing.

“Our signature on the sponsorship agreement will be an agreement to grow the Castle Lager, Chibuku Super and Premier Soccer League brands. The sponsorship we sign today aims to provide a structured and professional league administration, guarantee prize money to clubs at the end of the season as a reward for attaining their respective positions on the log, offer exciting knockout football tournament and honour players, coaches, referees who excel above their peers during the season.”

“It is or sincere hope that the unity that now prevails between football authorities and administrators will help bring in more sponsors to the game. We remain confident that there will be a common sense of purpose among all football stakeholders to support our game and the image of our beautiful Zimbabwe,” Karombo added.

Premier League interim chairperson Keni Mubaiwa, said he is happy that they have renewed the deal, which had initially been threatened by administration squabbles.

“Our partnership with Delta Beverages through their Castle Lager brand will enable us to continue to develop the sport and achieve our mandate of making football more than just a game.

“We look forward to the continued support from our clubs, players government departments, local authorities, the media, our valued super fans and other stakeholders,” Mubaiwa said.


    • they are serious. usaverenge uchimhanya. They are sponsoring the premier league to the tune of $3.4 million plus the Chibuku cup then that cup yu are talking about. tendaiwo zvimwe.

  1. Congratulations on sponsoring the league voluntarily which good but I want to bring your attention to the plight of the sick and suffering alcoholic who no longer has a choice of chosing whether he wants to drink or not. Some if not many of these people have been your loyal customers fort years myself included, how ever when it becomes apparent beyond doubt that you are alcoholic and your life becomes unmanageable which is inevitable not only does one need counselling, but one needs to go through detox to get a chance to understand counselling. It would be good for the community to know that your company also sponsors a detox for troubled youth. We also wanted to be marketing managers or lawyers doctors or even high court judges or members of Parliament growing up but when we got introduced to alcohol and failed to get any form of counseling we failed to achieve those goals. We how ever were lucky to survive deadly car accidents not just once but on numerous occasions driving under the influence of alcohol that when we recovered through detoxification and counseling we have dedicated ourselves to helping others especially the youth achieve sobriety. Being aware of the fact that there many people enjoying there drink responsible lets not forget those that need help. Thank you. P. M . AA member

    • you drunkards when you get into these troubles, just remember you are to blame big time, some of you eve introduce alcohol to your children at an early age and thats disastrous and when you are in trouble you start to cry, know it that YOU ARE TO BLAME NOT DELTA

  2. being aware of the fact that there are many people enjoying their drink responsibly, let us not forget those that need help

  3. Chaoma it doesn’t matter whose at fault. Some of us are survivors, the same higher power that saved us from the bars of no return is the only thing you should fear not us. It’s just a matter of time before the general public starts suing DELTA for all kinds of things mind you drunk drivers don’t just kill themselves when they have car accidents as a direct result of drinking delta beer the whole nation is at risk including the best lawyers doctors ministers and judges and delta doesn’t want to lift a finger to rehabilitate some of these reckless drivers. I’m sure they claim that they pay sin taxes that’s if they do and therefore the government must carry the burden. I think only breweries that acknowledge the fact that not everyone is capable of drinking whether they are over 18 years or younger and is willing to sponsor detoxification and counseling to those that need help should be given an operating license. zvakambo svika munzeve dza gushungo here izvi?

  4. Thank you for the Sponsorship deals. At the sametime our league needs various sponsors eg NetOne ; Econet;Telecel to come up with cup competitions like in SA. Stanbic, Standard Chartered,CBZ coming up with cup games too or to co-sponsor the league.

  5. I thank God for Saving me and exposing me toHell on earth it really took over my unbelief, but İ still believe in the words öf Bob Marley’s “zimbabwe” song “Every man has a right to decide his own destiny”.
    ….BK NYC

  6. munoda chose kuwonekwa se company inovaka nekubatsira murimi madzongonyodze agent mukuru wasatan. Hamupindi denga nyangwe mukati tiripabasa basa rekupromoter kupenga nekuuraya vanhu zviripamutemo? you can’t fool God no excuses musazoti hatina kuparidzirwa murikuto sangana naro vhangeri racho izvezvi

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