Nurses join strike over bonuses

NURSES at public hospitals yesterday joined striking doctors to pile pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s cash-strapped government to honour its undertaking to pay them 2016 bonuses and improve their working conditions.

BY Everson Mushava


Doctors downed tools a fortnight ago over similar demands.

The nurses’ strike came after the Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association (Zina) wrote to the government last week demanding specific dates for their 2016 bonus payments, among other grievances.

Zina secretary-general, Enoch Dongo, yesterday told NewsDay that nurses at Harare Central Hospital were the first to heed the strike call.

“Yes, we have downed tools because the government was not showing commitment to pay us our bonuses,” he said.

“Our job is a bit different from any other job, we cannot handle patients well when our morale is low. So we decided that the nurses, who are not psychologically prepared to do their jobs should stay at home to avoid making mistakes that could put patients’ lives in danger.”

Dongo said he was informed that nurses at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals held a meeting yesterday and resolved to join the strike starting today.

He said nurses have had several concerns, but the issue of bonuses broke the camel’s back. Some of the concerns, Dongo said, included poor staff grading, short staffing and poor working conditions.

“Nurses have several challenges, but the issue of bonuses has triggered this action. The ministry has postponed meetings to deliberate on the issue and instead, claim they are conducting consultations to get feedback on those who want to be paid by residential stands, a process we conducted a long time back and concluded that we want cash payment.”

NewsDay visited Harare Central Hospital and observed that most patients were being turned away by a skeletal staff manning the hospital and supported by student nurses.

The rest of the civil service has threatened to go on strike on Monday over the outstanding bonus issue.

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  1. Prizes of basic commodities flared up yet workers salaries and wages remains the same, and they strive to get few they’re entitled to get. Our government always say that there is no money in their pockets to fulfill their promises given that as of now civil servants are yet to receive their 2016 bonuses……negotiations have been ongoing without fruition and there is no end insight to redress the challenge save for 21st February movement bash. Hence, all civil servants should down tools to put this government to task. We applaud their unions for their courageous and acuity decision to deny those fake stands. We uphold and recommend that wise decision, we don’t want to be hoodwinked. Elections are due so let’s unite and cement our mission and objectives…. no more funny tricks. Minister Mupfumira and her principal should be warned that we are watching their dolly darling approach with an eagle eye. Tasvinura.

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  4. You will soon hear that there is a third force behind the strike, civil servants be warned, it will be taken as a crime by the government, you will be labelled trying to unseat a government through unconstitutional means, they will obviously tell you that they can not pay your bonuses because of sanctions but can afford a month long stay in middle east at govt expense, get treatment every week in Singapore, afford a birthday bash that gobbles millions, when is enough be enough.

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