Video: Mujuru to avenge husband’s death

FORMER Vice President, Joice Mujuru has given the biggest hint yet that she will seek revenge for the cruel death of her husband and decorated war hero Solomon Mujuru in 2011.


Watch the video below:


Revered liberation war commander, Mujuru, died in a freak inferno at his Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice in August 2011.

Now his widow Joice is pointing an accusing finger at President Robert Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace and last week disclosed her wish for revenge, while addressing a round table meeting with women in business, during her ongoing London tour.

“What killed Solomon is the reason why Mugabe and Grace have treated me the way they have been treating me like this, they know where it came,” Mujuru told her audience.

One of her guests then interjected claiming she had evidence and knew how the late army general met his fate.

Mujuru’s family have previously expressed their unhappiness over the findings of a government-sponsored inquest into the military supremo’s death.

Mujuru told her guest to hold on to the evidence, indicating it might come in handy at some point in the future.

“Thank you (lady with evidence) keep it, I will need it one day … because if they did not know what happened to my husband they would not have behaved like this,” Mujuru now opposition National People’s Party leader, said.

First Lady Grace led the shrill campaign against Mujuru in 2014, accusing the then VP of a sinister plot to topple Mugabe. While Mujuru denied the charges that included dabbling in witchcraft, Mugabe bought into the accusations that bordered on treason and fired his deputy.

However, no criminal charge has yet been preferred on Mujuru and her acolytes numbering almost 200, including former Cabinet ministers and no less than nine Zanu PF provincial chairpersons.

Mujuru also told of her humiliation at the hands of Grace and her husband in her last days as the country’s number two and second-in-command of the ruling Zanu PF party.

“I think you guys looked at me and wondered how a trained soldier, could allow herself to be humiliated by Grace (First Lady) in such fashion. It was like she was waving me around naked, forcing me up a tree and back, while my family including children and in-laws watched in horror.

“If you know where I come from, I could have told Grace and her husband exactly what they deserved. They had skinned me alive, but I took a chill pill and said I am here to suffer for the women,” Mujuru said.

The former VP said Mugabe was now having a “taste of his own medicine” as former Zanu PF youth leaders, who include Godfrey Tsenengamu and Acie Lumumba, have now joined the bandwagon of insulting the Zanu PF leader and his wife in public.

“The way I used to respect Mugabe, but after he embarrassed me I gave everything to God. I left everything in God’s hands and said it is only him who would take away the respect I had for Mugabe.

“Now where is he, he is being humiliated by young children, the same kids he trained to insult me are now haunting him and his wife,” she said.

Lumumba called Mugabe by the F-word and awaits trial for insulting the 93-year-old strongman, while Tsenengamu is also on bail on the same charge including subversion after urging Mugabe to call Grace to order.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    solo’s life was as important as each of the 20,000+ ndebeles killed under his watch. we will not vote you to fight family grudges, that too mean.

  2. Who is this lady who is claiming to have the evidence? Why the hell was she quiet all along?
    Cde joice, you are bragging that you are a trained soldier, but, its futile becoz, you last trained some decades ago. The fitness that you had some decades ago is not the same now, so, its, meaningless to keep on reminding us of the training you had some many yrs ago. Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana.
    The big question is, if Bob had not fired you, would you still say what you are saying?

  3. This is politics gentlemen . Wait and see how they are going to use us to fight their war.

  4. If she is looking for revenge for revenge on her late husband, then she is not fit for President. The Presidency is not for personal matters. It is about the people entrusting you to move the country forward and not continuing these sick political games with your former party. Plus her husband was as dirty as they come in terms of private business interest in the country like most are in the ZanuPF in herself. It is sad the open book this looters play and at the same time trying to convince the people they are for the country, while living like Kings and Queens. Mujuru wants nothing more than to get her chance to profit with old colonial dogs, just as Bob has done and tricked the people into believing he is their savior. And we all see how that has worked out.

  5. The recent turns and twists in Mujuru’s chequered political career have revealed her true character-bitter and arrogant. Since her recent fallout with her comrade-turned-rivals, she has tactically been very provocative in her futile attempts to clear her past record. Before talking of revenge, she should first seek forgiveness from Zimbos for her past political misdeeds and seek for admissibility in the opposition wing. If anything, it is Zimbos who should be bitter with you and your former political nemesis for their mistreatment. Moreover, what leadership can we expect from a leader harbouring bitterness in a nation where justice and reconciliation should be urgently paramount once political fortunes change hands? Whatever political command Mujuru leads, she has to work out on her character before she splits the opposition with her savage emotion. Oftentimes we talk of universal changes whilst indeed we should first change ourselves.

  6. Well said @Man Kenya. I love your comments. They are beautiful.

  7. Well said Man Kenya.

  8. This video is a very emotional but informative and detailed insight into Mai Mujuru. There are still more questions than answers and we need the abrasiveness and incisiveness of CNN or BBC sniper journalists to unravel it all.

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