Mugabe in fresh health scare

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe reportedly sneaked out of the country early yesterday for medical check-up in Singapore, with his entire family having already left on Monday, top government sources told NewsDay.


President R. G. Mugabe
President R. G. Mugabe

First Lady Grace reportedly flew out of Harare on Monday to organise a charter flight for the 93-year-old leader, who is believed to have been in bad shape.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba did not respond to questions sent to him by NewsDay. He, however, confirmed to the State media that Mugabe indeed left the country for a “scheduled” medical review in Singapore.

“His excellency the President left this morning for Singapore for a scheduled medical review. We expect him back in the country next week,” Charamba was quoted as saying last night.

Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko is the acting President.

Sources told NewsDay that the First Lady flew out on Monday to organise a charter flight from Dubai as Mugabe was reportedly unable to use Air Zimbabwe.

“It’s a tricky health situation. The usual Boeing 767 is awaiting a C-check (major aircraft service) which requires over $150 000. The airline does not have this kind of money now,” an official said. “He could also not use the Boeing 737 because it would require stop-overs every four hours to refuel and other technical check-ups.”

Mugabe and his children who are reportedly in Dubai, have become visitors to Zimbabwe spending most of their time out of the poverty stricken country run-down by the Zanu PF leader’s policies.

Although it could not be established which airline Mugabe had flown, the Zanu PF strongman reportedly left the country around 2am yesterday.

“He left at 2am this morning (yesterday) after being delayed for hours because he was supposed to have flown out just after Cabinet (on Tuesday) but the chartered plane arrived late. The President could also not travel commercial because of health reasons. Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko is acting President,” another source said.

A source at the Harare International Airport also confirmed Mugabe had stealthily left the country using a chartered plane.

“There was heavy security and people were not allowed around the runway at the time he left. The plane came from outside. It’s definitely not an AirZim because their planes are all here,” NewsDay was told.

Efforts to get comment from Air Zimbabwe chief executive officer, Ripton Muzenda drew a blank, as his mobile phone went unanswered while board chairperson Chipo Dyanda was not picking her phone.

While officials claims, Mugabe frequently travels to the Far East to have eye-check-ups, there are reports that he is afflicted by not only old age but also prostate cancer.

During celebrations to mark his 93rd birthday in Matabeleland South’s Matobo district last week, Mugabe looked jaded and frothed at the mouth as he gave his speech.

Mugabe just recently returned from a month-long annual holiday from the same part of the world, which according to insiders also included routine medical check-ups.

Government business comes to a standstill whenever the President is away. Cabinet has met on three occasions since his return including this week before another jaunt.

The Zanu PF leader’s continued trips outside the country have been blamed for bleeding an already desperate situation.

Mugabe is expected back in the country on Monday.

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  1. vakadyisa makeke vakuru ava saka vanoda kumbonovhenekwa.

  2. May the all mercifully lord above bear with the president at this trying time and restore all his faculties to full throttle to enable him to execute his duties in the enhancement and betterment of all Zimbabweans. How could he not go abroad when local physicians and nan gas are cruelly working in tandem with our detractors Oh Lord thy servant is struck with a malady whose cure you planted in Hong Kong receive him well and renew his energies. I supplicate in thy name and your sons. we hall keep in touch. Out.

    1. you such a f-king troll. too funny! Lol. May another 100 years bee added onto his life!

    2. Wow, may the Lord give him 2 million more years to live. If he creates a single job each year, he will achieve his 2013 election promise then!!

  3. @HellBecons you’re such a fucking troll

    1. @Real Oone the writer @Hell becons is just being satirical.

  4. ayas hoo nhaika

  5. Nyongolo ka Nyoni

    Ko kuchingonogarirako zvakaipei, muchitonga zvenyu muriyo pane kuenda kwaDoctor nendege mbiri every month.

    1. @Nyongolo, well said. Its better for him to live in Singapore and rule Zim while he is in that country.

    2. I agree. They already have a mansion ikoko iya yaigarwa naBona arikuchikoro. Ngava retire vogarako. Kuno vachadei?

  6. Meanwhile doctors in Zimbabwe are on strike !!

  7. Its not fair, the poor have to be taken to hospital in wheelbarrows while others have private planes chartered at a fortune to the citizens

  8. See now. The economy is down and you are failing to use your own planes. WHO IS TO BLAME NOW? Mismanaging the economy or sanctions?
    Well, the $150 000 cost of repairing the Air Zim plane is nothing than the $1000 000 cost of a ring.

    1. You know these guys are full of shit! repairing what are they taking us for! They are trying to tell us that $150 000 repairs are more expensive than a charter plane (Zimbabwe to Singapore, to & fro), please try and talk sense.

      1. Chen Chikezha

        It is the issue of time….hahahahaha this was an emergency not this routine rubbish they want us to believe otherwise why would they have not repaired it well before the expected review date.

  9. Every little ailment the leader has to be flown out of the country to be treated. What about the taxpayers who can not even afford bus fare.
    The reason Mugabe wants to remain president is so that he can continue to enjoy these perks. He is a using the little money left in govt coffers.

  10. Every little ailment the leader has to be flown out of the country to be treated. What about the taxpayers who can not even afford bus fare?
    The reason Mugabe wants to remain president is so that he can continue to enjoy these perks. He is a using the little money left in govt coffers.

  11. who can rig the dictates of nature

  12. Wezhira wezhara

    The Minister of Health and Child Welfare or is it Care should draft a bill that bars anyone, I mean ANYONE, from seeking medical attention from abroad. Maybe the little we have may be saved.

    1. Tsvangirai will strangle you for that.

  13. Shame.

  14. This government needs a total change on its polices for things start moving we must not wait until things turns bad as 2008.

    1. Vanhu toitasei kuti 2018 baba ava vabve pachigaro. What should we do? How do we ensure a free and fair vote?

  15. dont u got zimbabwe got specialist doctors.why going dubai . crazy president .undermining our zim doctors. wht will our grannies do who got no cash at hand……

  16. Grace was very clear;we are being ruled by a corpse

  17. SI-64 must also ban foreign trips for routine “scheduled” medical reviews.

  18. The headline not quite fitting. Given Mugabe’s age there is nothing scary about his failed health, thats normall and expected. We could be scared if he was said to as fit as a fidle to run a 100m race.

  19. Jonso wemasasi

    Why not taken soon Mr Mugabe, till when do you want to rule us with these failing systems you have been using. Wish you a soon R.I.P….

  20. Akafi Ngani Lo Swayini

  21. Is no about mari yekugadzirisa airZim aipo iripo that 15bn yakachengerwa kuba mavoti evanhu …… Zunupf fools amunyare

  22. KKKKKK. People people. Mugabe is the President. His mode of transportation is by plane. Musaite godo zvenyu. Ndozvitoripo. Kana iwe ukaitawo President tinobvuma kuti ukwire ndege se combi. Ndiyezve arikutonga. Ndokutonga kwacho.

    Ko akasakwira ndege ndopamunozadza matura musina kurima here. Minda makapihwa rimai mugute nevana venyu. Kana moendawo kwa doctor wenyu moshandisa mota or combi. Handizvo here

    1. Kurima minda futi. Hamuone kuti hakuna zvirikubudako here after all these years.

  23. Yeah rule us from Singapore and fly the cabinet there every month. A govt in exile!!!

  24. Mugabe Mugabe Mugabe

  25. The time he stood talking nothing in Matobo in a bid to show the world that he was still fit is now back firing and that could be his last birth day kkkkkkkkkkk

  26. Its an open secret that the once charismatic (President) Mugabe with stamina now remains a pale shadow of his former self. Notwithstanding, Mugabe in his personal capacity, has never been an obstacle to the breakthrough of Zimbabwean politics. His cronies have taken advantage of his advanced age and health to navigate the country their way for personal interests thereby distorting his legacy. He has been deprived of a chance to draw a succession roadmap disregarding the possible catastrophe this may yield to. Get well soon though.

    1. Not true..Mugabe is the main problem..unfortunately like his cancer corruption in Zanu has metastasised

    2. thats what happens wen you lack vision. he should have foreseen that that if i stay too long people will take advantage of me. So all is fair in love and war. No blame game but he is to blame.

  27. If you check charter prices for a private long distance executive airplane with enough seats for the President’s “small” entourage, from Dubai to Harare and then on towards Singapore, that amounts to around 14 000 km typically costing around $20 000 per hour. Depending on flight time and stopovers, that’s at least 20 hours or $400 000, and double that if we count the return flight. Comparing private flight transport costs of $800 000 to AirZim’s $150 000 for its “C” overhaul of its Boeing 767 makes nonsense of any excuse of a long pre-planned health visit to Singapore.

  28. So now the president needs a doctor and the aeroplane needs a mechanic? Everything needs fixing in Zim kkkkkkk

  29. Mugabe is done for ……cant live forever…cant rig nature..he wont last beyond this year..

  30. “Health scare?” ha ha ha. More like “fresh hope for the end of tyranny” 🙂

  31. Mwari ndopandinomudira zvangu kudodii kudodii, zvaakasika ndizvozvo, ungamudii, regai tione hanzi shona inoti chinokura chinokotama,,,,,,,,, pedzisa wo

  32. Kikikikikikiki LOL

  33. Cde Gaba Rinocheka

    Zvakaoma zvakadaro, he is his best successor. Regai Cde atonge. Ndimi nyakuti “Long Live pana 1980 apo”

    Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders – Tom Peters

    I wonder who Cde created… as he is saying ndini chete!!!

  34. awu bantu

  35. CeeJay taura zvinemusoro, hausi kunyarawo here?

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