MPs under probe for labelling Maziwisa gay

Parliament is set to investigate unidentified opposition MPs who yesterday labelled Highfield West legislator Psychology Maziwisa a homosexual during the question-and-answer session.


Maziwisa had stood up to ask Energy minister Samuel Undenge to explain government policy regarding payment of electricity bills by senior citizens when some opposition MPs lampooned the Zanu PF MP, labelling him gay.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) then raised a point of order with National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda saying the allegation that Maziwisa was gay had come from Musikavanhu MP Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T).

“In terms of our Parliament Standing Orders, we need to maintain the decorum of the House and avoid name-calling which is unsubstantiated,” Mudenda said.

“Honourable Chinotimba alleges that Honourable Mutseyami said that statement and can he withdraw that?”

But Mutseyami denied labelling Maziwisa homosexual and requested that the Hansard recording be replayed to find out which MP said that.

“I have never bedded Honourable Maziwisa and have no proof to allegations that he is gay,” Mutseyami said.

Mudenda ruled the matter would be investigated and audio and video recordings replayed.

Later, Glen Norah MP Webster Maondera (MDC-T) accused Maziwisa of fanning political violence in Highfield after allegedly sending thugs to disrupt MDC-T meetings. But the allegations were dismissed by the Speaker.

Meanwhile, Higher Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa was asked by Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele (MDC-T) to explain if the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) bedevilled by allegations of corruption had measures in place to ensure enrolment of ghost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) students does not happen.

“The way in which the Stem fund is administered is that heads of schools registering students compile a list and submit it to Zimdef offices responsible for each province. Zimdef officers visit schools to check if students are attending classes before they pay fees for them. Auditors follow up to see if the disbursed funds are equivalent to students attending lessons,” Gandawa replied.


  1. Members of parliament are supposed to be honourable and not childish. Listening to the live sessions, one notices that children at creches behave better than the so-called honourable MPs.

  2. But Mashoko echokwadi kuti Psychology Maziwisa is a Homosexual just like Saviour Kasukuwere, Baba Jukwa first revealed his status and his links, infact for record, a number of people employed by Zanu PF in the Information Department including the former like Rugare Gumbo are all Homo,

    1. @Garwe, thats none of your f¥cking business.

      1. Murape C. Murape

        @NACIDO RICO, the truth is Willard Mubvumbi Tramposo and some Caps Utd players ingochani. Ndozvavari; vasazviramba!!

        1. Wezhira wezhara

          Nhaiwe unozviti Murape C. Murape, zveCaps nema players avo zvapinda papi apa. Une humboo here hwezvauri kuvukura izvi. Usagwadziwa nekugona kweMakepekepe iwe muDembare. Apa pari kutaugwa nezva Maziwisa pamwe iwe unozivana naMubvumbi wako iyeye do not take this platform to insult vamwe vanhu. Kana muri ngochani mese tsvaganayi kwamunombo onana. Imbwa yemunhu. Nxa

        2. So what?

  3. There is nothing bad my friend to call nicknames to each other, in other countries Mps. exchange blows in parliament sessions.

  4. Let the truth prevail , if he is homo he must admit it , why would Chinos make ii a case . If you look closed Mazivisa is a homo , the way he talks , walks and his friends . Chokwadi chinorwadza , Chinos doesn’t know the meaning if homosexual .

  5. See no story here. Easy to prove that he is gay, so what is the problem?

  6. Google chitofu

  7. These MDC MPs are STUPID. Who are they to judge? An LGBT person has got the rights and must be free to do what he want.

  8. @Garwe, shame on you.

  9. Be proud. After all Gay pple are beautiful, handsome, smart, clean, hardworking and responsible pple.

  10. Say No to homophobics.

  11. That’s what illiterate people think and say


  13. True.

    1. NACIDO RICO do not include God. God does not support gays and even President Mugabe does not support gays too. The Bible they have a reprobate mind, they hate God and they change nature. Homosexuality is not acceptable to God no two ways about it.

  14. The Bible says people who do such have a reprobate mind due to the fact that they have rejected God and His word.

  15. Why do people condemn what they don’t know or understand?

    @Chatindoo – I would like to hear your president condemning the rigging of elections, the thieves, murderers and criminals surrounding him etc before pointing a finger elsewhere.

  16. @Murape, amana ka, shame on you. So, you hate Caps to that extent?
    Zvakakuomera wena.

  17. @Murape, amana ka. So, you hate Caps to that extent? Who told you that i support Caps?

  18. @Wezhira wezhara, thanks boss for a nice comment.

  19. Homosexuals are abomination to HE.

    1. Even to me worse than dogs sorry. Yes dogs have rights so do gay people, but why do they hate it if they are called gay. Can Maziwisa get angry if you call him zanupf? If he gets angry being called gay then he knows its bad to be gay.

  20. To hell with u all who support the gays kana imbwa irinane chaiyo inotodanana naamai vayo!I am from Mazivisa`s constituency in highfield east there and before you started delibarating on this issue we all knw Mazivisa is GAY

  21. nemanakiro nokuwanda kwakaita vakadzi mazuva ano,kwakuita mbudziyadhura chokwadi maGays munomakisa.

  22. Mashaya nyaya here isu tanzwa nemabond notes imi mboko munongowawata nezvisina basa. Siyanai naye nekuti haana kumbokupfimbai saka shut up.

  23. Jongwe Rachembera

    Wow, no wonder the country is in a mess, when this is what our elected legislators do in parliament. Surely there are pressing things to attend to than childish name calling. Shame on these adult men and women!

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