Mhlanga, Chicken Inn feud rages

WARRIORS defender Lawrence Mhlanga has written to Chicken Inn seeking termination of his contract, saying he is no longer comfortable with being at the former champions.


A few weeks ago, Mhlanga claimed that his contract with the GameCocks expired on December 31 while Chicken Inn insisted the player, who signed with FC Platinum, had extended his stay at the club by another year.

In a letter dated March 14 and addressed to Chicken Inn secretary Tavengwa Hara, Mhlanga has given the club a month’s notice to terminate what he says is the “purported contract of employment”.

“By way of this letter, I am writing to advise your office of my resignation from my employment. With all due respect, I am of the opinion that I am no longer comfortable with the club considering issues surrounding my purported contract of employment. That being the case, I am giving a month’s notice to terminate this contract with effect from today March 10, 2017,” Mhlanga said in his letter.

He cited the Labour Act 28:0 section 12(4)b in his correspondence.

A few weeks ago the Footballers’ Union of Zimbabwe met with Chicken Inn over Mhlanga’s case and said they hoped the two parties would reach an amicable solution to the contractual dispute.

Hara yesterday acknowledged receipt of Mhlanga’s letter and said it came as a surprise as to why the Warriors defender was seeking termination of a contract that he claimed had expired.

“We received his letter, but it goes on to show that his tricks are coming to an end. He has been going around saying he does not have a contract with us. If he wants his contract terminated he can only give three month’s notice before it expires or he should have given that notice three months’ notice before the alleged expiry of that contract. As far as we are concerned, he is still a Chicken Inn player and we are not going to accept him writing letters to us. He should come through the coach,” Hara said.

Mhlanga signed with FC Platinum after allegedly misrepresenting to the club that he was a free agent.

Chicken Inn then approached FC Platinum who said Mhlanga must first resolve his contractual dispute with Chicken Inn before they could take him on board.

Mhlanga signed a two-year contract with Chicken Inn which was due to end in December 31, but the club insists last year he extended his contract by a year.

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