Mbare terror groups re-emerge

MBARE’s renowned terror groups linked to Zanu PF have re-emerged with reports of harassment of residents ahead of make-or-break general elections expected in the second half of 2018.

BY Phyllis Mbanje

There are reports of violent door-to-door campaigns by hordes of rogue Zanu PF mobs with residents expressing concern at the wanton disregard for human liberties.

Meetings, rallies and late night vigils have begun amid reports that some overzealous party youths were now forcing people to attend and participate in the meetings.

A Mbare resident said the youths were now walking from house to house demanding that people attend their rallies which are designed to ensure that Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe retains his post in next year’s elections.

“The youths are moving from door to door recording people’s names and ID numbers. As a citizen, I feel that this is against an individual’s freedom of association,” the resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said.

Residents were scared of violent follow-ups if they do not attend the meetings.

Another one argued Zanu PF’s harassment of residents was not synonymous with that democratic ethos that Mugabe has consistently preached.

But contacted for comment, Zanu PF youth league Harare provincial chairperson Edson Takataka dismissed the allegations.

“As a party, we call for meetings at our offices and no one is forced to come,” he said.

Takataka said it was actually MDC-T youths who were conducting the door-to-door campaigns.

“We are not conducting any door-to-door campaigns. The MDC youths are the ones causing confusion,” he said.
Takataka claimed that Zanu PF had no need to use coercion for people to attend its events.

Mbare remains a hotbed of Zanu PF terror groups with the biggest then known as Chipangano having been disbanded following the internal convulsions that rocked the ruling party in 2014.

Prior to the 2013 elections Zanu PF set up militia groups to force residents to vote for Mugabe and his party candidates across the country.

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  1. ???Mazanu pf this time hamulume and muchanhanya suwa

  2. Obviously they have the blessings of their leaders. It’s the beginning of dirty election mode

  3. That’s when you can tell the difference between a Ndebele and Shona person. Shona people are cowards that’s why the country is in this situation. Go to matebeleland nothing of that nature can happen. Harare is a known strong hold of MDC T but you fail to deal with such issues. In Matebeleland 100 Zanu pf hyenas can not even force one person to a stupid gathering. people of mashonaland work up and stop this nonsense. You are ruling Zimbabwe but in terms of political freedom we are much miles better that you in Matebeleland.

  4. Ummmm Shona, Ndebele ummmmmm tribalism ummmm what really has poitical violence have to do with my tribal scars ?????? Man Man really you have taken us a century back. Political dogs and thugs have nothing to do with tribes. Mazizi ematebeleland neemashonaland, mazizi mazizi.

  5. My dear friend what can we do with this ruthless regime, don’t forget that recently birthday bash took place in your area why didn’t u not let it happen if u are real champions there.

  6. i urge all to change mindset.They force you to go, go and have a blast- kuvoter unovoter wega. Whatever your choice. No killing of each other please. Dzinde redu i one

  7. Change of mindset is required to cope with whichever gang of politicos. They call you to meetings, go and have a blast. your vote is your secret.Lets be mature. No killing of mothers fathers brothers and sisters. We are all one and quite frankly the difference is the same. Since 1980 Come on guys

  8. Janana wa Bikaz

    Its high time people resist these thugs and put them in their right place

  9. Mediocre thinking, mediocre behaviour and mediocre results! Zimbabwe’s recycled leadership for ages has succeeded to catapult our youths to the extreme. Divide and rule and winner-take-all style has reduced the youths to mere sycophants, hero-worshipping foot soilders and political flowers girls who have been forced to be content with the status quo. These aged crop of leaders know well that their leadership is at stake if youthful leaders like firebrand Nelson Chamisa’s talents are allowed to flourish. We, the youths are the true revolutionalists if we endear to put our political theory into practice as opposed to remaining mere political collateral for self-seeking non-performers. Being the majority, this should clearly be stipulated with high political integrity by the vote and not outdated barbarism as if we are chasing Ian Smith. Lets come back to our senses.

  10. Interestingly, it is the youths that are going on the rampage coercing their grandparents to attend these meetings or face the consequences; shame on you young people. Don’t blame anyone for it but yourselves. You are both intolerant and idiotic to the extent of failing to realize the amount of suffering you have been exposed to.

  11. Ana dako veZanu mogoshandiswa zvisina basa

  12. after votes vaikutuma kunoponda vagarika zvavo kumasabhabha the shity youth returns to his stinky bunker for five more years asina chinhu, basa haana, food haana, anogara kumasuweji kunonhuwa vaimutuma vachidya rifa remafuza. apa you killed or maimed someone, always living with a guilt conscience. after 5 years wodannwa futi kunoshandiswa only to repeat the same messy job. haaaada kusadzidza zvakunoita. madofo anotambudza munyika.


    MDC are not interested in stopping the Zanu PF thugs and the people should know this.

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