Mazowe villagers take Grace Mugabe head-on

Arnold Farm residents in Mazowe have approached the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) to intervene to force the police to stop the continued demolition of their homes reportedly to pave way for the expansion of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s business empire.


First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe
First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe

In a letter to Sadc, which was delivered yesterday through the South African embassy in Harare, the residents urged the regional bloc to compel the Zimbabwean government to respect the rule of law and stop the evictions in line with a High Court order.

“We, as citizens of Zimbabwe, are seeking help for our responsible authorities to respect the rule of law, not that the law should be exercised on the poor only while protecting the upper class,” the letter, signed by Arnold Farm Residents’ Association chairperson Innocent Dube, and addressed to the Sadc deputy chair country, South Africa, read.

“Our families are starving because of the police brutality because they (the police) do not (sic) comply with what the highest court in the land would have judged. We need food assistance as our crops have not been cultivated due to police harassment.”

One of the residents told NewsDay that officials at the South African embassy had promised to take the issue to Swaziland, which is current the chair of the regional bloc.

In addition to lobbying Sadc, the villagers – who have been under threat of eviction since 2015 when Grace made her first moves to occupy the farm – on Tuesday approached the court seeking contempt of court charges against three top government officials.

The villagers want Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, Commissioner-General of Police Augustine Chihuri and Lands and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora charged with contempt of court after authorities disregarded a court order stopping the evictions.

The urgent chamber application was filed last Sunday after the police, despite the existence of the court order, continued with the demolitions, bundled the residents into trucks and dumped them in a bushy area along the Mvurwi road.

In their application, the residents said the conduct of the law enforcement agents in the unfolding events was “a sad commentary to the status of the rule of law in Zimbabwe”.

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  1. wow lets see how it works out that one

  2. The villagers are so bright,obvious this gonna work.

  3. Africans Leaders! African Leaders! 1) You went to war to fight colonialism, suppression of the black majority and a system skewed in favour of the white minority; after fighting the enemy and winning, you turn guns against each other for power and eventually colonise each other, you again suppress the fellow black person and create a system that is skewed in favour of your minority supporter at the expense of black majority. 2) You agreed to expropriate land from the colonialist who had stolen it from you, leaving the majority black people homeless, landless and stuck in barren land. Again you won the war on land, now you turn against each other stealing the land against each other; rendering the same black person homeless and landless. You are Gluttons and Perverts who have no shame! Nezuro you bought a ring for $1.2million when typhoid is killing many people, shame on you

  4. These people a wicked, you thought it will end with the eviction of the whites, no, they are coming for any farm they have envied. If SADC does not act like ECOWAS even their ministers will be evicting anyone the think of evicting from the farms they even have offer letters. Like Jezebel time shall come for Grace to be eaten by dogs.

  5. This savage approach is what we should expect next year
    All loafers will be mobilized to deal with the rogues. Watch out . There won’t be any elections to talk about. Chikudo chakatyoketa muziso!

  6. Ngwarai Hlakhanipha

    Voting for the land now you are landless, SADC is a toothless LION no claws no muscle.

  7. Grace haana chaanomboshamisira anongoendawo outoilet wani just like anyone else

  8. This bitch should leave Mazowe Valley and go and develop Zvimba or Chikomba. People from Chiweshe are the real people of Mazowe. Time will come when we shall drive off all those that have been giving land to mamvakure at the expense of the the real owners of Mazowe Valley


    hure iri rakajaidzwa

  10. The chickens will come home to roost one of these days. Is this what people went to the bush for and rural parents gave their chickens, goats, mombes and children for? Those in power should be ashamed of themselves. These villages have a right to stay on the farm as they are equally Zimbabwean citizens. Why should some want to take more than other? The First Family should lead by example, no to multiple farm ownership and making beggars out of otherwise productive villagers who also benefitted from the land reform programme. A case of some animals being more equal than others!

  11. regai vatore vamboita amuhusband vavo vakabva pachogaro kana nekwazvimba kwavanoti ndekwavo vachakubva fut

  12. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zvakaoma

  13. Mugabe Mugabe Mugabe please forgive us we have suffered enough.Are you really a Zimbabwean???????Noooooooo!!!!! I don’t think so.

    1. Kkkkkkkkkk just reading comments

  14. yekela kubhotshe okungama Shona. Grace bulala, mthakathi. u killed our fathers, raped our mums in Gukurahundi, now feel the pain lani. zehluleki. can’t even run a tuckshop. Sis mani.!

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